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  1. Chili Recipes

    I am participating in a Chili cook off for a buddies dinner. I don’t really like chili so I don’t eat it/ make it. I need some of your recipes please.
  2. Spring Practice Notes

    Set back from previous injury.
  3. Unpopular Opinion

  4. Friday Night Recruiting

    I heard on Sharp and Benning that the last Couple previous Staffs wouldn’t go on the road in Nebraska to visit high school games before home games. But would travel to high schools sometimes 2-4 hours away on road games. Is is that a Normal Practice? It just seems weird to me.
  5. LB Caleb Tannor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

  6. Poll: Abortion legality belief spectrum

    I picked other. As a male it’s not my Body so not my choice. But if the Mother wants to put the child up for adoption the Father should be given the right to Adopt if he wants to keep it.
  7. LB Caleb Tannor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Pretty sure that’s a penalty this year. Your pants have to go over your knees and have knee pads in place.
  8. Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

  9. TE Messiah Swinson [Missouri - Signed LOI]

    The signing period was Wed/Thur/Fri I thought. So unless he signed earlier and is just announcing it now. He should be available to Flip.
  10. TE Messiah Swinson [Missouri - Signed LOI]

    Signing period is over, correct? Frost and Co could still recruit him.
  11. Assistants Announced

    When Byrne was AD here he hired Anderson knowing that he (Byrne) was leaving for A&M and would take Childress with him.
  12. Assistants Announced

    Bill Byrne hired Mike Anderson knowing he was going to A&M and took Childress with him.
  13. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Listening to The Steve Sipple Segment on S&B this morning Benning asked one of his Vauge Frost needs to look within Questions. Sipple basically said that there are going to be hurt feeling because a lot of the former players IE Benning, Vrzl others want to be part of the staff in someway or have access like they did with Riley. Frost isn’t going to be as open with info as Riley was and it is going to ruffle some feathers
  14. Why hasn’t Kevin Wilson’s name been mentioned great offensive mind.