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  1. Chinander on His Defense

    While we may not have "proven" talent this year, by year's end I have a feeling we will see that some stars have emerged. This defense isn't nearly as devoid of talent as some would suggest.
  2. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Iowa (Game 12) **

    Wow, it must be most impressive being the fifth winningest coach in the B1G with a 59.6 winning percentage. Apparently, you must coach in the B1G for at least 20 years in order to even qualify for this honor. Heck, Bo won over 70% of his games. Urban Meyer has won over 90% of his games while in the B1G. Dantonio has coached in the B1G for 11 years, and his winning percentage is almost 10 points higher than Ferentz. It appears to me that Ferentz made the list simply by putting 20 years in the B1G.
  3. You are exactly right. However, don't we have better talent than Northwestern? Would you consider our coach decent, or above decent? When I look at their predictions, I'm more concerned with Purdue and Michigan State that they have as W's than I am about Northwestern and Iowa that they have as L's.
  4. Frost’s QB Room

    While the bolded is true for the beginning of the season, Frazier was starting as a true freshman less than halfway through the season.
  5. In 2012, Northwestern won 10 games. In 2013, Northwestern went 5-7 and went 1-7 in the B1G. I have never understood why so many people think Pat Fitzgerald is even a good coach. He has a losing record when playing B1G teams. He's really never even come close to winning a conference title. I'm sure Northwestern isn't the easiest place to win, but Gary Barnett did it. He actually won the B1G while at Northwestern. The guy before Fitzgerald even tied for a conference title. In his tenure at Northwestern, Fitzgerald is averaging winning just under 7 games a season. At times, he wins a couple more than his average. At others, he wins a couple less than his average. He's been there long enough to see a trend. When he has one of those decent seasons, he always follows it up by gravitating back to has average 7 win seasons.
  6. I'd say the bolded is about right. A Pat Fitzgerald coached team typically falls on their face the season after winning 10 games.
  7. Alabama Nutrition Facility

    On one hand, I agree with the bolded. On the other hand, college football athletes are different. I just read a couple of days ago about the Washington State QB who committed suicide back in January was found to have suffered from CTE. A free education doesn't mean much when you scramble your brain.
  8. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Iowa (Game 12) **

    Does it bother anyone else when they see how Ferentz has won two conference titles? He has never finished higher than a tie for first. In 02' Iowa tied with Ohio State. They didn't play one another that year, and Ohio State finished the season 14-0 and won the NC. If they would have played, Ohio State would have mopped the floor with Iowa. The second tie came in 04' when Iowa tied Michigan for the conference title. Iowa did play Michigan in 04', and they lost.
  9. Frost’s QB Room

    If it plays out this way, I just hope our OL allows him to make it through the season. I've also never felt he'd redshirt. Even if he isn't named the starter, I think he plays a lot this year.
  10. I read the article a day or so ago. I always like to go to the comment section after reading an article like this. Half of the Iowa fans are ready for Ferentz to retire or move on. Has there ever been a coach paid as much as Ferentz do as little as Ferentz as long as Ferentz has done at Iowa? Is a guy who's team has finished the season ranked just 6 times in 19 years really worth 4.5 million a year? He must have one heck of an agent.
  11. Florida offer

    I'd love to give Taggart the benefit of the doubt. However, he's on his fourth job in the last decade. Considering his last move, he may not even be at FSU in a year or two.
  12. In 2010, Gene Chizik was both the Home Depot and Liberty Mutual COY. Did it mean Diddly?
  13. A lot of it depends on the situation. If Bill Snyder up and decided today he's done and KState is looking for a new coach from only the B1G, I'm sure they'd definitely take a hard look at Meyer. However, Dantoni would probably be the best fit and guy they pursue the hardest. Good coaches need to be in the right situation in order to succeed. Steve Spurrier had the Florida Gators ranked every year he coached them and over half the time finished the season in the top 10. He goes to South Carolina, loses a lot more games, and has them finish unranked almost two thirds of the time. Chip Kelly was great at Oregon. This doesn't mean he'll be great at UCLA. Sometimes, great programs win despite who the coach is. I think we can look at Wisconsin and see one of those programs. Another program like this would be Boise State. They seem to win no matter who is on the sideline. Then, there are programs that continue to struggle no matter who the coach is. Texas right now would be one of those. There are good capable coaches out there that still struggle.
  14. Florida offer

    Yeah, I have to agree with this. This is something you might mention 10-15 years later. It's not something you share mere months later.
  15. I can't really fault your list much. However, I'd have Dantoni at #3 behind Meyer and Franklin. Fitzgerald is a bit of a mystery. On one hand, he does do a decent job with what he has. On the other hand, he hasn't accomplished nearly as much at Northwestern in 12 years as the guy he played for (Gary Barnett). In four seasons, Barnett either won or tied for the conference title twice. Fitgerald hasn't really even come close to a conference title. Personally, I think he's way overrated. Paul Chryst is also a mystery. He hasn't won a conference title. Bert managed to either win or tie for a conference title nearly half the time. Was Bert a great coach? I don't think so. I think Durkin is too far down the list. He's doing a really good job on the recruiting front, and I think it will eventually translate into winning. I'd have him higher.