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  1. junior4949

    Did We Fire (pick favorite coach) too soon?

    Stoops was an extremely hot commodity in 97'. He had top units while he was at KState. After we clobbered Florida for a NC, Spurrier got Stoops on his staff which led to his NC in 96'. Don't kid yourself, a lot of programs were looking at Stoops in 97'. However, I do wonder just how successful Stoops would have been here? At OU, he was next door to a huge recruiting area. Here, he wouldn't have had that luxury. I'm just not certain he would have had the success here that he enjoyed at OU.
  2. junior4949

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    Thank you! It gets extremely old hearing how we haven't done $hit or had a player worth a $hit since TO retired.
  3. junior4949

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    The bolded is wrong. Suh was elite talent. He should have won the Hypseman. He's one of the highest ever paid defensive players in the NFL. You can't tell me that teams weren't scared to face that 09' defense.
  4. junior4949

    Were we better last year?

    I think we're at rock bottom. I'm not sure how we could fall any farther especially when you take into consideration the Michigan players saying we pretty much quit after the first series. I don't think it's a matter of whether we're at rock bottom or not. The real question is whether we're digging sideways staying at rock bottom or when do we start to dig out of rock bottom?
  5. This is a four to five year rebuild. I knew this when Frost was hired. However, I'm seeing something I never thought I'd see. Our best played game thus far was against CU which was also our first game. Our worst played game thus far was against Michigan which was our last game. I really thought we'd get better as the season progressed. There is still plenty of time for this to happen, but thus far it's not happening. Is there any way our OL play could possibly get any worse? What really is dumbfounding about all of this is how great I've been told practices were leading up to this game. If practices are really going that well, why isn't this translating to better play during the games?
  6. junior4949

    We have a serious quarterback depth problem

    How so? It's completely possible Bunch gets hurt against Troy. I don't care how great the back-up plays. Simple math shows we have a depth problem at QB.
  7. First of all, this was game one. It might have reminded you of a Bo coached team but it was a Bo coached team in later years. Bo inherited some very good players from the previous staff, but they were still making boneheaded plays four games into the season. If memory serves me correctly, Suh committed one such boneheaded play late in the game against Va Tech. Everyone needs to relax. If this becomes a pattern, then we should freak out.
  8. junior4949

    Frost - The greatest hire since Nick Saban

    This is a tough league. I'm not sure about the bolded part. Yes, Saban is going to retire at some point. Does Dabo go home once it happens? I have no idea whether Urban is done or not. I do know Ohio State will throw out however many millions it takes to get a top notch coach. However, there are other programs in this league. James Franklin more than likely isn't going anywhere. He's only three years older than Frost. At Vandy, he had them ranked in the top 25 at season's end two of his three years there. At Penn State, he's already won the B1G and has a couple top 10 finishes. As long as Dantonio is at Michigan State, they will be solid. As long as Alvarez is at Wisconsin, they will be solid. I realize everyone likes to bag on Harbaugh, but the fact of the matter is he's been successful everywhere he's been. Last weekend, it was mentioned more than once by analysts that the B1G is the toughest football conference. Who knows how long Brohm stays at Purdue? I'd say our road to a championship regardless of whether we're talking conference or national is tougher today than it has ever been. Thus far, there has never been a two loss team included in the playoff. Getting through the B1G with fewer than two losses has proven to be very challenging.
  9. junior4949

    Pessimist Perspective

    I'm just afraid that at some point in the season the "strain" is just too much for the upperclassmen, and they revert to old habits. I would agree with your seven win sentiment. Things are more than likely going to look pretty good early in the season. Once we get to the tougher games, we're more than likely going to have one of those wtf moments when we swear we're watching a Husker team of the past few years. The coaching staff really do have their hands full changing the culture. I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see this all getting ironed out in year one. We're probably going to see some growing pains this season, but I do believe Frost and staff will take care of the problems as they arise.
  10. junior4949

    Frost - The greatest hire since Nick Saban

    To the bolded, yes. If Riley is given another year, it's possible Frost is at Florida or Tennessee this year. I've got to think he would have been considered a home run hire if he were at either place. I'm not sure if a top 15 ranked class is around the corner. I'd assume he'll take a similar approach as to what Oregon did when he was there. He'll look for players who fit his system who might not really be on anyone's radar but has lots and lots of speed.
  11. junior4949

    QB options

    I think this is a bit of revisionist history. Frost didn't beat out the starter which is why he wasn't QB. Walsh acknowledged that Frost was quite simply too good of an athlete to have riding the pine which is why he played safety. Let's not kid ourselves here. Frost doesn't come back to NU had Bill Walsh stayed at Stanford. Instead, Walsh quit at Stanford after the 94' season. When Walsh quit, Frost chose to transfer from Stanford.
  12. junior4949

    QB options

    This almost seems like 94' all over again. Bunch will be fine and a very serviceable back-up. If Frost has to dig deep, we'll have a serviceable #3 as well just like we were with Turman. QB still remains one of the positions that I'm not worrying about going into this season.
  13. Boy, I don't know. That's splitting hairs. UCF isn't in a Power 5 conference. They along with the players had to know they weren't keeping Frost and staff if they were highly successful. Gebbia wasn't recruited by Frost. Almost everyone had to know that he wasn't staying unless he was the starter. It was already discussed when POB left that Gebbia would be next if he wasn't the starter going into this season. Frost made a decision to advance his career. Gebbia made a decision to advance his career. Personally, I don't see either one as bailing from their commitment. I see both as trying to better their situation. Ask Pat Hill what happens when you stay at a non-Power 5 team too long.
  14. junior4949

    Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    If Gebbia doesn't start or loses his starting spot at some point in time this season, I don't see him being on the roster next year. If Gebbia is the starter throughout the entire season and plays well, I'd say there is roughly a 20% chance both graduate here.
  15. Trivia question: what teams have won a NC when their defense averaged 80-90 plays per game?