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  1. Harrison Beck

    I bet Beck would like to experience some of knapplc culinary excellence. That fella is beefy.
  2. Huskers Interested in Suspended Florida Transfer

    So I’m confused does this guy have an acreage in California where he grows more reefer than he is supposed to and is in MS13?
  3. Moos @ Omaha Press Club

    I miss the days where the AD wouldn’t have been making the rounds at these events because that would have meant he had to climb out from underneath his rock.

  5. Dirk is a notorious blocker as well.
  6. I think it’s weird that people ask others to block them on Twitter because they don’t have the self-control to not view their profile on their own. “Block me because I can’t stop myself from going to your feed and viewing your tweets, even though I think your tweets are stupid and I don’t agree with them.”
  7. The Walking Dead

    She’s the girl that was mad because her doctor girlfriend took an arrow to the eye. She’s a boring character played by a bad actress.