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  1. Jamal Lord vs Taylor Martinez

    I find the revisionist history of T-Magic's career really sad. Fact is that TM was a much better QB than Lord and it isn't even close. Lord was one of my favorites, but he was playing out of position IMO, should have been a Safety. Below are both of their career stats. TM was a career 59.8% passer, and was above 60% his final two years. Jamal was a 48% career passer and in the two seasons Jamal started, and had more than 16 attempts, he couldn't even be a 50% passer. Yes they both played in different offenses, but to assert that Jamal would have completed just as many passes as TM in TM's offensive system is stretching the truth. The two primary reasons I think that people stick to, and IMO plays a large role in why people discount TM's career, are his sophomore season and the 2012 B1G Title Game. However when TM got hurt in the Missery game in 2010, he was never the same that year and picked up some really bad habits to overcompensate for what he couldn't do. Just look at what he did against Okie State earlier in the year versus what he couldn't do against A&M. Heck the coaches went to a Wildcat with Rex just to win the last games of the year as TM couldn't play and/or be effective. IMO he took those bad habits into 2011 and you get those videos of ugly shotput style throws. To his credit, he went to Steve Calhoun in the offseason to fix his bad habits and came back with a vengence in 2012, completing 62% of his passes and winning OPOY for the B1G. His ability to bring the team back from behind was incredible. However the second thing that helps blind people to just how great TM was that year was the B1G Title game. I don't put that on TM at all. Heck we all had a bad feeling when Baker S. got hurt before the game due to the razor thin depth on the DL already at that point. Heck Cam Meredith was playing DT, which he had no business playing, because they had no one else to fill in. To put that game on TM or to let it wipe out what was a magical season is a shame. I also think getting hurt in 2013 and not being able to wipe the bad taste out of the fans' mouths from the end of 2012, especially since the injury was self-inflicted, just helps to solidify the negative perceptions many have of TM. People seem to only remember his struggles in 2011 or his pre-Missery injury play in 2010 and wonder what if, but it seems 2012 gets erased completely. Yes there are a lot of what ifs with TM, but frankly he was one of the very best players in the last 15 years and I just don't feel people give him the respect he earned. TAYLOR MARTINEZ Passing Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate *2010 Nebraska Big 12 FR QB 13 116 196 59.2 1631 8.3 7.7 10 7 138.8 *2011 Nebraska Big Ten SO QB 13 162 288 56.3 2089 7.3 6.9 13 8 126.5 *2012 Nebraska Big Ten JR QB 14 228 368 62 2871 7.8 7.6 23 12 141.6 *2013 Nebraska Big Ten SR QB 4 69 110 62.7 667 6.1 7.1 10 2 140 Career Nebraska 575 962 59.8 7258 7.5 7.4 56 29 136.3 Rushing Scrimmage Year School Conf Class Pos G Att Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD *2010 Nebraska Big 12 FR QB 13 162 965 6 12 163 966 5.9 12 *2011 Nebraska Big Ten SO QB 13 188 874 4.6 9 188 874 4.6 9 *2012 Nebraska Big Ten JR QB 14 195 1019 5.2 10 195 1019 5.2 10 *2013 Nebraska Big Ten SR QB 4 40 117 2.9 0 40 117 2.9 0 Career Nebraska 585 2975 5.1 31 586 2976 JAMAL LORD Passing Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate 2000 Nebraska Big 12 FR QB 6 9 16 56.3 116 7.3 4.4 0 1 104.7 2001 Nebraska Big 12 SO QB 6 5 8 62.5 65 8.1 2.5 0 1 105.8 *2002 Nebraska Big 12 JR QB 14 95 204 46.6 1362 6.7 5.2 12 12 110.3 *2003 Nebraska Big 12 SR QB 13 85 176 48.3 1305 7.4 6.1 6 8 112.7 Career Nebraska 194 404 48 2848 7 5.5 18 Rushing Scrimmage Year School Conf Class Pos G Att Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD 2000 Nebraska Big 12 FR QB 6 28 130 4.6 4 28 130 4.6 4 2001 Nebraska Big 12 SO QB 6 22 83 3.8 2 22 83 3.8 2 *2002 Nebraska Big 12 JR QB 14 251 1412 5.6 8 251 1412 5.6 8 *2003 Nebraska Big 12 SR QB 13 215 948 4.4 10 215 948 4.4 10 Career Nebraska 516 2573 5 24 516 2573 5
  2. Spring Practice Notes

    I loved Yoshi’s tenacity as a player.
  3. 2018 Analytical Projection for the B1G

    So the projection has the Cornhuskers going 6-1 at home and 0-5 on the road. What is the home field advantage value he uses? I would like to think we can get 1-2 of the road games at least.
  4. Jamal Lord vs Taylor Martinez

    Easy choice, 1 was an OPOY and one wasn’t.
  5. Huskers Get All-Big XII Transfer from Texas

    According to Sipple this am, not every sport has the sit out rule. Football and men’s and women’s b-ball do, which is what makes Jess Shepard’s situation interesting, but many other sports, volleyball is one, don’t as long as they are released from their scholarship by their old school. Holman wasn’t released by LSU, which is why she had to sit out.
  6. Frost’s QB Room

    They never said Frost wasn’t coming, that is the narrative people were inferring incorrectly. All they were saying is that it wasn’t as much of a slam dunk as many were saying and frankly, after reading all of the details on the process after the fact they were right. Heck it took a last minute conversation with TO to push Scott over the edge to actually commit and sign the contract. I think Damon and Gary were aware that Scott was interested but not really set on leaving UCF and were trying to make sure their listening audience were aware despite others preaching the opposite.
  7. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    Perhaps that had an impact on the team, but honestly I just think the team overhyped that game to the point of being tight. After demolishing K-Sucks in that Thursday night game, Bo had the video of the previous year’s 1 second loss to Texas played on the bus ride home. The team had a long week to prep and also think about revenge. I almost wonder if they had been better off playing K-Sucks on Saturday to shorten their prep time a bit.
  8. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    No, he got hurt in the win against Missouri. After that they went to a lot of Wildcat with Rex and leaned on the D. If Martinez stays healthy, The team wins the Big XII and has a shot to get into the BCS title game IMO as the losses to A&M and OU become wins and they would have been 12-1. But if candy and nuts were if’s and buts.......
  9. QB Max Duggan [TCU Commit]

    Interesting comments from Schaefer this morning on Sharpe and Benning. Sounds like the staff was trying to slow play him a bit to allow them to evaluate other prospects but they may have slow played him into looking more at Minnesota and ND. Not sure it means the staff wouldn’t take him, but it does sound like they have a few higher on the board than him.
  10. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    Agreed. That season is the one in the recent era that I am most salty about. That team was loaded.
  11. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    Bo had both in 2010 and couldn’t pull it off. However T-Magic getting hurt derailed the O for the 2nd half of the year ultimately costing the A&M, well that and the ref screw job, and OU games.
  12. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    Yeah but that triple option with Rex was pretty damn sweet. Urban Meyer was pretty impressed.
  13. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    Just listened to Zach Duval on Sharpe and Benning, what a great interview! As soon as it is up as a pod cast everyone should go listen.
  14. Who starts at QB?

    I don’t believe POB started 3 years so would just compare both players’s last 2 years.
  15. Who starts at QB?

    POB also played in a similar system in HS and is a pretty good runner. He was also the higher rated player coming out of HS over Gebbia. Everyone seems to be in love with the shifty was Gebbia showed in last year’s spring game, but POB was more the runner in HS.