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  1. Cool Video

    I still can't fathom that my tax dollars probably help pay your salary as an educator of young minds.
  2. We traded one former Hawkeye whinhad 103rd ranked defense for another former Hawkeye who had the 95th ranked.  Upgrade

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    2. Pedro Guerrero

      Pedro Guerrero

      The ranks I posted were yards per game.  Which can be a bit misleading. 

    3. swmohusker


      Chinander faced some more potent offenses than Bobby D.  Minny gashing you is a little different than USF and Memphis.  

    4. Cdog923


      "It's not about yards, ma'am, it's about points" 


      - Bo Pelini

  3. Assistants-who do we want?

    I might see Duval’s brother tomorrow so I’ll ask him if he has heard who all is coming to Lincoln.
  4. Wow

  5. Wow

  6. Favorite Non-Competition Moments

  7. Finding Devaney

    True story, the only time I got caught peeking at my Christmas presents is the year I asked for Bad Dudes for NES.
  8. Finding Devaney

    No person on planet earth agrees with this statement (including Barkley). You guys are also forgetting that arguably the best 6th man in NBA history played for the Spurs.
  9. Pedro would like a hat please and thank you.
  10. Finding Devaney

    Robert L Devaney http://www.bu.edu/math/people/faculty/dynamical-systems/devaney/
  11. Finding Devaney

    I found a Devaney
  12. I REALLY HATE the Forward Pass!

  13. Beyond the pale?