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  1. ESPN Anti-B1G - Pro SEC?

    Wasn't there two identical scores with similar game scenarios - one B10, one SEC - the SEC headline touted a rout, while the B10 described a narrow victory?
  2. Biggest Concerns?

    Is the trophy case big enough?
  3. Fall Camp

    Tanner Lee had an awesome arm Frost has consistently said quick, correct decision making trumps all
  4. Thread derail - Me: What year is this? Person: Two thousand eighteen Me: Really? So the Declaration of Independence was signed in one thousand seven hundred seventy-six? IT'S TWENTY-EIGHTEEN PEOPLE!
  5. Beatrice Hooper Tekamah Kearney Norfolk Nebraska - as in Nebraskr
  6. But you are assuming all Nebraska fans are in Nebraska. Northwestern might be a 30 min El ride to many Nebraska fans
  7. Wash -> Worsh Stick random r's into words is the Nebraska way
  8. How Did You Meet Your Wife?

    So you bought your wife off of eBay - gotcha
  9. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Consider the source - he is a loyal OSU fan, as someone said he wrote 4 books on OSU football, one had a introduction written by Meyer.
  10. "Referees aren't people" - Bobby Knight
  11. The Running Back Room

    I looked at the opponents win % and most of the regular season the opponents were around 55%, with only one poor team 33%. However in the playoffs they did beat an undefeated team in the championship game by 32 points.
  12. Thanks - most of this century are a blur to me as far as Nebraska football
  13. The truth comes out about teach
  14. So 11 years ago some players caught a nap - Pelini's first year? This year everybody was alert One big difference is Wistrom and Peters are buddies and team mates of my head coach - I better pay attention.