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  1. Right now, I'd say Martinez looks the best overall. Not perfect, but seems to be the guy with all the pieces. Gebbia seemed a little off the mark at times. Those bobbled snaps were a bit alarming (not sure who they had at center?). There's not a loser in the... uhh... bunch, though, and it's a long time until Akron. Running game still a work in progress. Obviously a few nice runs, and looking better than last season, but seemed pretty inconsistent.
  2. Post-Practice Presser - April 19

    Of Ultimate Destiny!
  3. QB matchups announced for Spring Game

    @PlzCoolerMe Yeah, Held said he did a coin toss. Whether that's true or not, I'll let you decide. That said, I really hope Wilbon finally gets his chance to shine this year. He never really had a chance with Riley. Also, the board software doesn't recognize mobile twitter links, so it won't automatically embed them. If you cut out the 'mobile.' part and everything after the question mark, it should work: https://twitter.com/GBRosenthal/status/986987997643059203
  4. QB matchups announced for Spring Game

    Frost already said 'the majority of guys doing well' will be on one side (presumably Red).
  5. Pro-Style QB

    Even the recruiting guys don't always agree on pro-style vs dual-threat. Bunch was listed as pro-style on Rivals and dual-threat on 247. He wasn't used as a runner at Scottsdale CC, but ran an offense similar to this one in HS.
  6. @Savage Husker I noticed that too. Alvarez's playing days were before Osborne was named OC. Osborne was an unpaid assistant on offense at the time, I believe, and Alvarez played linebacker. I'm sure they'd met, but probably didn't know each other too well.
  7. It was a private conversation that somebody leaked to the press...
  8. Some apparently still want to believe that Bo cast some voodoo mind-control spell over the players, and that it wasn't, you know, exactly what any team's reaction would be when you fire their 9-win coach and replace him with a career .500 guy...
  9. @Making Chimichangas My thoughts exactly. It's the same thing we've all been saying for years, but it's nice to finally hear someone inside the program acknowledge it. The Strain was more with the coaching staff than the players. You feel for some of the guys who were trying to do things right (Parella and D. Williams, from the sound of things). For as 'nice' as Riley was, it's incredible how much drama he brought in.
  10. For the first time in years

    Beck's system wasn't a problem, but his play calling often was. He'd set up opposing defenses, and then forget to call what he was setting them up for.
  11. Cool, they'll have paid for themselves in energy savings sometime around the year 2177!
  12. 'Member when some people were saying Bray should be our next DC? I 'member. Never really understood it, but...
  13. The whole team was hamstrung by Riley. But that doesn't quite explain why the O-line was on its own special level of suck, IMO.
  14. Happy Birthday to The Bobfather

    Interesting that it's Verduzco making that tweet. Even referring to him as "The Bobfather" - must be picking up the lingo quickly.