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  1. 2013 #21 2014 #5 2015 #5 2016 #15 2017 #15 2018 #20 Rivals team rankings for Tennessee
  2. Pretty sure Speight is transferring.
  3. Damn you Maryland!!!

    We didn’t start playing full pads tackle football in the town I grew up in until 7th grade. It wasn’t even an option until then. IMO anything younger than that is silly.
  4. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    “Screw you Nebraska because I don’t get what I want” What a baby.
  5. Inside info for Calabasas

    Isn't there a guy from California visiting this weekend that is getting looked at as a QB?
  6. OK, where is Damian Jackson???

  7. That's the only reason I've been west of Lincoln. Had a decent burger at some place in Ogallala. Also two HIGHLY overrated places in the Omaha area are La Mesa and Maria's. Those places are trash Mexican and the only reason people think they are good is because they are drunk from the strong margaritas.
  8. Once in 43 years.
  9. 2018 Season Predictions

    15-0 (best case) 0-12 (worst case)
  10. Jim & Jennie’s is good if they like Greek food. Just north of Maple on 90th Street.
  11. Mangia & Rivera’s are our favorites.
  12. Jim/Pam vs Leslie/Ben

    I meant Terry
  13. Jim/Pam vs Leslie/Ben

    I guess my Jerry #4 was more based on every episode characters (or I just like his always being the butt of jokes). I don't like Donna or Tom either. Jean-Ralpho is the best and his sister is the worst. I also like the campaign advisor (Jennifer Barkley) and Paul Rudd (Bobby Newport). Almost all the secondary characters of the show were all pretty good IMO.
  14. Jim/Pam vs Leslie/Ben

    I wish Jim would have ended up with Karen and Ben would have ended up with Ann. I agree with Knapp, if Jim would have stayed after getting shunned by Pam that would have been creepy. He was actually a man about it and moved on. FWIW: I love Parks and Rec but Leslie and Ben are my 5th and 6th favorite characters on the show. Ron, Andy, April and Jerry are my top 4.