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  1. That was a fun scrimmage. I'll bet if you gave that White squad three weeks to train together, the outcome would have been different. Maybe closer, anyway. Amber & Kadie are too good to sweep, even with a team cobbled together from players who have barely met two weeks ago. Regardless, it was great seeing them again, even if it was weird seeing someone else wear their numbers.
  2. A recent NAACP poll put Trump's approval among African-Americans at 21%. A recent Pew Research poll put Trump's approval among African-Americans at 12%. A recent Gallup poll puts Trump's approval among African-Americans between 10%-15%. The discrepancy, explained. All of the available polls, from the most pro-Trump (Rasmussen) to the least (Pew) indicate that Trump's approval rating among African-Americans remains abysmal. One might even say "shockingly" abysmal.
  3. The Omarosa Chronicles

    This is why we should never rely on one source for news. No one source for polls. No one source for anything. I follow dozens of local and national news outlets, from conservatives to moderates to liberals. I use logic & facts to discern the truth from all of it. Some sources are obviously biased. For example, I would never use MSNBC or Fox News as a source. Same with biased pollsters, like Rasmussen. There are just obvious propaganda outlets that you have to be aware of, and ignore. We also have to be aware of two other things - our own personal biases and the propensity of human nature to gravitate toward things that confirm our personal biases. It's a daily struggle that we should all fight against. There's a lot of noise out there. There's a lot of obvious propaganda out there, and some really bad examples of it here, but the best way to skewer it is to think, "Who is my least favorite president? If that person did _______, would I be OK with it?"
  4. Agreed. Let's rehash this in three years when Nebraska has won another conference title and competed respectably on a national stage in the playoffs. Then we can all look back on Bo & Riley and the guy before Bo as oddities, something to wonder about but not to lose sleep over.
  5. Barfknecht to Leave OWH

    Lee Barfknecht defied logic and reason when he gave his 1997 AP vote to Michigan despite clear evidence on the field that they would not, could not be a legitimate champion. Lee allowed his personal biases to affect his sober reporting of the facts. Lee then spent TWO DECADES leeching off the carcass of the very institution he helped run down. He was the grave robber who returned again and again to the sarcophagus, digging jewel after jewel out of the crown. The platitudes dished out in his name are understandable. Good people react goodly to even ungood things. But man, these next two weeks of feting this clown are going to be just about unbearable.
  6. The Omarosa Chronicles

    I don't hate Trump. I hate treasonous misogynists who try to bully people who disagree with them, who attempt to destroy America's alliances and environment, who attempt to profit off of government, who practice nepotism, who flout the First Amendment and who try to suborn our legal processes. It's just coincidental that Trump does all these things. :shrug:
  7. Talking to a retired railroad buddy and he reminded me about how we pronounce Cairo, NE. It's pronounced like Karo syrup, not like the city in Egypt.
  8. Name change Request- Comfortably Numb

    I would welcome the official return of JJ.
  9. The Omarosa Chronicles

    Then post your facts. Truth is truth. BS is BS. If you have a problem with the facts I post, show me I'm wrong. But if you're basing your stance on a belief, then this isn't the place for that. Beliefs are fantasies. Facts are facts. The most open-minded thing is bald fact. Show me I'm wrong. If not, then kindly stop trolling me. You've quoted and responded to me twice. Show me how the facts I'm posting are wrong. If not, kindly stop quoting me. Because I invested HEAVILY in defending you when the posse came for you about your avatar. I spent hours and hours that I had no reason to spend defending you. Why? Because the fact was, your avatar was doing no harm. And yet, despite that, here you are. Calling me out. Fact is, I don't appreciate that.
  10. The Republican Utopia

    He's from Mississippi. They feel very different about the Civil War than the rest of the country. I think he also forgot - as do most politicians - that they are nationally public figures and aren't just talking to their constituency on Twitter.
  11. The Republican Utopia

    Hah! That poll is hilarious. Clearly he thought it would go the polar opposite.
  12. Oops. I worded that wrong. Four pecks make a bushel. One peck is about eight quarts of dry measure. A bushel is 32 dry quarts.
  13. It's 1/4th of a peck. It's four pecks.
  14. This is getting ridiculous. I can *maybe* understand if you didn't know this dude and you just wanted to get a cake and the whole thing was surprising to you, but people now know exactly who this guy is and where he stands. So why go into his shop and force the issue when you know what the response is going to be? And why would you, the atheist or the LGBTQ, want to give that guy your business? And wouldn't it just be easier to find another baker? There's competing rights. And there's being a jerk. This sounds like the latter.
  15. I think they were distracted by the "combine harvester."