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  1. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    The fact that Bo wasn't fired for another four years kinda ruins your theory. Again, Pelini gave Eichorst and Perlman all the cover they needed to fire him in 2013, if that was their master plan. Instead he got a bigger recruiting budget, a Bo-friendly PR campaign and another year on that contract extension they gave him. If Bo Pelini had simply beaten Minnesota at home the week after the Wisconsin debacle, Shawn Eichorst wouldn't have fired him in 2014, either. Did Eichorst personally hate working with Bo? Did Perlman resent the football program being the face of the entire university, possibly resenting Tom Osborne himself? Sure. Why not?
  2. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    I'm almost positive we live in a world where Bo Pelini could be a bad coach and Shawn Eichorst a failed AD at the same time.
  3. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    Plenty of ADs not named Eichorst would have fired Pelini at about the same time in about the same fashion. Eichorst was "literally" fired for hiring a coach who was 1 - 2 with a home loss to Northern Illinois in his third season. Bounds and Green handled that correctly, too.
  4. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    Also....no Wisconsin conspiracy. Are you serious? And while we might prefer Wisconsin as a rival over Iowa, has anyone asked Wisconsin? Because it takes both teams to work. Wisconsin is probably a tad more busy fending off the higher-rated brethren of the vintage Big 10.
  5. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    Because Bo Pelini lived in the public eye, performed on television, and left us with two candid recordings of behind-the-scenes Bo, the statement really isn't that bold. The behavior seems to have followed him to Youngstown State, so it's not just us. And in the slew of head coach openings the past three years, there's been zero clamor for the man with the 9 win magic. Eichorst gave Bo an extension, a bigger recruiting budget, and a PR campaign to warm up Bo's image. It was Bo's job to lose in Season 7, and he did. Eichorst handled Bo's firing correctly.
  6. Funny how the topic never came up when we were scouring the country for a new Athletic Director. Which means you are right. We have exactly the basketball program we asked for.
  7. I've been a Nebraska fan since the Joe Cipriano era. They've never been good. For any coach. What does it all mean?
  8. Senator Al Franken accused of sexual assault.

    Remember when the breaking narrative was that the liberal media and hypocritical feminists would forgive Hollywood Dem donor Harvey Weinstein for the kind of behavior they savaged in Trump, Ailes and O'Riely? Weinstein - Out Charlie Rose - Out Matt Lauer - Out Kevin Spacey (Gay!) - Out John Conyers - Out Garrison Keilor - Out Louis C.K. - Out Michael Oreskes (NPR News Chief) - Out John Lasseter - Out Donald Trump - still President, now claims Access Hollywood was a hoax Roy Moore -- winning his election: go get 'em, Roy!
  9. Poll: Who Starts at QB in 2018?

    Every time Tanner Lee is called upon to run, he immediately looks terrified. It's a bad look for your offensive leader. Gebbia seemed to welcome any open space the defense gave him in the spring game, and ran like a guy who was in control of if and when he took the hit. That should work. Then again, every quarterback will look a lot better if they aren't on the same team with the 116th ranked scoring defense.
  10. Offensive Line

    You said stronger and faster (you're wrong)
  11. When will Trump get impeached?

    Hey, I didn't mean to drive GBR away. I just wanted him to question his entire belief system.
  12. Offensive Line

    No it doesn't. They grab big, strong, fast guys all the time to be offensive linemen. But if they can't develop the necessary footwork and technique, a smaller DL can bullrush the hell out of them. Every coach in football would disagree with you. Nice to see you again, Marko.
  13. ESPN-How Nebraska Got Scott Frost

    Apparently the entire Earth is getting warmer, so that could really help our recruiting.
  14. ESPN-How Nebraska Got Scott Frost

    I see that Scott was indeed a bit miffed that he never got so much as a feeler from Nebraska in 2014, but those three years have easily netted him an extra $20 million.
  15. Returning talent level

    You never want to badmouth your current talent. And we definitely have some Big 10 and nationally competitive talent. It's just the old "chain only as strong as its weakest link" argument. If you have one lockdown cornerback and one outmatched cornerback, opponents will just pick on the weak link. Two solid offensive lineman can't fill the gaps of the two lesser linemen, and every opponent will have scouted this out. Injuries are a given and we haven't been deep in talent. Scott Frost can a should coach the talent we have better than the previous coach. That's why you hire new coaches. But he's here to start a major talent upgrade, too. I don''t mind missing a conference championship or two as long as we're having fun getting there.