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  1. In the 11 seasons before TO, Daveney won 101 games while only losing 20. Michigan State had four consecutive losing seasons before Saban. By year five, Michigan State had their best record in over three decades and their highest ranking in over three decades. In the two years before Saban, LSU had won 6 games while losing 15 games. The year before Saban, LSU lost every single conference game they played. By year four, LSU won a NC. When Saban took over at Alabama, he took over a program that had been hammered with sanctions. By year three, he won his first of five NCs in his 11 seasons at Alabama. How a coach finishes his career is important. However, is it any more important than how he started or what he started with? Saban started at both Michigan State and Alabama when they were both enduring NCAA sanctions. Devaney followed a coach who went 15-34-1 in five seasons. In my opinion, TO isn't even the greatest Nebraska football coach. This honor belongs to Devaney. Devaney won his first conference title in year two just two years after Jennings had us going 3-6-1.
  2. The BobFather is a lot better comparison to Saban than TO is as far as I'm concerned. Both the BobFather and Saban actually built something. TO simply inherited a NC winning squad from the word go. Devaney didn't just win here either. He has the highest winning percentage in Wyoming Cowboy football history at .750. Devaney won at two different places that are non-recruiting hotbeds. TO was lucky to have started his career when he did rather than a couple of decades later. Saban's replacement won't get 22 years to win his first NC. I doubt they even get a third of that time. It took TO nine years to win his first conference title. Will Frost be allowed this much time?
  3. Frost, Harbaugh or Urban Meyer

    At the time of graduation, Josh Harris was one of only two D1 QBs to have 40 or more rushing TDs and 40 or more passing TDs.
  4. Bingo. Plus, Saban didn't exactly inherit a team that had won NCs right before he took over at Bama and LSU. When Saban went to Bama, it was a mess considering the sanctions and violations before his tenure. I really don't want to discredit TO here, but I'd put the Bobfather higher than TO with regards to GOAT. Bob Devaney took over a team that had only won 15 games in the previous 5 years. TO took over a team that had won two NCs in the previous three years. Devaney retired in his late 50's. Imagine the NCs he would have accumulated had he coached longer.
  5. He still won a NC at the bolded. Who do you suppose recruited the upperclassmen on the 2007 LSU NC team?
  6. National Championship Game

    Auburn didn't win the SEC, so the point of them getting in with multiple losses has no merit. Thus far, the playoff committee is staying within the parameters that every game matters. This is why we've never had a team in the playoffs with more than one loss. With how the season unfolded, the committee really only had three teams to choose from for the fourth spot: Alabama, Wisconsin, or UCF. UCF was almost automatically disqualified because they don't belong to a p5 conference. Therefore, the committee really only had two to choose from. Alabama's only loss was to Auburn. Prior to the bowl season, Auburn's only losses came from playoff team Clemson, playoff team Georgia, and top 20 ranked LSU. Wisconsin's only loss was to Ohio State. Prior to the bowl season, Ohio State's only lossess came from playoff team Oklahoma, and a total woodshed beating by 31 points to unranked Iowa. Given this criteria, the committee put the team with the "best" loss into the playoff.
  7. All Pelini Team

    This made me laugh, and I agree. I'd liken it to how much better Jamal Lord has got over the years.
  8. Frost, Harbaugh or Urban Meyer

    Given these parameters, the choice really comes down to two: Harbaugh or Frost. Meyer is a great coach, but he always takes the path of least resistance. He didn't take his "dream" job at Notre Dame because the Florida job was the path of least resistance. Zook had recruited rather well at Florida leaving the cupboard full for Meyer. After suffering his worst season as a head coach, he leaves Florida. The Ohio State job opens up where again they have a roster completely stacked with talent. I don't think Meyer does well at Nebraska. Even at Bowling Green and Utah, he had a pretty elite QB. I don't think we have a Josh Harris, Alex Smith, or Tim Tebow on the roster. With the choice down to two, it really comes down to experience or youth. As you note, Frost knows Husker tradition. Harbaugh has been a winner everywhere he's been. What it all boils down to is was UCF's turnaround a fluke? Frost's only head coaching experience has been at UCF, and it was only for two years. Yes, they didn't win a game the season before he got there. However, they did go 12-1 finishing around the top 10 three years before he got there and 9-4 two years before he got there. This wasn't the sort of rebuild comparable to what Bill Snyder did at KState. However, I think we can use some of what he accomplished before he became a head coach. Chip Kelly brought Frost into the Oregon program because he wanted to instill toughness in his wide receivers. UCF won this year primarily because of toughness both physically and mentally. I also have to look at the Oregon program when Frost was there and what happened after he left. When he left, the wheels fell off of the cart. Coincidence? Frost has either been coached by or coached with some of the greatest football minds in history. For the Nebraska rebuild, I'll have to go with Frost.
  9. Yep, do away with the redshirts and give all players five years. The great ones won't be around all five years anyway.
  10. 3-5 yrs

