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  1. Who should we hire

    How many times in the next decade do you expect us to with the B1G? How many times in the past decade did we win the conference. No matter who we hire for a coach, I just don't see us getting to a place where we beat Wisconsin year in and year out. Unless some major things happen at other programs, I just don't see us in the B1G Championship year in and year out.
  2. Who should we hire

    I don't disagree with any of this. However, we must look at the realities. Riley is done here. It matters very little what transpires the next few months. IMO, this is the reason Eichorst brought Riley in as coach because he recognized that our place in college football isn't trying to keep up with Bama', Ohio State, etc. Obviously, there have been a few miscalculations along the way. Banker wasn't up to task with the defense. POB wasn't ready to become the guy at QB. Things got out of control in a hurry. As far as Lee's second season, it's hard to say. He was a turnover machine at Tulane. We were warned by Tulane fans that he was Mr. Practice. He looks great in practice, but things go south in a hurry come game day. If Lee wasn't so loosey goosey with the football, we're probably 2-1. I don't think we win the Oregon game with as bad as the defense played in the first half. I'm hoping we win the rest of our games. Given the right performance, we should be in a lot of games. Ohio State isn't the World beater we've come to know. They look very beatable.
  3. Who should we hire

    If the bolded is true, then we have to go with Frost. Let's be honest here, Mullen is pretty much on par with Riley. Riley isn't getting fired because of his age. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of? Mullen already makes over 4 million. It probably takes around 6 to get him here. I doubt we go the coordinator route because we've been there done that with Bo. I really believe the best option is Frost.
  4. Call Your Shot - Rutgers

    Riley takes over offensive play calling duty, and Diaco brings the heat.
  5. Who should we hire

    A lot of us did. This is why some of us are very skeptical of a hire like Mullen. All any of us want is to get back to some sort of relevance. So many different angles have been tried that we're beginning to run out of options. I read an article today where unnamed ADs across the country had been interviewed about Nebraska. The general consensus was that we would never be able to hang with the Ohio States and Bamas, but our place is a better version of a KState or Va Tech. Not only do I agree with that, but I can also live with that. KState isn't always in the hunt year in and year out, but they do make their runs and do occasionally win the conference.
  6. Who should we hire

    So, you want Mullen to be our next coach? In year eight, Mullen posted a 6-7 record. I'm really not sure what age has to do with it. Mullen recruits top 25 recruiting classes only to rarely ever finish a season in the top 25. I don't care if he's 40 or if he's 70 because I don't want him as our next coach. We want to be competitive right? Here's the scoring for the eight times he's faced Bama' Miss. State 63 Bama' 250. Miss. State has averaged less than eight points per game against Bama' while Bama' has averaged over 30. I don't want that guy.
  7. Who should we hire

    Riley's teams beat USC. How many times has Mullen and the boys beat or even been competitive with Bama'?
  8. Who should we hire

    Considering USC was winning NCs during that time period, I'd say it was comparable.
  9. Who should we hire

    I'd agree, he's coached himself into a corner. The article even states he's not necessarily the best or most successful. If you really look at Dan Mullen, his situation is pretty similar to Mike Riley's situation six or seven years ago. His best season to date was 14'. If he stays and continues to put in more clunkers like last year, people will be saying Dan who by 19' or 20'. It's the entire premise of the article. Strike now before he does any more damage to himself. Thus far, Riley has had above a 50% conference winning percentage. Even if we throw all those years of him at Oregon State in with it, he still has won over 48% of his conference games. Mullen has won 46% of his conference games. I don't think Riley had many/any top 25 recruiting classes at Oregon State while Mullen has had several at Miss. State. If one looks at Riley's time at Oregon State and compares it to Mullen's time at Miss. State, they look very similar. Riley was 64-47 his first nine seasons at Oregon State. Mullen is 64-42. Riley had three teams finish in the top 25 those first nine seasons. Mullen thus far has had two.
  10. Who should we hire

    I guess I don't. He's in year 9. His recruiting classes consistently end up in the top 25, yet his team rarely does. He has a losing conference record. Two years before Mullen, Miss. State was an eight win team with their coach Croom being selected SEC coach of the year. I'm honestly trying to figure out how hiring Mullen would be any better than when we hired Riley.
  11. Michigan State hadn't had a winning record the previous four years when Saban started. Michigan State was under NCAA sanctions prior to Saban. He never had a losing record at Michigan State. His fifth and final year, Michigan State finished the year ranked #7 in the coaches poll and #7 in the AP. This was no fluff ranking either. In Saban's last year at Michigan State, the B1G had seven teams finish the season ranked in the top 25. Just looking at what Saban accomplished at Michigan State would make him a better hire than most of the ones I've seen people throw out there. Considering what he inherited at Michigan State and the sanctions they were under, I'd say he did great having them in the top 10 by year five.
  12. The Talent Debate - 2017 Edition

    The general consensus is player performance plus recruiting ranking. The older guys in the program are on what their third DC? On field performance can be difficult under these circumstances.
  13. He's a pro style QB. Even knowing he'd start probably doesn't keep him. I doubt he'd be excited running a spread. Plus, didn't he primarily commit because of Keyshawn Johnson Jr.? If Riley's gone, I highly doubt Jr. ever makes his way back to campus.
  14. Who should we hire

    What about Dan Mullen do you like? Is it his 60% winning percentage at Miss. State? Is it the fact that his recruiting classes typically rank in the top 25, yet his team rarely ever finishes the season ranked in the top 25? Is it the fact that he made SEC history last year as the first ever SEC coach to win a bowl game yet finish with a losing record? You are not the first to bring him up, but I fail to see why we need him. The SEC isn't what it used to be. Last year in his eighth season, he posted almost his worst record. Last year, the SEC was not as tough as the B1G or the ACC. He's only had one year where he's won over 50% of his conference games. I don't want to hear how he came into Mississippi State after they had a 4-8 year the year before either because we might be lucky to be 4-8 this year.
  15. Do you think he stays? While the recruiting suffers, the attrition could be large as well.