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  1. Spring Practice Notes

    1:24 mark...Holy sh!$, Frost looks like a bull running for the catcher. haha
  2. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    I thought the same thing....until I read the whole post. lol
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I remember listening to DB go into this a little more in depth, I believe it was last week. DB was talking about the former players being able to get behind Frost bc of the issues he's alluded to. DB said he thought the best way to get the majority of former players "on board" was for Frost to get everything out so that everyone could address it, and then move past it. So, I think Jay's comment is more about the fact that he is going to have to prepare himself for just that. I do agree, tho....it happened 20 flippin' years ago. Be an adult and let it go. If you need closure, fine. But, don't drag the guy down and fracture the program further than it already is.
  4. New season is nect for this GBR

    I just made the mistake of trying to read whatever the hell that was....and now my eyes are crossed and my head hurts!
  5. Bob Diaco Introductory Presser

    I don't, sorryWell dangit. How am I going to satiate this man crush? Haha! He is a cool speaker and excited. Maybe check YouTube? I just re-watched it by clicking on the video in the OP.
  6. 2017 starting QB

    Voted POB strictly out of hope....hope that the kid turns out to be the QB we need him to be. Realistically, though, it'll probably be Tanner Lee.
  7. Who will be the next DL Coach??????

    Angus McClure is who I thought Sharpe mentioned quickly on air this morning. Would be a great hire IMO if true. EDIT - will need to go back through the podcasts, 2nd or 3rd segment to be sure but that is who I thought I heard him say. Benning told the producer to cut the info about Wilhite moving into Brasfield's role out of the podcast because it wasn't suppose to be public knowledge yet. Neither Sharp or Benning said who the next DL coach would be. They did, however, make it seem like the position was all but filled, though.
  8. SIGNED - RB Jordan Stevenson

    I have no reason to doubt you and I'm sure that .2 is an incredibly small window to miss by, but by any chance you know or can put in perspective what that .2 value is? .2 out of 5, 10, 100? Agreed. I have no idea what .2 means without context. Also, I don't get why the major would matter. If it does, that's stupid, and all their players should come in undeclared. Unless there's a rule against that too? Not sure major necessarily matters. But, I can say that at some universities (UNL for sure, as that's where I went) admission requirements are dependent on the college you are attending. For instance, I entered UNL in the College of Engineering. The admissions requirements for COE were more stringent than those of, say, the College of Business. For comparison, CBA required an ACT score of 20 while COE required an ACT score of 24 (at least that was the case in 2004 when I started college). Though, I'm guessing that because Wisconsin's admissions are so damned tight, there's no need to require certain majors/colleges to have separate requirements. But, I'm not sure if any of this applies to scholarship athletes, or if they just have a standard admission requirement.
  9. Who's Leaving?

    Just heard on Sharp and Benning that Mike Riley announced Leroy Alexander, Tolbert, and David Santos will not be with the team in the fall. Santos is one hell of a surprise to me. I wonder if this is a lingering issue with his knee.
  10. losing recruits to Michigan?

    I agree with you, Count. I believe Neal being from Omaha is what makes securing his commitment even MORE important. As Benning said this morning, it highly influences the perception of this staff's ability to secure in-state recruits. I think if Neal had decommitted for Michigan, it would have reinforced Harbaugh's belief that Michigan can come into NE and take whoever he wants, whenever he wants. Though, I don't think it will keep them from trying at all. So, yes, this was a big deal for Nebraska on the recruiting front.
  11. Mike Riley's Staff

    Personally, I am willing to give Riley the benefit of the doubt. But, with each "iffy" hire he makes, I think husker nation will be less forgiving when things go wrong. For this reason, I really hope he makes some strong hires for OC and DC.
  12. The Sock Puppet Rides!

    Not saying he would be a good fit at DC, but...One coach that I would like to see back on the Nebraska sidelines in some capacity....Mike Ekeler. That guy knew how to coach linebackers! Our defense was great while he was here (2008 - 2010). Not saying that it was all because of him. But, given the importance of the linebacker position within the defense, I think he had a bit to do with it.
  13. ***Official Head Coaching Search Discussion***

    So SEC? Or somewhere in Texas...
  14. DT Adam McLean [Maryland - Signed LOI]

    Per Rivals.com: Rivals250 DE Adam McLean decommitted from Penn State on Tuesday, reports Adam Friedman, opening the door for several programs. Anybody think we have a shot to at least get him in for a visit?
  15. We could use a little help

    Now 6 votes behind.