    Completely agree with the exception of the bolded part. We probably play in the weakest division of any p5 conference. I expect a quick turnaround with regards to our division in the B1G. If we're talking about being undefeated, then I agree that it won't be as quick a turnaround. When one really looks at comparisons, we're about in the exact same place as we were when Bo was hired. At that time, we played in one of the weakest divisions of any p5 conference as well. Bo had us in the Big 12 Championship game by year two. I expect Frost's first few years to look similar to Bo's first few years.
  11. All Pelini Team

    Personally, I really don't think of Ganz or Lee as being Pelini QBs considering he isn't the one who recruited them. They were simply here when he got here. When I think of Pelini QBs, I think of TM and TA. Both were pretty good, but the nod probably goes to TM.
  12. Big ten verse Everyone else...?

    It's a slippery slope. You really only have two choices here. Either the games played during the regular season matter, or they don't. By leaving Bama out of the playoff in favor of either the B1G Champion or the Pac 12 Champion, you are essentially saying games played during the regular season don't matter. USC really struggled at times this year. Then, they got completely manhandled by Notre Dame. Ohio State got whipped at home by OU. Then, they got crushed by Iowa. This is essentially the same argument as last year when Ohio State got in but Penn State did not. The committee is basically saying games during the regular season do matter. This is why there has yet to be a two or more loss team make the playoff. The biggest reason it took so long to get a playoff was because people were concerned that games played during the regular season would have considerably less meaning. Thus far, the committee has shown this not to be the case.
  13. Big ten verse Everyone else...?

    I don't agree with the bolded. Even if the playoff is extended to eight teams, I don't think P5 conference champions should get an automatic position in the playoff. I'd be more in favor of extending the playoff to eight teams and completely eliminating the conference championship games. I'd argue that Wisconsin should have gotten into the playoff before trying to argue in favor of putting an over ranked USC Pac 12 Champion into the playoff. It's hard to argue with regards to Ohio State because you just never knew which team was going to show up. They could more than likely beat every team that made it to the playoffs, but they could also get completely manhandled by every team that made the playoff. Their loss to Iowa really hurt them. The only way I could see how Ohio State could/should have made the playoff is if Auburn had won the SEC.
  14. Big ten verse Everyone else...?

    I have a problem with the bolded. Ohio State didn't get any more snubbed this year than Penn State did last year. Unless you were up in arms last year when Penn State didn't get in when Ohio State did, then how can you argue Ohio State got snubbed this year? The playoff committee thus far has held pretty close to just one rule: no team gets into the playoff if they've lost more than one game. The playoff committee has made it abundantly clear that conference championships mean next to nothing to them. The only B1G team that fits the playoff committee's criteria is Wisconsin. It really came down to the fourth spot being occupied by either Alabama or Wisconsin.
  15. Speed vs Power

    I would say it was more about speed vs. coaching. A couple of bowl games stood out this year. The first one was KState vs. UCLA. It was quite apparent that UCLA was considerably more gifted in the speed/athletic department than KState. However, KState won the game because of coaching. I realize UCLA was without their fired coach, but KState won because of coaching. The other bowl game that really stood out was the Wisconsin vs. Miami game. Miami was considerably more gifted in the speed/athletic department than Wisconsin. However, Wisconsin won the game because Barry Alvarez is a great coach. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to see why Georgia canned Richt. Georgia is playing for a NC and has already won a SEC title in year two post Richt. He's already doing at Miami what he did at Georgia: stacking the team with talent and then losing nearly every important game.