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  1. Can I get my $66 back that I donated to make this board worst again?

  2. No - the link in a post above says a game is played at L SW
  3. Bo Pelini & Ma'Lik Richmond

    I hope that he makes millions in what ever career he gets. So the victim can make hundreds of thousands of dollars Not that it will make it all good, but it might be some consolation to her
  4. Shatel's TBL

    Exactly. Shatel had a story where he was talking with Bo on the phone and Bo was yelling and cussing so loudly that Mrs. Shatel took the kids to the other room. Again, that type of story doesn't surprise me at all. I tried to find the video of Bo during a game at YSU and the girl on the sideline who's face was SO shocked
  5. The proverbial "1,000 yard rusher"

    Yards per game You can wear out your defense by scoring too quickly
  6. Mike Riley check here

    Techincally, the OP asked "Mike" to +1 the post. I guess we have at least 4 Mikes on the board. Good point
  7. Mike Riley check here

    So are there 4 different Mike Rileys or does he have multiple personalities?
  8. Yes. Because that was the only reason we kept on losing to them Do I need
  9. Personally, the crime one. Mostly because I can't pronounce entrepreneurship
  10. When I got an electric car the school video broadcast did an interview with me. It was heavily edited by the environmentalist editor. All I talked about was how it was not friendly to the environment because you were trading burning gasoline made from middle eastern petroleum for burning American coal to make electricity, and the reason I switched was a geopolitical economic one.
  11. Why the CFL has no defense Coach: You cover the B gap, eh. Player to himself: I have to cover both the B and A gaps
  12. Pac-12 Trying Shorter Halftimes

    You just insulted 75% of the Big Ten fans But I agree
  13. Movie Reviews

    Baby Driver was very good