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  1. Great episode. I have a feeling JS(at)+DT= baby. John's fear comes to light in a different way.
  2. WR Manuel Allen [Louisville Commit]

    I think the first one had a small take but definitely listen to the second with Schaefer
  3. WR Manuel Allen [Louisville Commit]

    From what Benning Said was that Allen Struggled in the film room on his visit during the spring game. Then when Schaefer came on later in the show Schaefer stated that he doesn't know exactly what happened but what he could piece together was during his spring game visit he struggled in the WR film room and then he rubbed "The Guys" (assuming the other WRs) the wrong way during that time. Couple that with him maybe not qualifying being in 3HS in 3yrs and recent brawl. Nebraska might have been cooling on him. Allen saw the writing on the wall and started secretly shopping his services. Schaefer stated that he doesn't think NU Yanked his offer on the day he flipped but he thought it was going to happen later in the year. I will say that Benning and Schaefer both stated he was way better than his film showed.
  4. WR Manuel Allen [Louisville Commit]

    Benning was saying this morning that something had happened in the wide receiver room during his spring visit. Schafer said he had heard the same thing. I am going to relisten to the first hour of the show to see if I can tell what happened.
  5. When your sister makes you hang out with her new boyfriend!
  6. Last Chance U

    I did. It was like season one. Root for the kids, hate the coach, love the academic counselor, complain about the kids who don't want to go to class. Wait to wonder where the kids are going and if they get there. It was good.
  7. Debate going on at work wether Die Hard is or Isnt a Christmas Movie.
  8. Who me not so much. Just something different.
  9. I liked the idea that was going around to have Gillian Anderson play 007 as Jane Bond.
  10. You need to watch Tom Segura Mostly Stories!
  11. Meyers Drafted by Astros

    Most baseball players don't improve themselves by coming back for their senior year. It just doesn't happen. It's nothing like the NFL draft. Most of the guys being drafted by the MLB draft are college juniors and high school seniors. Meyers wasn't going to make himself into a higher round draft choice, so he wasn't going to make a lot more $ by coming back. Seniors also lose a bargaining chip. They can't dangle going back to or going to college as a way to get a bigger bonus that the juniors or High School Seniors can.
  12. Husker Baseball Recruiting Thread

    And Probst flipped to the Hawks.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Hey thanks I might try that. I have been everywhere looking for one.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Screen protector is the only thing I have bought for my Switch besides games. Some tempered glass is a must. thanks.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    I am hoping to have one by the end of the week. Reading this a Screen protector is a must anything else?