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  1. Immigration Ban

    Trump backed down. Seems to have had an effect on people's behavior.
  2. Immigration Ban

    I've been mostly busy this whole day and didn't get to check the news. The sudden edginess of so many people makes so much sense now.
  3. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Saved for posterity.
  4. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    My bad, JJ. I'm doing too many things at once. I should have thought before typing.
  5. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    And, again, it was important to speak out against that. But not against the things that Trump is saying, or doing. Priorities are important.
  6. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Are you a "MAGA" person? If not, none of what I wrote in that post applies to you. Did you read it, or just react?
  7. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    These protestations ring hollow and biased when the OP has repeatedly created inflammatory threads with nary a peep in protest.
  8. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/6/18/17449150/family-separation-policy-immigration-dhs-orr-health-records-undocumented-kids Things are a little different under Trump.
  9. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Moiraine the radical.
  10. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    The law does not require us to do evil things. And if it did, a good man would direct his DOJ not to enforce it. Trump did the opposite of that. Jesus wouldn't do this. In fact, I think he said "The kingdom of God belongs to " children, didn't he?
  11. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Trump is the worst person to hold the oval office in 100 years. You can admit that, right?
  12. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Why are you more upset how people spend their time online than at the unnecessary cruelty of this Trump policy? Why do you care how much time anyone spends here? I have a fulfilling life outside this site, full of friends, family and loved ones. I have hobbies, I exercise, I donate my time to things, and I still find time to chat here. What a weird thing to be concerned about. But then, it's better to try to distract with this than to answer for supporting Trump. People don't like to defend the indefensible. It isn't easy.
  13. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Again, you haven't one time complained about the truly awful things Trump has said - some of which I quoted in the post you're objecting to. But you object to that post. Your priorities give you away.
  14. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    What you don't do is spend even one second denouncing a horrible human being in Trump. But you do denounce me. Priorities!
  15. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    You're offended at me. Not at the things Trump says and does, but at me. Think about what you're spending time complaining about, man.