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  1. Kanye West is woke

    Some are not after these tweets
  2. New Tunnel Walk Music?

    Picked up my kid yesterday who’s 5 BTW and out of the blue asked me to play the Go Big Red song “Sirius” but that’s what he calls it. He loves the song and his only complaint is that it’s too short hahaha, “Dad! Why is this song so short?” Again he’s 5 and doesn’t think it’s boring and loves the song. I guess I don’t understand how that song is boring? How is that song boring but yet the Johnny Cash song (which I like) suggest by numerous posters and media members not boring too? It’s slow and doesn’t have that big build up
  3. Kentucky Bluegrass or Tall Turf Fescue for my lawn in NW Iowa? Go

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    2. Dewiz


      I’ve been leaning toward fescue

    3. CheeseHusker


      Carl Spackler bent. It's a hybrid.

    4. darkhorse85


      I like the rhizomatous tall fescue.  Roots go very deep for a turf grass.  Very drought tolerant.

  4. New Tunnel Walk Music?

    I’m 34 and I still enjoy Sirius....get goosebumps.....every.....single.....time.
  5. One thing that I haven’t seen posted or maybe I missed it but hats off to POB for being on the sideline in street clothes rooting and cheering on his former teammates. Takes a true class act to do what POB did even after transferring. He didn’t have to do that but did anyways....Once a Husker always a Husker!!!
  6. Finally got home and boy what a day!!! 1. Adrian Martinez! What. A. Stud!!! Dude should still be in high school but balled out like a 2 year starter. Still made a few mistakes but overall was really impressed with the young man. Gebbia isn’t far behind Adrian but Adrian will pull ahead come fall camp. 2. Holy crap this may be for the coaching staff that will FINALLY utilize the TE’s like Wisconsin and Iowa have against us. Very impressed with Jake Stroll and Austin Allen. 3. Greg Bell was clearly the better back with Wilbon as 2a and Ozigbo as 2b. Wilbon still struggles dancing behind the OL rather than just pick a hole and put it in gear. 4. Defense played more physical and I didn’t see a whole lot of “shoulder” tackling. 5. Lots of penalties but that was to be expected 6. Kids looked like they were having fun out there
  7. I would go T-Mart because I feel more confident in Mario developing T-Mart over time where Tim Beck failed at.
  8. Spring Game Attendance Tracker

    He goes to school with a bunch of kids who like the Hawkeyes. He came home one day and told me “I’m going to root for the Hawkeyes when they don’t play Go Big Red cause my friends like the Hawkeyes.” I just stared at him for the longest time and then said “Son as Husker fans, we do NOT root for the Hawkeyes, ever!”
  9. Spring Game Attendance Tracker

    Asked my 5 year old if it snows or rains if he still wanted to go and to my surprise he said “Yup!” So not matter what happens, my 5 year old and I will be there
  10. RIP R. Lee Ermey 

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    2. PaulCrewe


      Loved Mail Call on the History Channel

    3. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      Loved him in Saving Silverman!

    4. knapplc


      Heaven must have needed a new Gunny. Semper Fi, Marine.



  11. Huskers vs. B1G West

    Pelini vs Iowa 3-1 Riley vs Iowa 0-3
  12. Huskers vs. Iowa - April 13-15

    Iowa has OWNED Nebraska in men sports since joining the B1G. When will they hire proven winners who can “develope” players??? Absolutely pathetic