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  1. Spring Game Weather Forecast - Yikes

    A Tornado will touch down anywhere and anytime it pleases! Ask the people that used to think the mountains would keep them safe! I think anybody that beleives they are in a safe haven from a twister is just kidding themselves to try and make them feel better! I think the Discovery Channel has a hand in making all of these recent storms to boost ratings!
  2. I think we should round up everybody that believes this is going to happen, throw them a big party with brand new Nike's and tall glasses of that special purple Kool-Aid! When the clock stikes 12 have them all drink up and do a little herd thinning! I mean really, is it that bad of a thing if they are all expecting to die any way? Don't look at it as being cruel, we would just be helping to make their dreams come true.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises trailer

    I can't say for sure if your dreaming of Bale or not....... ...........But you are correct, this is it for him.
  4. Good Luck In Capital One Bowl!!

    That's what I was thinking ...oh yea because I totally snapped on the guy. jeez ya psycho!!!
  5. One more thing on the list of things Nebraska gets wrong! This one is the most irritating for me! It's suppose to be Metallica "for whom the bell tolls"!!!!
  6. The Funny Picture Thread

    My question is.............Why are there butt holes in the zoo animals anyway??? I don't know, why do things usually have butt holes? So what your saying is the painted pieces of plywood have to take dumps? Very interesting...........
  7. The Funny Picture Thread

    My question is.............Why are there butt holes in the zoo animals anyway???
  8. Say it ain't so Bo!!

  9. Turner Gill to Nebraska?

    This makes me very happy! He isn't coming back here!
  10. Who's going to Orlando??

    Game tickets I can get no problem........It's finding a flight for a resonable price thats the problem! If I can find one we will be there! Just messing around I looked into bus tickets! It is a 1 day and 14 hour drive.............one way! Dear lord, I would rather stab myself with knitting needles!
  11. Bowl boycott

    The Bowl system is so corupt it's not even funny! Unless you are one of the people lining your pockets with the cash then I don't understand why you wouldn't want a playoff. It's that way in every freak'n sport on earth almost, but yet it won't work in Div 1 College football???? There is no logical defense for no playoffs.
  12. Is there a spot on our staff for Turner?

    Not this again! I said it before the Bo hire and I will say it again now!........... Hell No!!! He was a great player but there is no need for his coaching abilities here!
  13. Which bowl game will we go to?

    Why is everybody so worried about who we play? Win or lose we aren't going to get any better playing Southwest Missouri State in the Planters Peanut Bowl! It's College football, anything can happen! I would be excited as hell if we played LSU or Bama. I just wish the bowl was in Texas so I could drive instead of flying to Florida around the Holidays!!!
  14. Carl Pelini

    Yep! The "smartbomb" is all coming together now!..............................................and "BOOM" goes Huskernation!
  15. shoulda coulda woulda

    That's Coach Pelini to you son!