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  1. So, who is going to leave?

    Thank the Big Man upstairs - I feel better about the upcoming season. Should be a memorable year
  2. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Back foot pass (interception)- where have we seen that before
  3. Well, at least a Nebraska team won last night. Very sad
  4. Help with an access-related board problem

    I am still having issues with status update--- when I hit the box (on Safari & Chrome) for status update- the page reloads to my profile page... having this issue for 3-4 months- any help is appreciated
  5. Head Basketball Coach Search

    Already hearing Altman may have turned down our love/money offer. Onto someone else or give a 1 year extension to Coach Miles.
  6. So, who is going to leave?

    Heard it as well from someone with family member down inside the admin office. Some contractual demands were made by Coach Miles and I think Moos is hesitant/resistant to giving Miles what he wanted. Moos may want to kick a few tires for a bit, before deciding on what to do with Miles.
  7. Team USA in Volleyball Nations League

    We will make every effort to go. What a great honor for Lincoln to host this.
  8. Too early for an April Fool's prank-- not a fan at all
  9. Bracketology

    I am worried Palmer goes pro- if so, there goes 40% of the team's production.
  10. Spring Game Part Deux

    Tom Shatel Tweet today - Just spoke to Bill Moos for a weekend column. He says there are no plans for an additional spring game, comment made in jest. But adds in future they are looking at providing more spring access for fans...... Well, at least they are looking at pleasing the fans somehow. Would have been a heck of a coup if they did. Think of the ability as a fan to discuss the changes/improvement/contrasting the first & second game. That would have been wild for us to do.
  11. Spring Game Part Deux

    Small rumor coming out of the athletic department- they are giving strong consideration to having a second "practice" game open to the public. I guess Coach Frost and staff are kind of "upset" that all the people that wish to attend the Spring Game, can not attend. They are exploring logistics surrounding the idea and hope to make an announcement shortly. So save yourself a few $100 and wait before buying those $500 tickets. How cool would that be? Can you imaging selling a recruit the idea that almost 180,000 people attended your practice game?
  12. Bracketology

    If the committee is taking 4-5 out of the B1G- are we not guaranteed a spot? I get our conference is not very stellar this year, but two things come to mind: 1) The B1G is still a could draw for viewership- so I error on the side 5 teams are chosen 2). Nebraska is hot and Vegas is liking us a lot for covering the spreads- so that has to work to our advantage with the gamblers...So I say- Nebraska gets in by their chinny chin chins
  13. Head Basketball Coach Search

    How wonderful would it be to have Coach Lue here? If King James leaves for LA... Lue's time in Clevland would be numbered. I do not pay close enough attention to NBA to know if it is a great gig or not. I do like Tony Bennet at Virginia tho... he does a lot with very little
  14. Dang- each time we get close- they pull ahead even more
  15. End of Net Neutrality

    So if I am reading the majority here correctly, you (majority) believe the government always knows best. Apparently, you have not been watching as cable TV (a highly regulated and government controlled entity) dies a slow death, because the internet is much cheaper, and with more options to watch programs on! Why do you think the government wants control of the internet? It's because they are losing control over what you watch! (Remember, the Obama Care was to bring costs down, you can keep your dr..it was about control) They try to sell it as if its good for you, which is how they sell everything that gives them more control over your life! My uncle was a Telecom Engineer of over 30 years, having lived through the debacle of the wireless roll out courtesy of the FCC, I got to see the FCC's ineptitude up close and personal. The FCC's indecision and bungling delayed the introduction of cellular technology by 40 years and smart phone technology by 10 years. The USA is the world leader in the development of internet technology; precisely because it has been relatively unfettered by federal and state regulation.