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  1. Huskers Looking to Schedule Old Big 8 Opponents?

    We drove 9 hours to wrestling camp this year in Dubuque, IA. If you can keep yourself entertained it’s not bad, at least for me. However both drives were fine because we were there for 4.5 days. Road games suck for us out here west of Lexington. It’s 3 hours to Lincoln and 3.5 to Boulder. So a road game to CU is about the same as a home game for us. There is also the fact that travel on Friday is impossible with coaching HS football, at least till the final 3-4 games for NU. Even then the other coaches have to understand that I wouldn’t pull my weight on film for that week if it were during HS season. Such is life though.
  2. Greg Austin Makes ESPN's Top 40 Under 40

    Who cares?
  3. Year One: Better Offense or Defense?

    Add a Both and Neither option? honestly think Both will happen
  4. 110 Man Roster released

    In my opinion. This does not matter. I think the only way Gebbia starts is if Martinez hasn’t developed or is injured. if the “race” is close. You give it to the guy with better physical skills/measurable. The only way physical skills/measurable don’t come into play here is if the mental part is completely lopsided.
  5. This is also why we focus on creating turnovers. A takeaway immediately gets you off the field. You need a break? Create a turnover and hopefully your teammates take care of the ball and pick up a couple first downs on offense.
  6. Pre-Season USA Today Coaches Poll

    Mississippi State? Without Dan Mullen? No thanks.
  7. Are you surprised at where we are at?

    I’m just excited to see tough nosed football. Regardless of the wins. I’m fine with 6-6 in year one as long as the players show the some testi.....mental fortitude game 1 through 12. Though I truly think NU will win 9 games. No more tails between the legs and “oh no we suck again” crap 16 years of crappy NU football. Ready for it to change.
  8. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Ohio State (Game 9) **

    How is it that you have to have evidence that you talked to your wife. That’s ludicrous. Urban freaking knew. He knew about 2009 and he knew about 2015 and everything in between. Anyone who thinks that spouses don’t talk to one another in their home is nuts. Urban is gone why else would Smith also say in a text to his wife that if this all came out and he got fired he was gunna bring everyone down with him? Because THEY ALL KNEW IT WAS GOING ON!
  9. Ohio State Sucks, Who Can We Steal?

    Are they off of probation from the previous issues?
  10. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Well Zach told Courtney that if he ever got fired he was taking everyone at Ohio State down with him.
  11. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    OSU boards saying that Urban and Shelley sat down with both Courtney and Zach at one time about it.
  12. Scott Frost Home Burglarized

    Can he get those rings remade? Gosh dang that makes me upset. I lost my state championship ring for like 2 days during our move and I was pretty upset. Those things are more than just a price tag. Hope he gets them back.
  13. Akron (9/1/18) - Game Line

  14. Akron (9/1/18) - Game Line

    From Bovada Nebraska is -23 I'm sorry but its a night game in Lincoln and Frost's first game. I love this line.
  15. O/U Win Totals: 2017, 2018

    Damn Maryland jumped to 5. I was thinking about putting down on them at 4.5. If it weren't for all their injuries they had at QB last year they would have had a nice year.