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  1. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    Firing Eichorst is very much about Riley, about starting 1-2, about looking lost & inept on the field three games into a coach's third year. It is not, for example, about Cook losing to UNI at Baxter Arena last Saturday. It is not about Miles failing to have even a decent season, again, last year, or about Yori, or about any other sport. It is not coincidental that Eichorst was fired after Nebraska lost to NIU. Firing Eichorst is laying the groundwork to replace Riley. Riley has been evaluated and found to be lacking.
  2. Depends which flavor of 3-4. Diaco's bend-but-don't-break 3-4 is a load of horse hockey. I prefer an attacking, dictating defense that forces opponents to make quick decisions and beat you with precision. If they can, fine, we'll get you next series. If not, we're going to bury your ass behind the line of scrimmage.
  3. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    You don't because 95% of what he's saying can be found on message boards. Lee is, to me, a great example of why newspapers are dying. They're convinced they are the only source for information and they expect you to kiss their ass to get it. Lee, in particular, is a petulant child when it comes to being a member of the Husker community. And yet we're supposed to look up to him and respect him. Nah. I respect people like you, Mav, and the 50 other regular contributors on this board who provide solid information and are willing to be here debating the merits of their words. Lee hides behind his cloak of superiority and I have no respect for that. I also respect, highly, folks like Aaron Babcock & Brandon Vogel and the rest of the Hail Varsity staff, local radio guys (minus Severe), and most of the local bloggers, for the same reasons as above. Hail Varsity has a forum where the writers will talk to you about the merits & shortcomings of their stories, they write with respect to the program & fans, and they have AMAZING photography. And no, I'm not a HV subscription seller. But you should buy a subscription because it's the best Husker publication out there.
  4. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    Wait, wait, wait - you're telling me that Lee had an agenda seemingly based on personal gripes, skewed his data to make his point seem more well-founded, then didn't bother to offer a caveat to his claim? Well....
  5. schadenfreude

    This is a family website c'mon.
  6. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    So help me if this guy turns out to be an OWH subscription salesman...
  7. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    "Must read" and "Barfknecht" do not belong in the same sentence. Honestly - nothing Barf writes can't be found on half a dozen Husker message boards.
  8. schadenfreude

    We're not putting you down, we're joking with you. EDIT - you want to feel better? I'll give you mad props for at least having the wit and putting in the effort to look up the words. Most folks wouldn't do that. Not only did you know to do it, you picked some fun words. It means you're not a dope, and you'll likely be interesting once we get past the awkward getting-to-know-you stage. So don't worry about some grief from some folks online.
  9. schadenfreude

    No don't go
  10. schadenfreude

    OMG teach Thomas Paine was a pamphleteer everyone knows that!
  11. schadenfreude

    No you didn't. You left the extra space in when you did your copypasta after looking up your word. If you really want to impress folks try writing in iambic pentameter or something. Anyone can use a thesaurus. Be creative.
  12. schadenfreude

    You left an extra space where you pasted sesquipedalian there, sport. Hah! You noticed it too.
  13. The only reason I could think that they would consult Tom seriously is if they were going to hire a current coach that he knew. That's either Frost or Bohl (unless they're bringing Frank back). Otherwise, I'm sure it was just a formality.
  14. Why today & not Monday? Maybe the conference room they used for the presser was booked until today? But seriously, that's a good question. They said they made their decision yesterday, but there's no way the thought to fire Eichorst just occurred to them randomly on a Wednesday. My guess, they were talking with Riley, talking with Eichorst, talking with Regents & boosters, hiring a search firm and making sure they had all their stuff lined up before taking this step. It took a few days, and here we are. If that's the case (and they didn't truly just wake up on Wednesday & decide to fire him) that's a great sign. It means they're being careful and deliberate and making sure of their steps before moving forward. It means some of the more knee-jerk decisions we've made in the past 20 years may not be repeated. They may still make a mistake in their hiring, but they're going to do proper due diligence before they hire somebody, and that's a good first step. Will the interim have the power to hire & fire? Probably, but only in extreme situations and only after consulting with Bounds & Green, I'm sure. Pretty unlikely any coaches are removed until the new AD is in place.