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  1. Guy Chamberlin

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    Nope. I just thought Riley deserved a chance. I gave him one for 2.2 seasons. There's really nothing laughable about this season, but there is something vaguely amusing about certain posters doing a 180 on Nebraska's talent level, the quality of our opposition, the single plays that could have won the game, and the patience required to turn this thing around. We're all in on Scott Frost. That's going to make this easier.. But there has been some goalpost moving to accommodate this unfortunate start.
  2. Guy Chamberlin

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    Oh I agree. I'm mostly commenting on how the exact same things we call reasons were often called excuses on this board — with lots of exclamations points -- under previous coaching staffs. The second quarter against Colorado was everything we've been wanting the last 20 years. So we know it can work. It's still a mental game and I'm not ready to concede that Scott Frost was handed a talentless band of malcontents. Motivating young men is pretty much the first line of the job description.
  3. Guy Chamberlin

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    UCLA vs Nebraska right now would be an interesting game. For us. Maybe not the rest of college football.
  4. Guy Chamberlin

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    That may be true. It's genuinely hard to find the blame at this point. The Michigan blowout looked much like the blowouts from Riley, Pelini, and Callahan: the entire team didn't look like it wanted to be on the filed, or on the sideline, and it had little to do with scheme and everything to do with things like basic tackling and poise and focus. Those same coaches and teams also fell asleep against lesser opponents, whether McNeese State, Northern Illinois or Troy. That's always been on the coach historically. None of those teams lacked the talent, as they proved in other games. It's been at least 10 years that opposing teams could get inside Nebraska's head. Not being afraid of the vaunted Huskers was a novelty at first. Now it's SOP. Maybe we just have to hit bottom. I just keep thinking the week before was bottom.
  5. Guy Chamberlin

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    It's weird because this is the same team and same personnel who were playing a completely different, more aggressive brand of football against Colorado — a surprisingly good Colorado team we were assured — including great push from both OL and DL, a rejuvenated run game, a revelation at freshman QB and our two best-in-conference wide receivers -- total beasts! We blamed the loss on a single play or two and marveled at all the good things Scott Frost had already gotten out of the same players he inherited from Riley. What happened to that narrative?
  6. Guy Chamberlin


    Nebraska doesn't have a choice. Michigan was ranked and heavily favored. Of course you play like an underdog. Ears pinned back and going for broke. No idea why you perceive that as a bad thing. How the other team approaches wounded underdogs is up to them. Coaches generally guard against over-confidence.
  7. Guy Chamberlin


    Scott Frost is the only coach for Nebraska. We were lucky that last year's hottest coach in college football has deep Nebraska ties, because that's the only way we land the hottest coach in college football. It wasn't a homer move: Scott checks off every box. He brought in his people and his quarterback and hit the ground running. We had every right to expect immediate improvement because that's what new coaches do. It doesn't always show up in the record, but it usually shows up in attitude and fundamentals. The season is far from over, but we have every right to be concerned about the three game sample. That Akron game might not have turned out like we planned, either. The reason Scott Frost is the only coach for Nebraska is that had we hired anyone else, or kept our last coach, we would firmly believe that this team would never be 0-3 and rudderless if Scott Frost was running the show. He's still the only man for the job and I look forward to what he'll do in the next few years. But if we think we can't question the coaching when an entire team fails to show up, or perform basic football tasks they learned in high school, it's not really helping. If you see this team struggling and all you can do is blame Mike Riley, you're insulting the players, which is no better than blaming Frost. There's clearly a talent gap, but that's where the coaching comes in. Yesterday Army gave Oklahoma everything it could handle. Old Dominion beat Virginia Tech by two touchdowns behind its second-string quarterback coming off the bench. There's no reason this Nebraska team can't be in the same league as Army and Old Dominion, and I can't believe I just typed that. We have to be patient. At the same time we have to demand better. That's part of the deal. Not gonna be easy but there we are.
  8. Guy Chamberlin

    Fair Catches on Kickoffs

    If your fastest, most exciting player catches the ball at the 2 or the 12 yard line and just stands there, because you don't think he can make it out to the 25, and you're worried about people getting hurt, and almost no other team ever does this........well I'm not even sure what that is, but I know it would have appalled us a year ago.
  9. Guy Chamberlin

    Fair Catches on Kickoffs

    At this point, the last decade of blowout losses are blurring together. But this struck me as the worst Husker performance I've seen in my lifetime. Offense. Defense. Special Teams. Coaching. The most basic fundamentals of the game. The cherry on the s#!t sundae was calling for fair catches on kickoffs. Multiple times. Even short kicks caught in the field of play. By our most exciting player. I've never seen that before. It looked like total surrender to me.
  10. Guy Chamberlin

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    I don't think we need to start fast, and I don't think we will. I predict a pretty jittery first half. I think the Huskers just need to look up in the third quarter and see that they're still in the game. Then they play with their ears pinned back and Michigan starts feeling the bad mojo.
  11. Guy Chamberlin

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I just picked a random Tommy Armstrong game from his Senior year against an average opponent: Indiana. Tommy was 10 of 24 for 200 yards and 2 INT. and averaged less than 3 yards a carry. Uninjured and at peak ability, second year freshman Taylor Martinez was 6-14 for 140 yards and two interceptions against South Dakota State, along with a decent 75 yards rushing. Still uninjured, Taylor was 4 - 12 passing for 63 yards, with 21 yards on 13 rushes against unranked Texas. Off games, or the ceiling of their abilities? I'm just saying the one game sample size isn't fair, and could have been much worse. Like Harrison Beck worse. Little too much hatin' on Bunch for my taste.
  12. Guy Chamberlin

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I'm comparing him to Tommy Armstrong, Taylor Martinez, and well....pretty much every veteran starting quarterback who had worse games against middling competition. Not only statistically, but the eyeball test. Bunch did not look lost or particularly panicky. He ran fine on his two designed runs, but it's understandable why the play-calling protected him. He completed the safe passes, but that's exactly what they're designed for, a distinction Tommy Armstrong never quite understood. The penalties weren't on Bunch, and frankly Adrian Martinez put the ball on the ground more often, and was saved from a really ill-advised interception when his knee touched the ground. I'll take Martinez every day of the week, but I think there's been a lot of piling on Bunch, as if he can explain away the loss. I saw a pretty solid back up, myself.
  13. Guy Chamberlin

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Am I the only guy who didn't think Bunch was that awful last week?
  14. Guy Chamberlin

    Nebraska Will Play On October 27 Against Bethune-Cookman

    Okay, I think I'm up to speed: Bethune–Cookman Wildcats football From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Bethune–Cookman Wildcats football team represents Bethune–Cookman University in the sport of American football.
  15. Guy Chamberlin

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    By "pancakes" of course I mean Pancake Blocks: violent knockdowns from huge offensive linemen. Sorry if there was any confusion.