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  1. Call Your Shot - Rutgers

    100-0 Big Red Crowd will be lame because a bunch of jackwagons go in with the "show me something" attitude and sit on their hands the whole game.
  2. Who should we hire

  3. Who should we hire

    By occasionally you mean twice?
  4. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    Nebraska's enrollment is up the last 3 years. So if horrific sports teams play a role in enrollment how do you explain that? https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/nebraska/articles/2017-09-20/university-of-nebraska-focuses-on-enrollment-despite-budget Also what is the real story with Yori besides the mistreatment of players?
  5. Why I like Scott Frost

  6. Could Riley Survive this season? (Poll)

    So to the people that are done with Riley and/or think he is gone, will you be upset when the Huskers roll of a string of victories? Or are you people the types that will be mad if the wins start mounting because it will mean Riley’s job will/might be safe?
  7. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    So you mean to tell me that these click baiters stories aren't 100% true? I am shocked that the OWH would do such a thing.
  8. Who should we hire

    No thank you to either of these 2 choices. Michigan has a very average offense and Moglia is 68. So pretty much 2 of the knocks on Riley can be used for these guys.
  9. ***Nebraska Athletic Director Search Megathread***

    I take back my suggestion
  10. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

  11. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    If this stuff is 100% true why didn't any of them have the balls to write this stuff before today? The only ones that did were Bo and JP. You keep failing to include TO in you "cancer" stuff. He was here as AD longer than SE was. He fired and hired more coaches than SE as well. Yet he gets none of your blame. What will happen when another AD is hired and it's not who people want? Or what happens if Nebraska wins enough for Riley to keep his job? Where will your joy come from? I'll say it again Barfy & Dirk are pot stirring turfs. The only good stuff they write is when Dirk writes his feel good stories. Other then that they are click baiters.
  12. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    Barfy has been telling the truth for years? Who's truth? His truth or the actual truth? Now you are pimping a Dirk article? Holy cow just stop. So everything is the ADs fault unless the AD is TO then it is the Chancellors fault? Is that how it worked(s)?
  13. Shawn Eichorst/Mike Riley positive achievements thread

    If you are Jason PETER you keep spelling your own last name wrong.
  14. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    I refuse to read any article written by Barfy. Haven't read his crap for years. So so let me get this straight, the "cancer" that has been in the Athletic Department also includes the man that is your avatar?