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  1. Trump's America

    To be honest, I'm a little surprised to find such solid political discourse and overwhelmingly anti-Trump sentiment on a site dedicated to Nebraska football. I'm heartened but confused. How did Trump get 59% of the state?
  2. Trump's America

    I'm getting the sense this is the last straw for some public figures and apologists, but hasn't Trump been this awful from the very beginning? In two years of jaw-dropping statements by Donald Trump, siding with the Confederacy would certainly crack the Top 10. But it can't come as a surprise. I think fatigue is setting in.
  3. Trump's America

    Penn State had that Joe Paterno statue removed in less than a week.
  4. Trump's America

    Yeah. I'm kinda torn on this one. For many years white supremacists and other hate groups have scheduled rallies, knowing perfectly well they were agitating for counter protestors. But the law allows them to march, at which point they look really small as political movements go. They are noticed enough to be mocked, but without confrontation they have little to say, end up looking silly and quickly disperse. Even a recent protest in Berkeley in support of Ann Coulter fizzled when people realized it was all cheap theater. And if you want to pin the rhetoric of Trump and the Nazis on the one guy who chose to drive his car into the crowd, get ready for the anarchist counter-protester who launches some attention-getting violence that gets someone hurt or killed. It will feed Fox News for the rest of Trump's term. Deep down, the most humiliating and demoralizing thing you could do to white supremacist haters is to not fear them at all. They are sad and impotent, with no support among mainstream Americans. The President of the United States and his Chief Strategist being notable exceptions.
  5. Trump's America

    If you took Russia and Pussi Grabbing and Nazi Coddling off the table and just considered Donald Trump a successful businessman who could put America back to work, he would still be an abject failure. The budget proposed by the Trump administration appeared to have been drafted over the weekend by the staffer who drew the short straw. It contained a 2 TRILLION dollar accounting trick that would have earned you an F in freshman econ or a jail term from the SEC. Huge taxpayer investments that will affect millions -- healthcare, immigration wall, tax reform -- have been subjected to virtually no cost/benefit analysis, and skeptical economists of all stripes have had their warnings ignored. There's virtually no critical analysis of regulations and government programs. They're all bad. Sober conservatives know this simply isn't true: corporate interests and jobs providers understand that the underclass also happen to be their workers and customers. Nobody benefits from this kind of cold-blooded chaos. No CEO would be allowed to behave this way. The Board of Directors would have walked you out of the building. I'm pretty sure you can maintain a solid conservative ideology and admit you fell for a con man.
  6. Trump's America

    Hey guys, I avoided the Politics & Religion thread since the election because uhm.....well I guess I was getting enough sadness and outrage on Facebook. But is there anyone here still actively supporting Trump?
  7. BTN: Five Things We Learned at Nebraska

    Does "a lot to show" mean "a lot to prove" or "they showed us a lot?"
  8. Trump's America

    Trump is indeed damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Not because of hypocrisy, but because he's just that awful.
  9. Trump's America

    Toles consistently says more with less than any pundit out there.
  10. Trump's America

    Alas, conservatives and Republicans will still come home. Indeed. Trump is still the man they tried to distance themselves from in the 2016 primaries, right up until the last second when they offered their toadying endorsements and used him as cover for their own retrograde and anti-democratic purposes. They will denounce Trump and offer up Pence as proof of their better nature, then continue to pursue hurtful policies, including the redistricting, voter supression and civil rights reversals that actually allow racism to come true.
  11. Where to get your news

    And while it is currently owned by Rupert Murdoch, The Wall Street Journal still practices vetted journalism, for the most part.
  12. Trump's America

    If you know anything about Steve Bannon, you'd know that the nightmare scenarios we're witnessing are actually his dream come true.
  13. Fall Camp Updates - Running Backs

    Newby was always good enough to remain the starter, but he was constantly dinged or tweaked. Even in games where he started and played, they've often show him limping to the sidelines and being tended to.
  14. Trump's America

    We say we want America run more like a business, and to let Trump be the head businessman, but nothing he's advanced makes sense on even the simplest business level. We are pursuing the massive financial undertakings of healthcare, immigration reform (multi-billion dollar wall and huge personnel increase), tax reform and the federal budget itself with virtually no cost/benefit analysis. There's not a CEO in America who would be allowed to move as quickly and vindictively with other people's money on the line.
  15. Where to get your news

    I know they lean left, but The New Yorker has some of the most stringent fact-checking in the industry and a willingness to pursue stories and sources that might prove inconvenient to liberal groupthink. When it comes to opinions, they are smart mofos who know how to write. The Atlantic is just one level down. They appear to have planted their flag on more libertarian turf. You might question their conclusions, but the facts they use are facts. Of course you have to wait a week or a month for them to sort things out for you, but that's not a bad idea in itself.