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  1. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    I'm hoping that with the little dancing banana that this is tongue in cheek. If it's not I don't understand that thinking (shared by more on here) that because Riley is average to below average at his job that somehow makes it ok to question his character. Plenty of really nice people are just poopy employees. If every person that has been fired for doing an average job was charged with theft the jails would be overcrowded.
  2. Hello, Mike Riley

    Just so I'm understanding what you are shoveling. Riley knows he is a bad coach and under no circumstance thought winning at Nebraska would be easier than the situation he was in so the only reason he took the job was to get $2,700,000 a year for 5 years from the University? So the whole driving force was cash and not trying to win at a better program? He's contract at Oregon State ran through 2021 if he was so concerned with money and not trying to win football games he could have just rode it out in Corvallis.
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Where are these people you speak of?
  4. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    Speculating #FakeNews
  5. Hello, Mike Riley

    So someone not being very good at their job equals toxic and being despicable? I personally would equate what happened under Art Briles as despicable & toxic or what happened under Joe Paterno as despicable & toxic. A man representing a University with class while barely winning more games than he losses doesn’t make that guy despicable & toxic. It just makes him a bad Head Coach.
  6. Remaining 2017 Season Predictions

    I pointed Rimington out to my son on Saturday and he said “That’s the greatest Center to ever play college football? He’s really let himself go.” Rimington isn’t blocking anybody nowadays with the way he was moving around.
  7. Remaining 2017 Season Predictions

    That would be his “retirement” game.
  8. Remaining 2017 Season Predictions

    There are only 5 scheduled right now. Bowl game makes 6.
  9. Hello, Mike Riley

    The coaching search is over.
  10. Hello, Mike Riley

    This guy for the win. I'm sure he really didn't "hope he was wrong".
  11. Remaining 2017 Season Predictions

    If that's an original, nicely done. If it's not, it's still clever but you don't get the credit for it.
  12. Remaining 2017 Season Predictions

    The 3-4 isn’t the problem. The 3-4 being “run” by Nebraska is the problem.
  13. I was at that game as well. It was Billy C giving the middle finger on his way out the door. The radio guy on the reaction show was going off about how low class and unHuskerlike that game was. Nebraska shouldn’t run up the score like that. He was a jackwagon.
  14. Purdue is a night game....

    Sounds like a good night to make the first batch of Chili for the year.