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  1. Based on his comments I doubt he even knows the teams used to play each other.
  2. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I don't claim to know anything, I am speculating. You come around and spout your opinion like it is fact non stop. If you read what I wrote I very clearly weighed some of the pros and cons to both approaches.... BECAUSE THERE ARE PROS AND CONS TO BOTH APPROACHES.
  3. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    No, the point is we don't, and we won't. Talent like that is rare.
  4. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    lol you're the expert lol Just get more Tommie Fraziers lol, every year lol, just get a new one, good call im dumb
  5. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    Because there are enough other missing pieces on the team in this transition year that we may not gain much from playing him. Perhaps, even though he is the better guy saving him makes the most sense in the long run. The ceiling isn't that very this year. Transition year. New coach in every position. Really tough schedule. I would understand either way Frost goes here. Get the best guy in place and play him, or teach him up and save some eligibility when he is closer to his prime. It's not hard logic to follow, really. Just depends what Frost wants to do.
  6. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I agree with your logic, but as a fan I think this season will be more fun to watch Martinez play, even if it doesn't get us any extra wins with the death schedule. I know it's short sighted, but I'm greedy I guess.
  7. No More BTN on Comcast?

    The former CEO of Vue resigned, the new guy is getting rid of all the bad policies, so imo at this point this is the best service hands down. I haven't looked at the others for over 6 months so they likely changed as well.
  8. No More BTN on Comcast?

    Oh, well interesting. A quick google search shows it changed 4-5 months ago. I took a traveling job in October of last year and it didn't work.
  9. No More BTN on Comcast?

    I went through last football season with only PS Vue. I don't remember all the differences but I tried Hulu live, Youtube TV and Directv Now and concluded PS vue was the best bang for the buck. Deal breakers with other services: Channel Packages Lack of DVR Crap interface Worst part of PS Vue: Can only watch from home, to watch anything outside of your home network you have to use that channels service and log in with your PS Vue password, so you need a million apps to leave the house. (WatchESPN, BTN2GO, etc, etc,) I travel a lot so this is a pain. Edit: The CEO of Vue resigned in November, and the new guy changed this policy. PS Vue usually has a free 15 day trial, so if you want it for just the spring game it would be free...
  10. College football imperialism

    Then why are you asking us?
  11. College football imperialism

    They break it down in the reddit post. They break it down by number of counties, square miles, population, etc so the ranking can vary.
  12. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    Really? The NFL will not be easier than NU under Frost, certainly not if a player wants a long career, and Gates isn't going there to escape workouts.
  13. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    Wow, you're a quality poster here. Please stick around.
  14. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    I never said you were technically incorrect, I said it was a dumb argument. If he doesn't perform SIGNIFICANTLY better in the NFL than he did in '17 he basically just quit football. He is going to have to work out if he wants to perform better. If you can't see that, you're wasting all of our time commenting here, but we already knew that.
  15. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    That's an incredibly weak, stupid argument and you know it.