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  1. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    The Pelini era may not have been ultimately satisfying, but I still have good Nebraska Football memories of Taylor Martinez, Rex Burkhead, Ameer Abdullah, Jordan Westerkamp, Randy Gregory, Nate Gerry, Demornay Pierson-El, Tommy Armstrong, Ron Kellogg II, Quincy Enunwa, Cethan Carter, Imani Cross, Vincent Valentine and others
  2. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Consequences for the people behaving wretchedly. They don't seem to be paying any political price. Donald Trump's approval rating just jumped 7 points, and the Dems midterm momentum has died on the vine.
  3. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    We remember how easily Wisconsin ran all over us, so sometimes we forget when they passed all over us. They let Joel Stave throw 50 times one game because hey, why not?
  4. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    Right. And last I checked, a coach who can't get a team over the hump at the University of Nebraska should probably be fired. So that's a pretty big negative. I'm not saying Bo Pelini hurt the program more than Daniel Davie did --- no one who witnessed Davie's single handed betrayal of the team would ever say that -- but Bo was mysteriously bad on defense during his last four seasons.
  5. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    So you're actually doubling down on this?
  6. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    The craziest s#!t I've seen in my lifetime, but I have yet to see any real consequences for all this wretched behavior. You guys are pretty cool, but many of my non-virtual Nebraska friends have bought into Trump as part of a full-scale culture war. Our Facebook exchanges give me no hope at all. It only takes a second for the conversation to turn to Hillary Clinton, a tactic the RNC openly endorsed for the midterms.
  7. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    True. You can also refuse to make any adjustments and go on to coach 7 of the 10 worst defensive performances in Nebraska football history. First time I've heard one player blamed for the whole Wisconsin debacle. That's some serious Bo loyalty at work.
  8. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    Wait. Does this algorithm actually think the word "shifts" is dirty?
  9. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    I don't know any defense that isn't trained to make in-game adjustments, including modest s#!ts in scheme, especially when the discipline and assignments are failing so blatantly. This came up throughout Pelini's career. There were several games where opposing players, coaches and game announcers all wondered aloud why Nebraska refused to make defensive adjustments, letting the offense exploit the same plays time and time again. One quarterback said it was like playing a high school team.
  10. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    It's an inspired list of depressing choices, for sure. There is merit in each, but I have to lean to the last worst game. Wisconsin 2014. The other worst losses seemed like games Bo could still learn from, and perhaps we were a few fresh recruits away from getting over the hump. Wisconsin 2014 confirmed we would always be mentally weak, over-matched and mis-coached when it mattered.
  11. I grew up with the Oklahoma rivalry, which was legit and historic. It was also the last game of the regular season, so it always counted for something. When they swapped Colorado for Oklahoma as the final game, it wasn't the same. But.....it was a rivalry. And it kept getting better. There were years when Colorado had already tanked its season, but gave Nebraska everything it could handle. The games were exciting. Usually more exciting than I wanted. And as the last game of the season, it usually meant something. Right now I consider Iowa the last game of the season. It's always going to determine the taste left in your mouth. But as a rivalry? I'm just not feeling it.
  12. The Republican Utopia

    The trick to racism has always been to make the lowliest white feel superior to every person of color. That's just how it works.
  13. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    You know what's funny? Iran colluded with the Reagan camp to withhold the release of the American hostages to ensure Jimmy Carter's defeat in the 1980 election. That was worse than this. Just for kicks they did it again five years later, negotiating with terrorists using money from an illegal arms sale. A few years of kid glove hearings to shield the President, and everyone involved got pardoned. The biggest asshole in the bunch just got appointed NRA President. If everything about Donald Trump and Russia is true, even the urine-soaked hookers, Trump will remain in office.
  14. Best Win of the Pelini Era

    It ended on a really promising note, but man that offense was hard to watch. Just went back to check: 25 points a game, 4.0 yards per carry and 6.8 yards per pass attempt. That was a grind. But people were tuning in just to watch Suh. One of the best individual efforts in the history of college defense.
  15. Solich - couple questions

    Osborne had a quadruple bypass in the 80s and had just had some kind of cardiological diagnosis in 1997 that raised flags, so if there was any pressure from wife and family to step down, that would have been a good time to reflect. And given the chance to go out on top, the timing would have made the decision a little easier. And, as some suggest, announcing his retirement right before the NC deciding bowl game may well have tipped the coaches vote that year. Frank Solich loved the young ladies, and I'll bet he's insulted that some posters here didn't think he could close the deal.