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  1. Well this isn’t going to end well...

    I wonder who put him up to this and why they didn’t tell him what to expect from reddit. That was painful. Why go to all the trouble of doing an AMA if you aren’t going to give sincere thoughtful answers.
  2. It’s all good—just different perspectives but there is a lot more T-Mart on here than I expected. I am guessing I am older than many of you, but I’d easily take the old option qb’s like crouch, Frazier, Frost over T-Mart to run Scott’s offense. You can can give me completion stats all day, but those guys had a mentality that I think was missing in T-Marts game. If they were in Scott’s system from day one, they would have been amazing in that system as well.
  3. With limited media coverage of practice...

    I like reading and listening to their reports and wish they had more they could report. It isnt like like they are installing secret special plays in the spring. Give em a couple practices to watch so I can listen to Sam an co. Tell me who will be a better running back next fall. It it doesn’t really matter...it just makes my morning coffee and drive to work a little more entertaining.
  4. The return to competitiveness worries me a bit. Even really good teams get blown out occasionally. I feel that is just the nature of college football these days. When things tilt against you, sometimes they tilt hard. So while i agree, I worry that some will feel like we aren’t competitive if we get blown out a couple games. I feel eel like being competitive in most games might be good enough for now.
  5. Solich had a strong team, but you never want to be the guy following a legend. Riley took over a poisoned well. Very hard to overcome in a short time. Next coach is is the first one to come in where expectations are a shade lower and as long as he isn’t a global DB and can show that he is making progress in the win department should have time to do what he wants to do. While the team may not be as good, the environment is set up for success in a way that hasn’t been seen here since Bob rode in on a train.
  6. 2018 Schedule

    if Anyone in this thread predicts Iowa as a win then you can put them in homer status. Im no fan but they have owned us—no reasonable person would just put that down as a husker win unless they just want to believe...
  7. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Not if he wanted to see how much he could make on the market and then have UCF match it. That would just be smart business.
  8. I get your point. I take exception at the words “way more”. That would be pretty tough.
  9. Need some help here...

    Cy, congrats dude. You have been here forever and always adding some humor and fun to the conversation. Congrats on your big wins.
  10. Enough with the fan abuse

    Nebraska is special for a few reasons but just like most college programs on most things. Our fans are going to be pissed when the team isn’t very good. Our fans will come together and support a coach that is winning. In many ways it is really that simple. Hire a winner and all this talk of division within the fan base will disappear.
  11. Which Mike Riley loss hurt the most

    Northern Illinois changed the entire trajectory of this season and year. Sad as it is, most people predicted the rest of this season Togo about how it has. That loss magnified all the others and is what really woke up the powers that be to move on Riley.
  12. Before the season

    Darn. Thought it was penn state. This is why they never should have gotten rid of NCAA football. It was the best for memorizing players and schedules.
  13. Before the season

    I am no Riley apologist, I wanted him fired Last year. However, no one picked Nebraska to win all 3 of the next games. Before you get out your pitch forks and torches you have to be pretty ok with Riley if he goes 1-2 over the next 3, right? Not thrilled, but certainly not disappointed?
  14. Put Up or Shut Up Time

    Pass the koolaid defense is getting good and shows signs of getting better every week. Defense can can keep you in games against really good opponents. Nebraska has has a legit reason to think they beat Wisconsin and are suddenly in the drivers seat in the west.