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  1. Bo did the same thing. Other than refusing to answer the question, what are they supposed to say when continually asked the same question about the past?
  2. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    Obviously, he didn't. However, I'm still surprised he chose to stay after Riley was fired. If he isn't announced the starter, I will be even more surprised if he stays.
  3. How about how much better we might have been in the late-80's to early-90's with either of them? I don't want to throw Mickey Joseph, Mike Grant, or Keithan McCant under the bus; but don't you think Armstrong and maybe Lord could have produced better results?
  4. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I agree with everything you just stated. I would also find it very difficult to fault Gebbia if he decides to transfer. We're running a completely different offense than what Gebbia signed on for when he chose Nebraska. Considering he was ranked in the top 10 by most recruiting services as a pro-style QB, I'm still a little surprised he's still here. If he isn't announced as the starter, does anyone really think he'll be satisfied riding the pine the next three or so years?
  5. I went with Berringer. He was mobile. If memory serves me correctly, he had the same 40 time as Frazier. Plus, he was accurate especially with the shorter throws. Tennis elbow would have kept him from attempting 40 throws a game, but he could have been deadly in the 15-25 attempts per game.
  6. Tommie Frazier or Scott Frost

    No, he would not have excelled in a pass happy offense. However, how many of those actually existed back in the early 90's? While some of his passes weren't exactly a thing of beauty, I do think he could have mastered the old run'n shoot offense that was fairly popular back then. In terms of what he meant to our program, the only real comparison I see out there is what Tebow meant to Florida. I'm not sure Florida has even had a QB since Tebow exhausted his eligibility.
  7. Tommie Frazier or Scott Frost

    He was so much more than that. He was exactly what we needed. From the mid-80's to the early 90's, we were pretty much stuck in neutral. From the blowout bowl losses to the three year skid at the hands of CU, we were in desperate need of a spark. It took a brash, cocky kid from Florida who took no $hit from anyone and wasn't afraid to curb stomp his OL's cubes to provide this spark. He wasn't just great at running TO's offense. He was heavily recruited by Notre Dame as well. He easily could have run their offense. I have always long held the belief that TO would have finished his career without ever winning a NC had it not been for Frazier. Frazier didn't just run the offense to near perfection. He elevated the play of the entire team both offense and defense.
  8. Cody Green vs AJ Bush

    I took Cody Green. It always appeared to me that his tenure here was mismanaged from the word go. Considering he missed almost his entire junior season in high school, he was an extremely raw talent. Instead of being thrown into the spotlight as a true freshman, he should have redshirted to develop. He was a big kid with a strong arm. I've always thought he could have been great with the right development and scheme.
  9. Carl Crawford vs. Bubba Starling

    I've often wondered if the absolute beating Lord took wasn't mostly self-inflicted? He was running behind a 1st Team All American tackle and behind a solid center. Back then, I thought the OL was unfairly blamed because it seemed Lord wasn't exactly on the same page as his OL. I always wondered on the plays where he made something out of nothing came from him going the wrong way to begin with.
  10. Scott Frost vs Eric Crouch vs Turner Gill

    I also wonder if both weren't completely hamstrung by the administration?
  11. Jamal Lord vs Taylor Martinez

    Didn't he transfer at the end of the 02' season?
  12. Chinander's Husker D

    See the ball, get the ball. After that, who cares?
  13. ESPN FPI Says 5.5-6.5 for the Huskers

    Play to the final whistle. Make each and every "tough" game a dogfight. We do those two things, the wins will eventually follow. The wins and losses this year really don't matter much to me. I just want to see competent football being played each and every game.
  14. Scott Frost vs Eric Crouch vs Turner Gill

    I'm not saying you're wrong, but look who Gill got to play with. He had a Heisman winning RB in the backfield with him. He had the Outland Trophy winner blocking for him. He got to throw to a 1st team All American receiver. Frost didn't exactly have it rough either with a second team All American in the backfield with him while also having the Outland Trophy winner blocking for him.
  15. Jamal Lord vs Taylor Martinez

    Dailey played as a true freshman in around seven or eight games. He showed glimpses as to where we were headed offensively. I was at the A&M game in 03'. I was impressed with his play. With regards to the 03' season, I always liked the quote from the World Herald: "You had the defense that hardly budged. The offense that sometimes barely moved." We blew a 24-14 lead against Mizzou going into the fourth quarter. The defense got tired. The offense managed negative yardage for the entire fourth quarter, and they turned the ball over. Against KState, Lord only completed 8 of his 26 passes while also throwing 2 INTs. We were tied at halftime with KState only to get once again blown out in the fourth quarter because the defense was exhausted and the offense was inept. Against Texas, we couldn't run the ball at all. We had 53 yards rushing on 40 attempts. Lord completed 5 of his 15 passes while throwing an INT. Dailey could have been successful in the right scheme. If he would have been used similar to Chase Daniels at Mizzou, I think he would have been successful. He didn't have blazing speed, and he wasn't very tall. However, he could scramble enough to keep defenses honest and was fairly accurate on the short roll out throws. The 03' season was fairly similar to the 09' season. A stout defense was negated by an inept offense. In 03' we finished the season with the 11th ranked defense and the 83rd ranked offense. In 09', we finished the season with the 7th ranked defense and the 99th ranked offense.