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  1. Since there's some question as to who exactly he was talking about, he was responding to this question: "You worried at all that your players and your team, that you'll lose them at all?" So yeah, not talking about recruits or whatever. ESPN currently shows 51.6% Nebraska 48.4% Purdue.
  2. And that tip was so goddamn lucky on their end, but it's like it just set the tone for the rest of the game.
  3. Toe

    Akron may not get their money

    Moos mentioned that.
  4. That's true of any game this season that Martinez gets injured in.
  5. Toe

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    He had two INTs, but he did complete 19 out of 27 - a 70% completion rate. With approximately one game each, Bunch has a QBR of 124 to Martinez's 160. It seemed like the line was holding up better against Colorado than Troy, though, so that's something to consider.
  6. Is it just me, or is "They didn't want to compete at our level" a really unprofessional accusation for an AD to be making? I could see a player saying something like that, maybe a coach, but an AD? I would expect them to be a little more classy in their handling of the business side of things.
  7. Might end up being a game of musical chairs with the cancellations and rescheduling. Better to secure something now and be certain that you won't be left without a place to sit later on.
  8. Toe

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    As far as odds against Michigan go, let's keep in mind that Martinez was supposed to have three games under his belt at this point, but instead has less than one full game of experience right now. Even if he's physically healthy on Saturday, there's no replacement for experience.
  9. Toe

    New QB added from campus tryout...

    It's like deja vu all over again!
  10. Toe

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Maybe if you restrict it to just high school recruits. Otherwise, Tanner Lee wins that award without question.
  11. And the scholarship, which could have been given to someone else if he'd left a little sooner. Bunch is a redshirt sophomore.
  12. Toe

    New Board

    @knapplc I'm pretty sure it's more the site itself that they're concerned with, not user content. They provide BBCode for their images, after all. I think it's more like if the forum had a feature to upload images straight to Imgur solely for display on this site, that would be against their rules.
  13. Toe

    Questions to Ponder

    TBH, I wonder if that was a nice way of saying "Bunch sucks at those passes."
  14. Toe

    Questions to Ponder

    For the question of whether Troy is better than Colorado goes, I'm leaning toward yes. Last year, Colorado was a 5-win team, while Troy was an 11-win team whose best win was against a ranked LSU squad. Honestly, the Colorado game felt like a Bo-era loss to me. We were the better team on the field, and it really wasn't even close. But we couldn't get out of our own way and pissed the game away with a few ugly mistakes. Troy felt more like the Arkansas State game last year: they're a G5 team that came in and played a pretty decent game. Biggest difference is that last year, we were watching a guy who was supposed to be an amazing QB making his first start as a Husker, while this year we were watching a guy who was supposed to be a third-stringer making his first start as a Husker. Let's not sugar-coat it, though: they're both ugly losses against teams we should have beaten.