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  1. Go back to 97. There were sets where NU did run triple option looks. Specifically think about one drive vs Tennessee where Shevin Wiggins got the pitch and was about a yard or two short. Also, while it may or may not be triple option, but anytime you ride a fake to the fullback and option off it. It's pretty much triple option or gives the illusion of. Which NU did plenty. Now if you want to say NU didn't run flexbone...I'd be with you on that comment. Go to 48:07
  2. So you think NU should stick with the 3-4 as well when a new coach comes in? I think it's crazy people also think that college athletes are only suited to play in one system offensively... Maybe QB, but everyone else is not that big of deal. I don't care what NU does offensively, as long as, they have a strong, diverse, powerful running game to go with it.
  3. I was being sarcastic. However, BRB, so you are wanting a west coast style guy to come in? Interesting.... Even after 2 failed attempts at trying it in Nebraska.
  4. Yesterday is why...

    Ok, now I'm just legitimately concerned. If anyones life is driven to alcoholism because of a football game. I hope you stop watching football.
  5. Riley/Lee = Callahan/Keller

    When I said re-branded. I meant new life. It's what Ohio State did. You gotta make NU football fun again. You don't do that with a grandpa as head coach, not in this day and age. Yes, Taggart I thought was the perfect fit, super glad we got him. Players love him. Nebraska needs identity that is not west coast.
  6. Riley/Lee = Callahan/Keller

    Eerie. I had mentioned this earlier this summer about how weird this felt. It's not entirely the same because Riley is in year 3 as opposed to year 4 like Callahan. But both coaches brought in a transfer qb that was supposed to be the real deal. Keller wasn't it, and it looks as if Lee isn't it either. This game after the first qtr also had me thinking about Ball State 2007. I also thought NU would still win today. As of right now the word I put on the state of the program is "eerie" because of how closely reminding it is of 2007 This program needs "re-marketed" or "re-branded" and needs young energy to give a spark. I don't know who you got get, but realistically....it's gotta be a younger guy who has high energy that's positive and embraces the fan base. Pelini was high energy but super negatives Riley is.......Riley....not fun....grandpa vibes. everyone wants a proven winner but that guy is not available. Sorry. Gotta catch lightning in a bottle like NU did with Osborne
  7. Chip Kelly

    Kelly hates recruiting. He hated it at Oregon, and if he hated it there, he will hate it anywhere.
  8. how many total wins this regular season

    After last week I was still calling on 10-2 because I figured the defense will come together. They played well today. After today, I can't say 10-2 anymore. I'm gunna change it to 7-5. I still think the overall problem is trying to recruit to a system that doesn't fit Nebraska. West Coast does not fit the hard working mindset of Nebraskans. 90's football teams had the mentality of outstate rural Neb. From 2004 to now it feels more like a mentality that you see inside of "jake's" bar in downtown lincoln.
  9. What Did You Expect?

    I don't disagree Knapp, it did seem like he was contained. However stat lines are hard to argue with. I was actually thinking about it during the game about how to measure how good a back is. If an RB has 25 carries for 146 but 1 carry was for 82. Was he shut down? Yea, probably so. So I understand the point made and actually felt the same way at times during the game Saturday.
  10. What Did You Expect?

    I'm honestly not trying to sound biased, but what part about 29 carries for 153 yards and 2 TD's means "Pretty much stuffed"? His stat line for Southern Utah was 24-150-4. Did Southern Utah stuff him too?
  11. What Did You Expect?

    I expected Kalu to be a force considering the comments Diaco said about being the best safety in the nation. (Not sarcastic)
  12. I still think Nebraska will win 8-9 more games. I'm staying with my projection of 10-2 (had NU losing to Oregon) and I said it was only going to be because of defensive struggles early as the transition takes place. As the year goes on, the defense will get better. OSU is not invincible, NW is worse than originally thought, Iowa isn't great. Penn State is the real tough one in my opinion

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    2. BigRedN


      We certainly could win that many.  Lots of football to be played.  I still fell good with 7-5, 8-4 is the top of the ladder IMO.  No debate with you or anyone else.   I sure hope we can begin to put pressure on these passing downs.  I think we are still three draft classes away and there isn't time for that.

    3. BIG ERN

      BIG ERN

      We would have to beat 2/3 teams of Wisconsin, Penn St, Ohio St ....along with the winning all the others. Not gonna happen 

    4. Cdog923


      Yea, that's not going to happen. 

  13. "Base Defense"

    Yea, but its the implication that Arkansas State is in that class to create a sort of "feel good" narrative that absolutely cannot be justified.
  14. "Base Defense"

    So Boise State, who routinely beat Power 5 schools and played in BCS bowls is the example you are going with? Ok, well I'm going to plan on Arkansas State playing in a new years six bowl game