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  1. Russia

    I'm curious to see how Fox News handles this, but determined to keep my lunch down.
  2. Russia

    I was always very concerned about Trump becoming President. But I never thought he'd be this bad. I saw him bringing in legitimate experts, using their expertise, then taking credit for it. I could have lived with that. It would have tilted right, but it might also have taken on some bloated GOP excess. He had adversaries on both sides. But Donald Trump appears to have sunk further into a private agenda that is petty at best, calculated treason at worst, and extremely dangerous either way. He is not the strongman voters thought they were electing. America's enemies don't fear Trump: they see a U.S. leader who can be manipulated like a child. At this point we need to ignore Trump. He's shown us who he is. All the pressure should be on the GOP (when will they take action against their President rather than get burned by history) and on Fox News (when will they stop playing the role of Pravda and admit something is terribly wrong with their President)
  3. Trump Foreign Policy

    Hard to say. But at this particular moment — with Donald Trump having an extremely private meeting with Vladimir Putin tomorrow — it's pretty easy to say that everything Putin would have wanted from Trump's election is coming to pass.
  4. Trump Foreign Policy

    "Need" is a strong word. But not as strong as "f#&%" I choose my words carefully.
  5. Trump Foreign Policy

    I can almost guarantee you this isn't true. Trade and tariffs were pretty far down the list of anyone's concerns or fluency, and Donald Trump has his crap made in China and staffs his resorts with cheaper-to-pay foreigners. He is not about to tell his buddies they can't massively profit from foreign labor, lax foreign regulations, and tax shelters owned by other countries. He's just stupid enough to keep his promise to a steel industry in an act of symbolic Americanism, and throw a bunch of other tariff-affected sectors under the bus. If anything, Trump is creating leadership voids and needless anti-Americanism that our rivals will be happy to exploit. Of course "America First" is loaded with other signals to the voters having nothing to do with the intricacies of trade. His chest-thumping was a complete package. fwiw...he is not distancing himself from the EU, he is f#&%ing with NATO. I admit my evidence is anecdotal, but when I've asked what Trump supporters liked most about Trump, dating back to the primaries, it's a combination of "he's not like the other politicians" and "he drives the liberals nuts."
  6. Trump Foreign Policy

    Eh, I think most of the people who voted for him bought into the "I'm very, very rich" part, and discounted the claims against him as partisan. You're probably right that his business background didn't get him elected, but it was a handy rationale for going with the outsider. And is it clear to his supporters that the "You're Fired! Guy on TV doesn't translate so well in the real world? Can we get people to admit that turning the world upside down doesn't work unless you have a better plan? Or any plan at all?
  7. Trump Foreign Policy

    If you have a pile of s#!t, and compliment Donald Trump enough, he will buy your pile of s#!t. If you have a golden goose, and criticize Donald Trump, he will kill your golden goose so no one can enjoy it. This is the great negotiator America elected, thinking we needed a businessman.
  8. Thank you for not pointing out that I wrote "conscious" when I clearly meant "conscience." It won't happen again.
  9. Of course this is the smart narrative to take. The smart narrative for stupid loyalists.
  10. I think all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have weighed in on the basics, and convincingly linked it to the Kremlin. There may be some surprises in the details, but the presumption is pretty solid.
  11. I don't necessarily disagree with this. The Russian interference was hardly unprecedented, and whatever collusion happened would likely fall in the bigger, murkier waters of Dirty Politics. But there was a time when Russia hacking the U.S. election for its own political purposed would have united Americans of all persuasions. Now, only one party is calling it a distraction and a witch hunt, blaming not the Russians, but our own FBI and the ever-convenient bogeyman, The Deep State . I think there have been some pretty public efforts by Dems and some Republicans to raise the foreign interference issue in anticipation of future elections, and Facebook and Google were forced to take action on the Russian bot front. The bigger issue really isn't Russian interference at all. It's the President of the United States declaring war on his own intelligence agencies to protect his ego and his legitimacy. That's some dangerous s#!t.
  12. The most damning and appalling things have already happened, with absolutely no consequence for Trump or the GOP. So I'm going to hold off rubbing my hands with glee. I don't see any swift resolution on the legal side, and if there is not a significant surge against Republicans in the mid-terms, then this is who America is for the foreseeable future. There's an increasingly good side bet that we could collapse into a Third World oligarchy, unhindered by our traditional checks & balances. Never thought I'd type that, but can't deny the possibility. Once you're all in on Fake News, Deep State and Witch Hunt, you aren't obliged to answer to evidence. I don't know. Maybe the apologists and people on the fringes will get a conscious. Maybe someone can create a narrative that allows them to admit Trump should go, without admitting their culpability. But it doesn't happen with Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends still on the air.
  13. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    This is as good of an explanation as I've heard about the real problem:
  14. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    Do you know the one sector that's totally thriving right now? More jobs and careers than they can fill for years to come? Healthcare. That's great for the job numbers, but it doesn't take much digging to see how the flow of money into healthcare, the weakening of more productive sectors, and the gutting of medicare and medicaid could create a really ugly scenario.
  15. Trump Foreign Policy

    Sorry if my reply was more angry than it was specific. Just to clear it up: "Build The Wall!" is good messaging if you are playing to people who use immigration to blame for a myriad of self-inflicted ills. There's a long unhappy history of this strategy going wrong. What's more, a 2,000 mile border wall makes no economic sense and wouldn't pass any legitimate cost to benefit study we'd expect from businessmen entrusted to run the government. It's bulls#!t. "America First!" is good messaging in the same way that "Me First!" sounds great to a three-year old, and since that's the way Trump is playing it, it will actually hurt America. It's bulls#!t. "Lying Hillary and Lock Her Up!" is good messaging if you have a higher ethical standard that your opponent. It's bulls#!t. "Make America Great Again" is good messaging if you know when America was great and why. Donald Trump's tweets, utterances, and commands suggest he wouldn't pass the U.S. civics test required of immigrants for citizenship. It's bulls#!t. "Fake News" is brilliant messaging if you want to discredit the facts being thrown back in your face. It's bulls#!t. Basically Donald Trump's messaging is the cheapest brand of red meat you can throw at people who are determined to be angry and unlikely to fact check you.