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  1. Fast Food Chicken

    I've had Canes two or three times, and I really don't understand the appeal. It's the same chicken parts/pieces you can get in a bag in your grocery store's freezer section. The only difference is that Canes fries it for you and has a sauce. I don't get why that's a thing worth getting excited about.
  2. Do you miss the Big 12?

    It's clearly something he's made up in his head and won't let go of. When we first joined the Big Ten I went to message boards of about every Big Ten school and asked what we should expect about the conference. Any time the disparity of the Big XII was brought up, the same basic thing was said, (paraphrasing) "Ohio State & Michigan are the big dogs, but everyone has an equal say in what happens." Heard that basic thing from every school, big or small. I also heard, from every school, that "Big Ten refs suck" and was warned that we'd hate them, but so far they're better than what we saw in the Big XII. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4780FGuFAJA The link could not be embedded because www.youtube.com does not allow embedding of that video. Weird. Whatever. It's the 2010 A&M game where we got beat 9-6 and had 19 penalties. Nothing the Big Ten does will be worse than that.
  3. Do you miss the Big 12?

    The bold is 100% not true, and you can ask fans of any of the lower-profile schools (Purdue, Northwestern, Indiana) about that. The Big Ten's heavy hitters like Michigan & Ohio State do not use their power to gain undue influence like Texas did/does. The Big Ten has always been MUCH more democratic, a "rising tide floats all ships" mentality. You may be right that Colorado was initially a target, but I'm not sure I remember that. What I remember is that four Big XII schools were going to the Pac-10, while Missouri's governor was basically on his knees begging to get into the Big Ten. The package of Big XII schools rumored to be headed to the Pac-10 included Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado & Texas A&M, but exactly which schools and how many were under negotiation. The one key in all of this was that Baylor was never considered part of the move, and that rankled the Baylor Admin, who had (have?) powerful friends in the Texas legislature. Baylor did all the backroom wheeling & dealing they could, and had it rigged so that they went along with the Big Boys to the Pac-10 and Colorado was left out in the cold. The Buffs, for all our history with them, are to be commended for taking decisive action. Once they discovered they were being ousted for, of all schools, Baylor(!), they immediately began separate negotiations with the Pac-10 to join by themselves. This likely saved Colorado from being a MWC or CUSA school, and all but confirmed that Nebraska would bolt the Big XII. The deal between the Big XII group and the Pac-10 was held up by the liberal Left Coast schools not wanting religiously conservative Baylor, and Texas was holding firm to their desire to have their own Longhorn Network, which was already in the works as of 2010. Negotiations were ongoing but not productive. Colorado changed all that with their preemptive move. Suddenly Baylor was completely out of the picture. The other Texas schools, who had been browbeaten into solidarity by the Texas legislature, were left without negotiating power. Oklahoma had tied fate to Texas' stern and would go wherever they led. Missouri was already half out the door to whomever would take them, and the Big Fish in the North - Nebraska - was suddenly on extremely tenuous ground, faced with trying to cobble together a conference out of regional schools that would have resembled something like THIS MESS, and that's when Perlman & Osborne did the best thing that's happened to Nebraska, both athletically and for the University as a whole, in the past 20 years - they said Yes to the offer floated by the Big Ten for immediate membership. Fifty years from now the University of Nebraska will be on solid footing, in a prestigious conference, with respectful peers and a respectable academic reputation. This move was brilliant by any stretch of the imagination, and keeps us in company with schools with which we have far more in common than our former Texas brethren.
  4. Speeding Ticket Authority

    I don't think it should be legal for any private business to enforce public laws. In Lincoln they've contracted out parking violations to a private company. Because they're for-profit, they can make money by issuing tons of tickets. That is not OK.
  5. 2017 AVCA Poll

  6. Mavric's Musings - Northern Illinois

    The DB was staring at Morgan at the snap, but Morgan hadn't moved an inch before he broke to his right and ran straight at the ball. He gave zero heed to Morgan or to any responsibility to the outside pass. All that said, it was an incredible play by the NIU player. Give him credit for covering barely less yards with his feet than Lee threw that ball in exactly the same time. Not only was it a great read, it was an an incredibly athletic play. That was a big-boy play by a big-time player. Credit where it's due. EDIT - I just watched it again. He took four steps at top speed before Lee threw the ball. Just an incredible play on his part, but a terrible read by Lee.
  7. Mavric's Musings - Northern Illinois

    This play had to be something we gave away in film or something. The DB completely ignores Morgan, has his hips open to DPE at the snap, and makes an incredible break on the ball. Lee is tardy getting the ball to Pierson-El. He needs to have that ball out of his hands as quickly as the Arkansas State QB threw their bubble screens, but even with Lee's tardiness it takes a single-minded focus by the DB on Pierson-El to make that pick. Of all the improbable plays in that game, this is probably the most improbable. It's a 10-14 point swing, and literally the difference in the game. If Lee sees the DB breaking for DPE, he could pump-fake and throw a walk-in TD to Morgan, who is left alone & uncovered ten yards from the end zone.

    Osborne does that, too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    I don't know the answer to that question, but I'm going to keep voting for them every time because (R).

    What, exactly, does this have to do with accountability? Let's say this is 100% true. He's off work, on his own time, and no longer representing the university. He can do anything he wants, including go to a strip club. There is no clause in his contract forbidding it, and until there is, this is a bulls#!t criticism.
  11. Dems Rebuild

    She casts blame in a lot of places, but should be almost entirely focused on herself. LINK
  12. Do you miss the Big 12?

    Try this one. For some reason the board software is treating it as an embed and not taking you to the full page. Once you get to the page you have to scroll down to see the articles. Some parts of this new software are pretty wonky. http://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/index.html/husker-info/history-lesson-how-the-big-xii-was-formed-and-why-nebraska-eventually-left-r21/
  13. Dems Rebuild

    This is not helping my "Hillary is no longer relevant" mantra. This is just going to keep her in the spotlight longer and longer.
  14. Dems Rebuild

    Where are the young, new Democrats? I've been asking this since last November. We still have Bernie (who's only half a Democrat), Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer & Warren as the face of their party. You want me to vote for you? Don't run on last election's failed ideas. Duh.
  15. Mandel's Mailbag: The State Of Nebraska

    Some of the bigger selling points for recruits is that Big Red N on the side of the helmet, and all it stands for. But everything it stands for has been over with since 2001. We teach this mantra that "We're Nebraska," but we aren't that Nebraska and haven't been for a long time. The problems plaguing this team have persisted through coach after coach. At some point it becomes clear that it's not the talent, it's not (so much) the coaching, it's the mindset. If we had approached our last three games with the same state of mind NIU approached our game, we'd be 3-0 with three comfortable wins.