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  1. If we lose a CLOSE game to Northern Illinois

    Although I did not engage in the OP, after seeing it, I just want to be part of its archives.
  2. The Sock Puppet..

    I was going to start the same thread last night...
  3. ***Northern Illinois Prediction Contest***

    The Good Guys in Red : 47 The bad guys in black: 22 Pass: 388 Rush 305 GBR
  4. Bend but don't break

    Nebraska's defensive strategy is very interesting. They are just letting Oregon score very quickly to keep D off the field to stay fresh.!
  5. Well.... at this rate, they could score 84 on us
  6. ***Oregon Prediction Contest***

    The Good Guys in Red-- 44 The Bad Guys (pick a color)- 39 Pass 293 Rush 244 GO BIG RED
  7. ***Arkansas State Prediction Contest***

    Good Guys: 51 Bad Guys: 19 Rushing: 213 Passing: 321 GBR
  8. Spring Game discussion

    All 3 qbs look good. Nice quick release and accurate
  9. Nebrasketball Stands Alone

    Glad to see Nebraska is back to making records again..not!! Hope next year we fix this one.
  10. 2017 B1G Tournament

    I will say under
  11. Huskers vs. Michigan

    Ahh.. the Miles love fest is renewed tonight at the vault. I have been wrong most of the year and predicting anything of merit- almost across all Husker sports. I hate attending a Sunday night game, so above all else, let's be better next year so I do not have to go so late on Sunday. That said, a very very winnable game and ticket holders win be rewarded with Runza . Good guys 73 Mich 66... GBR.
  12. Huskers vs. Illinois

    Huskers by 7 67-60 GBR!!
  13. Roach Retires from NFL

    24 years old and retiring- I like how this guy played, but not having a larger impact in the NFL probably took its toll on him and he saw greener and safer pastures ahead. Good Luck to Trevor
  14. Huskers vs. Purdue

    Huskers shot lights out. Glad I was completely wrong on my prediction. Nice win and about time to shake this monkey off our back.
  15. Huskers vs. Purdue

    Headed down now... this does not look good for us, given our last 4 outings. Size does matter and we are on the wrong end of this one... good guys 64 (runza!!!) bad guys 78.