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  1. ESPN: Sold-out spring games and a 'rock star' coach

    I don't think Nebraska would have fared any better in the Big 12 the last few years. Too many offenses that could shred that Husker defense. No real gimmes outside Kansas.
  2. ESPN: Sold-out spring games and a 'rock star' coach

    There are plenty of post 2011 moments from guys like Abdullah, Westerkamp, Martinez, Armstrong, Enunwa, DPE and even Ron Kellogg III that will stick with me. Never entirely satisfying, but not exactly a desert, either.
  3. ESPN: Sold-out spring games and a 'rock star' coach

    Many things happened in 2011, but I'm drawing a blank. Until about the fifth game last season, I still tuned into every Nebraska game the same way I had for decades. I liked the wins a lot better than the losses, and there were plenty of great plays and players I have no intention of forgetting.
  4. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    Barack Obama got a lot of heat for being overheard (and recorded) talking about how hard it is for Democrats to reach working-class voters who are frustrated about their economic conditions: "And it's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations," Obama said. Hillary took him to task (it was 2008) and Obama had to apologize, but I still don't know what he got wrong.
  5. What season did you watch? Mike Riley didn't get a free pass. He got a lot of hell for that 6-7 season. But since everyone knew he wouldn't get fired in year one, we perhaps looked for some positives going into season two. Super close losses. Played Wisconsin almost straight up. First win against a Top 10 team in ages. Decent enough bowl win. Something to build on. Is that what you're talking about? In Season Two, Mike Riley essentially delivered a Bo Pelini performance with the same Tommy Armstrong at the helm -- and to be honest a ton of injuries. In Season Three, with a hand-picked quarterback for his system, Mike Riley's team generally s#!t the bed and he was fired four seasons earlier than Bo Pelini. No free passes for anybody.
  6. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    And when black men proudly display their support for Open Carry states, for some reason they lose those Second Amendment patriots.
  7. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    I know Landlord already answered this in depth, but it is worth reminding that guns are specifically designed to kill, and assault rifles with large magazines are specifically designed to slaughter as many humans as quickly and efficiently as possible. Cars, knives, and ski resorts all serve useful, non-slaughtering purposes. You could make a slightly better case for high-fructose corn syrup, but the victims have more of a choice there. You can also make a good case for a 12 gauge shotgun during hunting season. But there is not a single good scenario* for an assault rifle, much less a stockpile. I think people also blame guns in the thousands of cases where a child, a manic depressive, a jealous lover, or the home invader uses an easily accessed handgun against the wishes of the owner. Or when that easily accessed gun lets the owner make a rash decision they can't take back. I believer there are around 250 justifiable homicides a year, in which someone defends themselves or their property with a gun. There are literally 100x more people who use a gun to intentionally kill someone else, accidentally kill someone else, or kill themselves. We are bombarded with images of cool badasses wielding guns, but the vast majority are sad f#*k-ups. We're not going to take away everyone's guns, but maybe we could successfully mock this ridiculous fetish. * I think it would be a total rush to fire one in the safety of a shooting range, but I'd be cool if the shooting range owned and kept the assault rifles there.
  8. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    Guns don't just make it easier. They make it a lot easier. Exponentially easier. They have also been wildly over-romanticized as the equalizer for every weak and marginalized male who wants to be recognized just once, and is willing to go out in a blaze of glory.
  9. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    I'm a combination of realistic and depressed, but I won't stop trying.
  10. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    Well we can contact our congress people, hold their feet to the fire, and possibly, possibly push through some kind of assault weapon ban, or nice sounding quasi-restriction. At that point, sales of assault weapons go through the roof, anticipating the ban, and everybody you don't want to have an assault rifle will still have an assault rifle, including a robust black market of the literally millions of assault rifles already in circulation, and a gun culture that will happily ignore the law to procure them for any paying party for years to come.
  11. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    An old Nebraska friend, ex-Marine, proud gun owner, and dogged Trump supporter said on Facebook this morning that he's finally willing to admit no one outside the sanctioned U.S. military should be allowed to own an AK-15.
  12. I guess my theory is based on both the 2007 and 2017 teams having (somewhat) better talent that those 5-7 and 4-8 records, but with the coaches on death watch and the locker rooms full of tension and finger-pointing, the play was going to suffer. Those are the scenarios where a four win swing isn't too much to expect, and a .500 season would feel like the bare minimum. In my 50 years as a Husker fan "not getting blown out" was never a goal to celebrate, but that's probably where we are at the moment.
  13. The Callahan/Cosgrove team also gave up in the middle of the season in 2007. Many of the players were from the previous 9 win team in 2006 that had played Texas and Auburn tough. But they melted down in a series of blowouts on the way to a 5-7 season under a pro-style quarterback transfer and complete defensive collapse. Bo Pelini took the same players from that 5 win season to a 9 win season the next year. It wasn't exactly shocking. It's what we wanted and expected. The Michigans, Floridas, Notre Dames, and Oklahomas of the world have all cratered out with miserable losing seasons, and turned around immediately with a new coach and fresh start. Scott Frost just needs as good or better than Bo Pelini. I'm willing to bet he is.
  14. Not that it really matters, but Arkansas State, Purdue, and Northern Illinois all went to bowl games while we sat at home.
  15. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    I grew up with guns around the house, although my folks were generally pacifists. Guns were just tools that we rarely used. I have kids of my own now, and don't have a single gun in the house. I'm not making a statement. I just can't think of a scenario where I will really need that tool, and I can think of lots of scenarios where that tool will have a tragic impact on my family.