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  1. Not once has a gay person come to my door and talked about homosexuality.
  2. Of course they did. Harvey wrote that letter and specifically named Ron Brown.
  3. Snyder, Engelhaupt & Brokop no longer on roster

    I had high hopes for Snyder. Pity.
  4. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC .... or not

    Clownzano covered his butt with that article. When Riley went back, he wrote a column about how great it was for Riley to go back and mentor the new coach.
  5. Track and Field time to vent.

    Time to move the College World Series out of Omaha. All it does is rain there
  6. ****Official Alliance of American Football Thread****

    Riley is all talk and has been for years. My hope was that coaching a traditional power would get his juices flowing again. Sadly, that wasn't the case. He'll be a bust in that new league assuming it even gets off of the ground. Should it tank, I hope OSU gives him a big middle finger if he tries to return.
  7. ****Official Alliance of American Football Thread****

    I think Mike gave the duties back to Langs at Nebraska and didn't do a darn thing when it was obvious the team needed a boost. Personally, I think Mike should have retired at least 5 years ago. My feeling was he gave up at OSU and was nothing but a high paid figurehead. Sadly, he did the same at DONU despite my hopes otherwise. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  8. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC .... or not

    What a day. Riley quits. Yankees come back from 5-0 hole to win. Oregon State comes back from 6-3 hole to beat UNC in Omaha. I shot even par tonight in my golf league.
  9. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC .... or not

    I can't stand Neuheisel, but he had some fun stories on the 30 for 30 about the USFL. As for Riley, I may finally be rid of him
  10. How Do You Spell Expectations in Nebraska?

    My expectations are the team plays better in all phases and, most importantly to me, has a much better attitude. I won't pay much attention to the win-loss record. We're starting a total rebuild.
  11. 2018 MLB

    Back to back no-no's could happen. When I think of things we won't see again, I think of Cy Young's numbers. 815 games started as a pitcher. 511 wins. 316 losses. He won 30 games five times (36 in 1892).
  12. More New Bowls in 2020

    Chicago in January or December? Brrrrr.
  13. Huskers Looking to Schedule Old Big 8 Opponents?

    How many of those were actual road games?
  14. Track and Field time to vent.

    According to this, Oregon isn't even in the top 10 for rain. Those "warm" southern states get more rain than we do. As for this weekend, the rain was pretty unusual. We had a warm spring. In fact, where I live we are 12 inches behind our usual rainfall and have been designated an emergency area. Much of Oregon has been designated this year. https://www.currentresults.com/Weather-Extremes/US/wettest-states.php
  15. Track and Field time to vent.

    Eugene is Track Town USA. They're going to level Hayward Field and replace it with a state of the art track facility. You'll see even more meets in Eugene.