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  1. ESPN 30 for 30 on 90s Huskers....

    That isn't really history being re-written. The events happened. I agree about he time period element, but the fact our standards are better doesn't make it ok things happened in the past. I don't see it as trashing- but ultimately we are talking about a show we haven't seen who knows what it would have been like.
  2. Pick your team

    Or Rodgers. Two of our three Heisman winners. Fryar at 3 dollars is a bargain, and All the running backs are good- Green probably being the steal.
  3. Nebraska Becoming Wide Receiver U?

    Is this OSU wr coach secret account on here?
  4. LJS: No Excuses for Cav's Line This Year

    Most of the stuff being talked about is after garrison came in when our blocking, at least in the run game, improved. That said our WR blocking outclassed our OL imho
  5. LJS: No Excuses for Cav's Line This Year

    Did he need to? I don't understand the bad rap our OL got under the Pelini years. Some of them were certainly worse than others, but by and large, they were pretty dang solid (at least most of the time). Ameer Abdullah led the nation in yards before first contact the majority of his senior year, and in 2010 we were a small handful of yards away from having 3 1,000 yard rushers. Pass pro was sometimes a different story, but overall, I wonder if Husker fan still holds the standard to be the 90's squads or to be FSU/Bama level excellence, when reality is that we just don't have the talent and ability to be THAT good right now. Our blocking got better when they brought another OL coach in but it was never really good. We did have some excellent RBs though.
  6. Fall Camp Updates - Running Backs

    Nobody talking about Mazour any more?
  7. Am I wrong thinking that pen states OL wasn't that good last year either? McSorely was just able to deal with it.
  8. Drew Brown Someone on kickoff team so idk. I'll go with Damian Jackson being a special teams standout
  9. Will Nebraska have a top 25 scoring defense?

    this has nothing to do with this thread
  10. Yeah, no kidding. 20 yrs ago me would be laughing my ass off at this article.
  11. It's far from what I would call "cordial." But yeah a lot of people blame Texas for the wrong things. The big 12s current state is on the southern teams however. The first news to break was about all the southern teams joining the PAC 10. That started the whole thing, none of the other teams really had any reason to look elsewhere before that.
  12. 1000 Yard Rushers

    Times are changing a bit, it's less regular to have a guy who can do 20-30 carries every game. Look across the board at college and NFL both. That said with as many games as there are it kind of offsets I guess
  13. Riley Wants Running Game Identity

    Throw in the fact that the 2 leading rushers (Newby & Armstrong) aren't returning, and they both had YPC over 4.5 yards, there is cause for concern regarding the run game. In fact, looking at returning ball carriers, the stats from 2016 are: Devine Ozigbo 97 carries for 412 yards, 4.2 YPC, 37.5 YPG Tre Bryant 43 carries for 172 yards, 4.0 YPC, 14.3 YPG Mikale Wilbon, 15 carries for 89 yards, 5.9 YPC, 8.9 YPG Pierson-El, 14 carries for 34 yards, 2.4 YPC, 2.6 YPG Total 169 carries for 707 yards, 4.2 YPC, 54.4 YPG That's not a lot of returning production. imho the Pierson el ypc is troubling. We didn't get much production on the fly sweep from anyone this year. That's a change of pace run, it should be fewer attempts higher Ypc.
  14. CBSSports: 247 Roster talent rankings for 2017

    Just saying national championships is not a metric we should be using for program success. Winning the big 10 doesn't even guarantee a shot at the playoff. We could go on an amazing run and not actually win a single national championship.