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  1. Matt Davison Now Associate AD for Football

    DADGUMMIT! It was traumatic ENOUGH when Pavelka quit calling the games, now Davison is moving on??? I guess I shouldn't complain, all the announcers the Huskers put (have) on the radio seem to do a fantastic job, but COME ONNNNN!
  2. DE Stille apology to fans, Seniors, coaches

    Heart of a Cornhusker! This young man 'get's it' and is appreciated!
  3. Thank you, MR

    Yep, thank you for your contributions Mr. Riley and family. I think you ran a clean game on and off the field and I wish you luck.
  4. How bad?

    It's gonna be OK. NU wins by 21 and holds Penn St. to a TOTAL of 139yds offense. Sorry, that's just the ways it's gonna go... GOBIGRED!!!
  5. Gary Patterson

    I'm sorry, but what makes ANY of this valid...? I mean COME ON: 'If if's and buts were candy and nuts...' I know things are slow right now and it's a board for posting all, but some of this is soooooooo tiresome. What if Osborn HADN'T gone for 2 Against Miami? What if the 'phantom' hold on NU hadn't been called in the 1993 Championship game? What if...? Is it me, or is this just godforsakenly olllllllllllld and irrelevant? Sorry for any offense to the OP or repliers... I mean that. It just seems, so... "What if Janie had married ERIC and they had had a GIRL instead of a boy...?"
  6. Why am I a Husker fan?

    Genetics....My Dad was a passionate husker fan thru the 50's on... It was just part of fall Saturdays as long as I can remember! GOBIGRED!
  7. How will you spend your bye week Saturday?

    Re-blueing an ollllllld Stevens and repairing it's SAWED OFF stock to make it a usable piece again. The repairing an ollllllld Ithaca 37 with a cracked wrist so it can be used to forage fauna...
  8. Ohio State Game....What Did We Learn?

    That we should REVERSE roles and let our 'D' play offense in the 2nd half... I have a hard time finding A LOT of fault with our D at this point considering they are playing SO GASSED. Problem IS, it LOOKS like our 'O' is playing 'hands on hips' blowin... I also think Urban Meyer isn't playing to KILL (just to humiliate a little) and he has EVERY right to. DAMMIT!!! and yet... GO BIG RED!!!
  9. Throwing in the Towel

    OP is frustrated. Who isn't...? I remember Husker football from the 1970 games on. (I was just a kid following my Dad's cue, but I was a 'sold' Husker fan). I think you gotta stand with the team, win or lose. This team isn't MILES away from being more competitive. A few plays, a few players, better coaching and this forum takes on a scarlet n cream hue. I think a newer, eager, energetic coach could breathe fire back into the program and you'd see some change. Riley IS a nice guy and I think he's a good coach, but we need just a 'little' more. No disrespect to HCMR. I think he cares and is very supportive to the team and everyone involved around it. I also think the players are doing the things taught them, doing it for the coaches and fans and trying. GO BIG RED!
  10. Tanner Lee Interception Montage?

    OMG.... You NAILED it! As soon as the OP mentioned 'montage' THAT is the music that popped into my head. Good GOD. the ONLY way I could possibly watch all those interceptions without looking for a rope would be to THAT soundtrack... PONDER this tho... Is the soundtrack LONG ENOUGH to 'cover'... *sigh*
  11. The Unfathomable

    I'm mostly just happy with the fact that people are giving teachercd hell. Not sure why, just makes me feel kinda smug and warm...
  12. Yeah.... Uhhhhh... What in the PHUCH is going on? It doesn't even MATTER what happens from here on out, does it? I mean, this is such a debacle that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to think this is a program going in the correct direction. I thought last week that the 2nd half progress was praise worthy. THIS stuff is sickening. I agree that Lee be pulled. We need some things to change DRASTICALLY.
  13. I think the Huskers roll BIG in this game... I'm predicting NU: 56, NIU: 10.
  14. What did we learn-Game 2 Oregon

    HAHAHA! Dam you teachercd.... dammmmmmmm youuuuuu....
  15. What did we learn-Game 2 Oregon

    I haven't read this thread... Shame on me. Ahem... Hey, I was very very disturbed the first few minutes, right? THEN, I settled down and just watched the game. I saw our D swarming TO the ball over and over... Saw them being in position time after time... Saw our D shut down their star running back 75% of the time. Saw Tanner Lee is good, but not the second coming... YET. He's good, has some skills and keeps composed. Good LORD, he should do nothing but IMPROVE...! I saw an offense that kept it's composure and some running backs that MADE some holes OUT OF NOTHING. Saw receivers do some really good things. I saw some mistakes and miscues, but overall I think the team and coaching staff HOLDS THEIR HEAD HIGH considering this loss. I saw a much MUCH improved team overall tonight. Hell no, they ain't playing for the NC this year, but who thought they would??? I wish I could message every player and tell them GOOD JOB and way to stay COMPOSED! GO BIG RED!