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  1. Well are we at war with them? So theirs a dictator threatening to shoot nuclear weapons at the US and you’re mad that we have a sitting president who wants to stand up to that douchebag? Bahahahahaha It’s not Trumps fault that a Democratic President gave North Korea the supplies and resources to invest into Nukes and we wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place. Its been nice chatting with ya.....GBR
  2. What ever happened to the start of WW3 with Korea the media was screaming about months ago? #WeKnowWhy
  3. I’ve been using the iPhone X since December and I can honestly say that this phone is garbage

    1. ZRod


      RIP Steve

  4. Immigration Ban

  5. Immigration Ban

    Yes false narrative making it look like Trump was the ONLY president doing this. Obama did this very thing as well and there’s photos to prove that children under Obama’s watch were also separated from their families.
  6. Immigration Ban

    Not surprised....anything to spread a false narrative
  7. Took the boy to Incredibles 2....I’d give it a solid A. The first one is better but the second movie is still a solid movie. 

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      The Incredibles is one of my favorite Disney shows. Just got done watching the first one again in preparation. Probably will go to 2 sometime this week.

    3. RedDenver


      I took my 7yo son and 3yo daughter today, and it was really good - both my kids liked it. Also helped that we watched the original last night. As @Dewiz said, not as good as the original but still really good.

    4. ladyhawke


      Glad to hear it!  We're taking our grandson who is 4 tomorrow.  Thanks for the reviews!

  8. Favorite summer songs and go!!! Mine are Will Smith “Summer time”, CCR “Fortunate Son” and Kid Rock “All Summer Long”

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    2. ladyhawke


      Thanks for the tip man eating mastodon 

    3. Nebfanatic


      Doomsday by MF Doom. Great tune to cruise around on summer nights.

    4. TGHusker


      MEM - I'll have to ck Townes Van Zandte  -- and yes Dylan has to be on everyone's list of story telling singers. 

  9. 2018 NBA Finals - Warriors vs. Cavs

    Ya it’s not like LeBron traded Kyrie and other players for younger talent or anything like that Don’t act like LeBron didn’t play great at home for games 3 and 4
  10. 2018 NBA Finals - Warriors vs. Cavs

    A GOAT would never get swept in the finals.....especially TWICE
  11. 2018 NBA Finals - Warriors vs. Cavs

    The Warriors don’t suck but I will say this: Stanley Cup playoffs > NBA playoffs