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  1. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    These protestations ring hollow and biased when the OP has repeatedly created inflammatory threads with nary a peep in protest.
  2. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/6/18/17449150/family-separation-policy-immigration-dhs-orr-health-records-undocumented-kids Things are a little different under Trump.
  3. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Moiraine the radical.
  4. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    The law does not require us to do evil things. And if it did, a good man would direct his DOJ not to enforce it. Trump did the opposite of that. Jesus wouldn't do this. In fact, I think he said "The kingdom of God belongs to " children, didn't he?
  5. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Trump is the worst person to hold the oval office in 100 years. You can admit that, right?
  6. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Why are you more upset how people spend their time online than at the unnecessary cruelty of this Trump policy? Why do you care how much time anyone spends here? I have a fulfilling life outside this site, full of friends, family and loved ones. I have hobbies, I exercise, I donate my time to things, and I still find time to chat here. What a weird thing to be concerned about. But then, it's better to try to distract with this than to answer for supporting Trump. People don't like to defend the indefensible. It isn't easy.
  7. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Again, you haven't one time complained about the truly awful things Trump has said - some of which I quoted in the post you're objecting to. But you object to that post. Your priorities give you away.
  8. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    What you don't do is spend even one second denouncing a horrible human being in Trump. But you do denounce me. Priorities!
  9. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    You're offended at me. Not at the things Trump says and does, but at me. Think about what you're spending time complaining about, man.
  10. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Nope. Just the racist things are racist. Trump is objectively racist. His policies are racist. His tweets - and lack thereof - are racist. His actions are racist. Racist is as racist does. Trump is not analogous to "all politicians." Pretending he is is an attempt to normalize who and what he is. It is not normal, it is not OK, and failing to call him what he is doesn't solve the problem. At this point, anyone supporting Trump is either actually factually in support of his racism, or too far gone into party politics to care, which then enables his racism. Either way, there's no excuse for it.
  11. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    The reason they don't answer it is because the concept behind "MAGA" is inherently racist. They either know this explicitly or implicitly, and they know that no matter how much ground they've gained electing this racist POS to the White House, the coast still isn't clear for Regular Joe's to fully embrace it. So Trump does it for them by proxy. He did it with the Birther nonsense. He did it with every policy & law of Obama's that he's torn down. He did it when he failed to help Americans in Puerto Rico. He did it when he denounced NFL players for kneeling. He did it when he called countries south of the border "s#!tholes." He did it when he referred to Hispanic immigrants as "rapists." He did it when he promised to build a wall between America & the brown people down south. He did it when he came up with his travel ban. Every time Trump takes one more step further. Every time, his followers become more emboldened, and hopeful that they can, soon, wear their true feelings on their sleeve. It's why they're so angry all the time. Racism is based in hate. They hate anyone not like them, and that includes most certainly any White person who doesn't see the world through their albino glasses. You see the hateful undertones in everything they do. Every time they talk about non-Whites there's a tinge to their statements. Every time they talk to non-racist Whites, they label them. Most of the time they stick with the blanket "liberals" but sometimes it's "progressives" or whatever else they can think of to separate those who don't think like they do with their version of Americans. The real answer to those questions is the 1950s. Before the Civil Rights movement, before integration, before we lost the Vietnam War and the gays were still being kicked back into their closets. Think about who (predominantly) are wearing those MAGA hats. Baby Boomers whose most cherished memories were when they lived the carefree lives of their childhood, not paying bills, not responsible for anything, tacitly knowing they were going to inherit the world's best country. We had bragging rights all over the world after WWII. Think about one of the early fake battlegrounds of this culture war - the much decried "War on Christmas." Christmas is the most revered time of all for these people - their little White baby Jesus all perfect & holy, not brown & thick-haired like a Levant Jew of the actual era, but someone who looks like them. All of the Christmases we've had since then have been trying to recapture the glory of their childhood. Think about the songs Christians sing to this day at Christmas - most of them haven't changed since that era. That's why the "War on Christmas" was such a hugely successful early dog whistle. MAGA true believers want that era of America to return. They want the colored people in their place, they want no hint of any other religion tarnishing "their" country, they want TV to show homogeneous White families who can safely, casually, cast aspersions on the lesser people (it wasn't an accident that Roseanne had such a huge early return to TV). They miss the Archie Bunkers and John Waynes of the entertainment world. They hate the liberal elites of Hollywood. That is what MAGA means. They're just too afraid to say it. For now.
  12. Agree about Biden. He should have run in '16. He'd have beaten Hillary and probably Trump, and we'd have a boring president and a stagnated congress. But we wouldn't be in this mess, so it would be better overall. I'm curious what "horror stories" there are about Kamala Harris. I think it'd be interesting to see those stories with Trump's various escapades fresh in everyone's minds so we know what conservatives are willing to denounce for Democrats but ignore for their team. Agree about Clinton - both of them. Enough with the Clintons. Enough with political dynasties. We're America - we kicked out the kings more than 200 years ago. We don't need political hangers-on from any family just because they once held office. Agree about Sanders. He may have beaten Trump in 2016, but the Democrats made sure he never had the chance. There is no "Trump economic explosion," but that doesn't mean Bernie's policies are what we need or want.
  13. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Or, it's the predictable result of having historically low approval ratings. There are only two places to go from there - up or out. And with the cowardly do-nothing Republican House & Senate, there's zero chance Trump will go out.
  14. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    When was America not great? What caused America to stop being great again? What had to happen to make America great again? At what point did America again become great? What must we do to prevent America from falling from greatness in the future?