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  1. I’m watching.

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Is she ok with that?  :D

    2. husker B-rent

      husker B-rent

      man I hope so.

  2. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Anybody else really wanting some chic fil a nuggets right now?
  3. Coach Ruud

    I haven’t seen anything saying that we’re still going to be a 3-4. Have you seen that somewhere? i doubt we stick with a 3-4.
  4. What other fan-bases are saying about Nebraska

    Cys back. Awesome.
  5. ***Oregon Prediction Contest***

    NU-41 oregon-27 rushing-321 passing-322
  6. f#*k a duck. We play Oregon next week...

  7. ***Arkansas State Prediction Contest***

    Nu-56 other team-24 rush-213 pass-312
  8. New season is nect for this GBR

    Holy yes.
  9. Your first car...

    82 Buick Regal. 14 years old when I bought it and started driving it. Had 6 subwoofers and 4 amplifiers in that mamma Jamma!!! I was one cool dude!! Used to drive around and pick up all of my friends til literally no one else would fit in and cruise around town before school. That is until my mom caught me and proceeded to pull me over and rip my ass in the middle of the street...still did it some after though!
  10. ***Tennessee Prediction Contest***

    NU-27 Tenn-16 Rushing-236 Passing-197
  11. QB Bryce Young

    That's a complete maybe though seems odd now will be even more odd if he has peaked in height.
  12. ***Iowa Prediction Contest***

    NU-32 Iowahhh-23 Rushing-201 Passing-312
  13. ***Maryland Prediction Contest***

    Nu-52 Maryland-17 Rushing-249 Passing-321
  14. ***Ohio State Prediction Contest***

    Nu-27 Osu-23 Passing 237 Rushing 237