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  1. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Apathy cured. I will say for those talking about tickets. My buddy who is a donor bought all 20 tickets for a group of us old High School pals and our wives to go and sit together. I am pumped! I’m pretty sure a very large portion goes to the teammates mentoring program as well.
  2. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Even Im going!
  3. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    He's not getting drafted.
  4. Season Ticket Questions/Help -- Any advice appreciated

    600 level is best. I love the view. I was lucky to sit in west stadium club level once. Have a buddy that just gave me his ticket to get in. I wouldn't pay for it.
  5. Season Ticket Questions/Help -- Any advice appreciated

    @knapplc We sat in the 100 level in the NE portion for last years game against Oregon. I enjoyed the view. The game we hit in 2015 was the Minnesota game at home. Where we sat in the new addition on the East side. I honestly think the new addition is the best place to sit. I freaking love it up there. West Stadium club level is great too if it's cold out during halftime. (Obviously)
  6. Frosty the Coachman

    Very Cool!
  7. Oregon Looking Open

    The players all petitioned and lobbied for Mario Cristobal to be named HC and it obviously worked. They took the interim tag off him yesterday. Trying to salvage the class. Apparently the players LOVE MC. Taggart burned a ton of bridges up there
  8. I don’t want to hijack the thread but the players signed a petition for it to be the OC Cristobal. They’ve all been tweeting about him and everything. Back to the topic....
  9. I'm not bailing on Oregon, but Frost was the cure for my extreme apathy toward NU. The only cure. As I've stated before. I couldn't back Pelini after the debacle at TAMU in 2010, and I was positive about Riley at first but ultimately I had no support toward him and I think that was more due to Perlman and Eichorst. I know that there are people on here, and the most outspoken is Matty, that hates that I root for 2 teams but I just don't care. I love NU and I love Oregon. I've got Red flowing hard right now.
  10. Playoffs robbed BIG West

    Leave it at 4 but dissolve the big12 and send schools each way. At this point I don't really care who ends up with who. If West Va can be a Big12 school then it doesn't matter if Kansas were to go to the ACC. You'd probably have to reshuffle some schools already in conferences to make it work realistically. Have Maryland and Rutgers go to the ACC. You'd have to move Kansas Kansas St Oklahoma Oklahoma St Texas Texas Tech Baylor TCU Iowa State West Virginia I really wish that NU's schedule was this on a yearly basis Week1 - Group of 5 Week2 - Colorado Week3 - Group of 5 Week4 - Kansas State Week5 - Iowa Week6 - Wisconsin Week7 - Minnesota Week8 - Missouri Week9 - Michigan or Michigan State Week10 - Texas Week11 - Northwestern Week12 - Oklahoma I don't give two $#its about Ohio State or Penn State. I miss seeing that Red N line up across from those iconic Big12 helmets. Mizzou, CU, KState, Texas and Oklahoma.
  11. Playoffs robbed BIG West

    I'm tired of this completely subjective "eyeball test". That's what it comes down to. They have thrown out parts of objectivity each year to satisfy ratings. RATINGS. In interest for the national championship they SHOULD have put Georgia #1 to take on Bama so that we don't ruin a national championship game with an all-sec game. God forbid they take a chance and separate Clemson/Bama round 3. I'm so over this whole selection process. "Its about the 4 best teams". Auburn is CLEARLY better than Bama. So..CLEARLY its NOT about the 4 best teams.
  12. Well South Florida and Memphis both have dynamic QB's and crazy good offenses. Chins will be much better than diaco and he'll bring pressure out of that 3-4 .
  13. Time to do our part

    Im N so glad Scott has come home. My apathy has been cured.
  14. What time is the press conference?

  15. Hello Scott Frost

    With a coach like Scott Frost. You don't have to worry about location. It's been widely covered from multiple directions and outlets on how much Frost LOVES his players and his players love him. Recruits will eat that up. Combine it with a Power5 program that's focused on football greatness. You'll pull in recruits.