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  1. New FieldTurf Being Installed on Outdoor Practice Field

    As a Steelers' fan, I can report that it is voted one of the worst fields year after year by the players. They also resod it every November because Heinz Field not only hosts the Steelers and Panthers, but also high school playoff games.
  2. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC

    HIs value is in recruiting California. He has a lot of connections there that the other young coaches don't have.
  3. Path to 5 wins?

    Riley is coaching the tight ends and, literally, has no idea what he is doing. He's had to learn the techniques right along with the kids he's coaching.
  4. 2018 NFL Draft

    http://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/sam-s-extra-points-breaking-down-nebraska-s-recent-nfl/article_ffa57de9-3d05-579c-9cf7-b7e4474fbed1.html Sam wrote a pretty good article ripping both Pelini and Riley. It's a good read. I remember some jerk from Oregon who said only Lee would get drafted. Can you believe that guy?
  5. POB...still in the QB room?

    Lots of guys wanted Brook to start. It was divided mostly on racial lines though the receivers preferred Brook over Tommie as well.
  6. Changes to Spring Practice and the Spring Game

    Do those schools not have fitness centers? THAT'S where the girls are during the winter sweating it out on the treadmills.
  7. Of course Frost is going to say that. He wants to pump them up. That team, especially on defense sucked. It was aided by very, very bad coaching. You guys need to learn not to get sucked up by offseason PR. It's the main reason you get sucked in and find yourself on the ledge by Week 6.
  8. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    The Pac 12 wouldn't take Boise because it's not a research institution. They probably wouldn't take BYU because of the religious aspect and BYU's special scheduling needs. Houston I can't speak to because I don't know anything about their academics. As for Texas, they had a chance, but wouldn't give up the Longhorn Network and the Pac 12 told them they couldn't join unless they gave it up.
  9. Carriker Chronicles - Osborne vs. Saban - Who's the Best?

    How many guns has Nick Saban hidden from police?
  10. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Isn't he the one who said he like it in Florida because he liked to sleep in his own bed at night? It's not a rumor is it came out of the horse's mouth.
  11. Carriker Chronicles - Osborne vs. Saban - Who's the Best?

    Saban has also done it in the best division of the best conference in football over the years he's been there. Nebraska only had to deal with Oklahoma for most of Osborne's years and Switzer was 12-5 against Osborne. Osborne was also 12-13 in bowl games. Also, Saban's not done.
  12. Mike Riley’s salary at Oregon State... $50k.

    OSU's assistant pool is over 3 million dollars. UNL needs to investigate this.
  13. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    ***Humor***Nick Gates declares for NFL Fixed!
  14. Great article on new S&C coach Duval

    The media likes to pump sunshine up our skirts regarding our teams. They must sell more papers when they do this. Otherwise, it's best to sit back and see what happens.
  15. Huskers Announce Future Non-Conference Opponents

    That doesn't seem realistic considering the cost of school.