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  1. Nebraska and UCF Knights

    Man Killing Mastodons still the most interesting one in my mind. As Kiyoat Husker mentioned, interesting historically, but not a thing to market. GBR
  2. When I see these non-conference games against FCS opponents I'm not as mad as are some people. South Dakota state is a good FCS team, they are in the semi-finals this year and are probably better than a lot of Conference USA or Sunbelt opponents.
  3. Anyone know for the ESPN Bowl Pick Em, do you want the game you're most confident about at one point or 40 points? I thought the number was the ranking of your confidence but it says points as well.

    1. VectorVictor


      40. More points = more confidence

  4. Really bad pursuit, angles, tackling, etc. #ThanksDiaco
  5. Why do you make that block in that situation, DPE, is already by him.
  6. Good run Wilbon, nice to see that for him.
  7. Franklin is probably the cockiest coach I've ever seen.
  8. This isn't even painful to watch anymore.
  9. This isn't even painful to watch anymore.
  10. I feel as we must just talk and hang out at practice?
  11. Let Us Pray

    Day by day!
  12. Mike Riley coins his own Husker epitaph

    I hope 90% of the board was not duped by the Riley hire. When he was announced and I had to Google his name, not a good sign.
  13. Offensive line gave up already, they only brought 3.
  14. Annnnnd there is the 3rd time out.