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  1. Decker Stepping Away from Football

    When reading that, it sounds like to me that his goals are not to be committed to the game of football and he used it as a means to get free schooling. Can't use those type of guys. Obviously want our kids to be committed to their academics but you can do both. I like that we are rooting these guys out of the locker room -- I abhor the "don't care" attitude (Not that Decker truly didn't care, just read it as that)
  2. Husker Coaches Clinic (Power T's Recap)

    He (Dewitt) was talking about OLB pass coverage. I didn’t go see the DB coach edit: oops I see your sarcasm now
  3. Ok, I'm sorry I made you all wait for this and it's probably not going to be as in depth as you'd like but here goes. Coach Frost - Opened the clinic real positively by emphatically praising the number of coaches in attendance (640 which spanned across many states) - Emphasized playing and practicing fast, attacking each piece of the program fast - Showed us film of UCF and how he likes to formation people to death. The more formations the more opponents have to spend time in practice lining up. - Each one of his playcalls fall under the categories of "Tempo", "Motion", or "Unique Formation" - Emphasized relationships and made the comment about each player has a story, he wants to know each one. Coach Duval (Best one of the day) - This guy will completely change the culture of the weight room for NU. - Left in 2001, said this place was unrecognizable when he got back - Absence of Husker Power Logo (lifter squatting) - Praised Mike Arthur and Boyd Epley - Increase Lean Body Mass, decrease body fat - emphasis on lifting heavy and emphasis on vertical jump (if Vert is improved, everything else will -- Pro Agility, 10 yd dash, 40 yd dash etc) - Khalil Mack at Buffalo - As freshman weighed 219, 15% BF, 32 inch Vert --- As Senior weighed 265, 7% BF, 42 inch vert -- Squatting 900 lbs - No offers but Buffalo as senior in HS Coach Held - Talked about RB's - vision lining up with Frost - talked about various technique and Inside Zone scheme. Play fakes - Phenomenal coach Coach DeWitt - Outside backers are in special hands. - OLB's have to play various technique - Head up TE, Outside TE, etc... - Shock - Lock - Escape (engaging blockers and shedding) - Everything about this position is VIOLENT - won't have it any other way - CTS/DVE (Collision the S#!T out of them/Deny Vertical Entry) - fancy way of jamming receivers - rerouting is with feet and body, not hands I unfortunately missed practice the next morning due to the coaches social the night before. You know how that goes. Wasn't too happy about it, but I just can't handle the next day anymore like I used to if I go to hard the night before. Sorry! I know it's probably not exactly what you all wanted but the bottom line is that this thing is in great hands. I could feel the culture being changed while I was there. I've been to a Pelini Clinic and a Mike Riley Clinic, and man oh man...my eyes were opened to a whole different world when it comes to college coaches. These guys have the "it" factor and each one I heard speak talked about unified vision and their love for Coach Frost and how Scott is an incredible human being to his players. The theme that kept coming up was RELATIONSHIPS. With players, staff, community.
  4. BTN's Dienhart's Priorities for Nebraska

    I don’t want to pee in anyone’s Cheerios, and I’ll be listening to Greg Austin today during small group sessions at the Clinic, but, is it not ironic that one of the players included in the last decades “weakest” area of the team is now leading our OL? disclaimer: I really believe in this whole staff including Austin. I just thought it was funny. Obviously great coaches didn’t have to be great players
  5. Husker Football Coaches Clinic tomorrow! 

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    2. RedDenver


      Where's the report?!?!?

    3. ScottyIce


      Yeah no s#!t! It’s 2 AM and this should be done!

    4. Coach Power'T

      Coach Power'T

      Report coming! Was stranded by the blizzard till Sunday. 

  6. Stan vs Bell

    Don’t like it. Don’t post in it
  7. The first 30 days of MLB is awesome. After that, it sucks. Till the postseason.

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      I dunno, I’m pretty excited baseball is back. I’ve been a mariners fan since when they only sucked, and still a mariners fan since when they didn’t suck... I’m pumping sunshine through my veins before I become a bitter fan again when they go 17 straight post seasons without an appearance. 

    3. BigRedN


      Dilly Dilly!!  Baseball would be a blast if they could get it down to 100 games or so.  The quality of pitching would go up a bit as well along with less injuries and longer careers.  They should also make less ... a lot less.  That is true for all sports however.  Example, a million dollars for a game in football is just crazy.  I don't care if you are an injury away ... it's still crazy to me.

    4. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      My idea I think about is to limit the season by 15-20 games and add enough double headers to squeeze the regular season down. The final weekend of regular season baseball is over on Labor Day. First and second round of playoffs are 5-game series matchups. Wrap-up a 7-game World Series around the first week of October, when it’s not terribly cold. 

  8. I turned down an opportunity to interview for my "dream" job today for the betterment of my wife. I'm in a weird state of mind tonight. One of the harder things I've ever had to do.

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      @Comfortably Numb you probably gave that one look you give, so you said it without saying anything. You know how you do that all the time.

    3. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      @ZRod. Honey? Is that you? :D

    4. Coach Power'T

      Coach Power'T

      Teach. It would have been a lateral move. Head wrestling, assistant football. Hometown gig. 

  9. Huskers Look to Revive Running Game

    What's the definition of "homerun"? Speed? Speed+Agility? Great Scheme and execution and talented OL can give the appearance of homerun threat as well. Although I agree that Ahman was a homerun threat. I always felt Helu could have been that guy, but severely limited by anemic OL play.
  10. Huskers Look to Revive Running Game

    @RedDenver That first year with Frost at UCF is also a team that was 0-12 the year before. The talent on this NU squad is much better than the 4 wins they got last year. UCF's talent returned....I don't know anything about but you have to either be a terrible terrible coach to go 0-12, or just not have the horses. I would think it was the lack of horses, considering O'Leary took them to a BCS bowl once.
  11. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Apathy cured. I will say for those talking about tickets. My buddy who is a donor bought all 20 tickets for a group of us old High School pals and our wives to go and sit together. I am pumped! I’m pretty sure a very large portion goes to the teammates mentoring program as well.
  12. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Even Im going!
  13. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    He's not getting drafted.
  14. Season Ticket Questions/Help -- Any advice appreciated

    600 level is best. I love the view. I was lucky to sit in west stadium club level once. Have a buddy that just gave me his ticket to get in. I wouldn't pay for it.
  15. Season Ticket Questions/Help -- Any advice appreciated

    @knapplc We sat in the 100 level in the NE portion for last years game against Oregon. I enjoyed the view. The game we hit in 2015 was the Minnesota game at home. Where we sat in the new addition on the East side. I honestly think the new addition is the best place to sit. I freaking love it up there. West Stadium club level is great too if it's cold out during halftime. (Obviously)