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  1. How to Win in Recruiting

    Alabama ranked 19th? After winning another national championship? I don't think so.
  2. The board’s broke

    It works fine now; strange, since I didn't change anything. Possibly something to do with the board's software?
  3. The board’s broke

    I am not talking about posting tweets. I am talking about reading tweets on this board that others have posted. When I am viewing a page on which someone has embedded a tweet, the tweet won't load.
  4. The board’s broke

    I can't read tweets; I mean, they won't embed properly.
  5. Kirby Smart is going to have nightmares for weeks after Georgia choked that one away.

    1. chamrocck


      Agree.  Georgia had the game.  They couldn't get a few key stops and their offense went away from what was working.  Saban was cooked so the conventional coach ditches his 25-2 QB for a true freshman and just puts the game on the kids shoulders and it works!  3rd and 7 scramble, 4th down TD, the turnover right after GA got the turnover...any one of those plays doesn't happen and GA wins.  Then GA gets gifted by a missed Bama FG.  GA kicker awesome long FG in OT and you now are going to win because you have the freshman QB on the ropes at 2nd and 26 in OT!  And on 2nd and 26 you give up a 41 yard game ending TD...how does that happen?  Feel awful for Georgia but they blew it...scared by Saban's shadow...Bama was done but you didn't know how to close the game.  Credit Bama...never flinched when they should have multiple times.   

    2. spurs1990


      Weeks might be understating it. Not sure you ever get over that. Rough Couple championship games for the state of Georgia.

  6. Can anyone recommend a good program/website for downloading music off of YouTube without adware/viruses?

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    2. ZRod


      God forbid you pay someone for their work if you can afford it.

    3. Street Novelist

      Street Novelist

      It appears YouTube has done something since January 1. None of the sites I normally use are working. They all say URL is invalid. change in policy?

    4. macroboy


      YouTube has been turning a blind eye to this stuff for a while. If they changed policy, it would be to actually take responsibility and follow the rules. You might have to actually purchase music.

  7. The Boston Globe just dropped a huge bomb on ESPN. I highly recommend everyone read the free article online.

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    2. VectorVictor


      The Boston Globe site is horrid?


    3. commando


      it had something blocking the screen when i tried to read the article.   was no way to move it.  wanted me to subscribe to read the story

    4. VectorVictor


      If you're using Chrome, just copy the link, try going into Incognito Mode (CTRL + SHIFT + N) and then go to the link. Should work like it does with the OWH when they start blocking access...

  8. Whaddya know? Tennessee wound up making a good hire after all.

  9. QB Adrian Martinez [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Martínez is a common surname in the Latino community. It's like Smith or Jackson for Anglos.
  10. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC

    Wow! You completely misread that post.
  11. Frost on Jim Rome

    Thanks for the link. Great interview! 2018 can't come soon enough!
  12. ***2018 Recruiting***

    UCF Recruit News has now protected all of their tweets, incidentally.
  13. Does anyone have a link for the press conference?

  14. Best news Husker fans have had in a decade...good job Moos

  15. 2018 Schedule

    6-6 or 7-5 seem reasonable, given our tough away schedule.