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  1. Riley is still our coach

    9 wins is definitely enough to defend yourself against people who want to fire you. But subjectively, some of those 9 win seasons under both Pelini and Osborne simply weren't satisfying. And both coaches knew that.
  2. Riley is still our coach

    Again, I don't know a single Nebraska fan who is okay with 7 and 8 wins, unless they clearly suggest progress towards 10 and 11 wins. ipso facto, nobody is okay with Nebraska staying where it is.
  3. Riley is still our coach

    The people who think this is about a football coach using bad words crack me up. If there were hurt feelings, it's the guy who spent the aftermath of the biggest comeback in Husker history raging at a handful of students who left after a dismal first half. 6% of the fans were mean. Bo was hurt. He couldn't get over it. I understand. The leap you have to make to call Bo Pelini much better for Nebraska football than Mike Riley is 100% subjective. That Bo Pelini was not picked up by a P5 school since declaring he wanted out of Nebraska 7 years ago? Now that's a fact. We may not want to wait for the 7 seasons that would allow us to stack Riley up against Bo, but that's where you'd get the objective evidence.
  4. Riley is still our coach

    Keeping in mind that the coach who called the AD mean names also told Nebraska fans to f#*k off and kiss his ass on the way out the door, because they demanded too much of him. fwiw...the AD back in 2011when Bo Pelini said he wanted out of the Nebraska pressure cooker was Tom Osborne. If Mike Riley is used to rehabilitate Bo Pelini, then the terrorists win.
  5. Riley is still our coach

    Again, I don't see undue celebration over the Rutgers win. I don't know a single fan who considers the current state of the program acceptable. They are the same people who didn't consider Bo Pelini's 7th season acceptable. At worst, there are some people wondering if the turnaround and recruits might still be another season away and if holding out that hope is worse than firing a coach without a clear replacement in mind. It would be weird if there weren't fans like that. It hardly means accepting mediocrity. It actually is toxic to rip on fans who might spend the rest of the season looking for positives. It's a game. Games can still be fun. They don't all have to be referendums on the state's sense of self-worth. Besides, Shawn Eichorst was fired for the football team's on-field production. It's almost impossible that doesn't turn into Mike Riley's firing as well. We all know where this is going. So let's show some class.
  6. 8 Wins.

    Four games into the season, and I don't see a good reason to favor Nebraska in any remaining game on the schedule. Not until proven otherwise. If that happens, if Riley and Diaco really turn this team around, get some inspired performances and 7 or 8 wins, yes, of course he deserves another year. I wouldn't bet on it at this point. The odds are better that Riley doesn't even finish season three. But if for some reason Mike Riley strings together 7 seasons of 9 wins, no championships and embarrassing blowouts, he'll be ushered out the same as Pelini. I don't think the standards have changed that much.
  7. What did we learn-Game 4 Rutgers

    I learned that this win might have exposed the team even more than the two losses. Rutgers was set up for Nebraska to right the ship, but even given a modest 26 passing attempts and generally solid run support, Tanner Lee was terribly inefficient. Going three and out to end the first half and start the second half was inexcusable, given what this team needs to prove. Diaco seems to be making the right adjustments. We're complaining about which of three pretty solid running backs deserves more carries. Those are things to build on. But you know....Rutgers. The ceiling for this team appears to be low. I'm not sure why they'd be the favorite in any game left on the schedule. But then I saw the team wildly celebrating on the sideline in the fourth quarter. Players congratulating players who made good plays to lock up a 10 point win against a Big 10 doormat. And I realized I could and would root for the Huskers like I always do.
  8. Show of hands: who already knew that Frost's team threw more often last year than Mike Riley's?
  9. Well I'd have to do an extensive cross listing, but it seems a lot of Frost advocates are also in the Run the Damn ball camp, and likely envisioned Scott returning with his vintage Nebraska mindset, not Chip Kelly's.
  10. Fun Fact: In his first year as head coach, Scott Frost was actually more pass happy than Mike Riley: UCF Run/Pass 2016 527/448 UNL Run/Pass 2016 523/400 I'm not sure why people assume Frost's return would simply be a reboot of 1997.
  11. Exactly. The Nebraska offense hasn't been that different between the last three OCs, or that far off some of the teams we aspire to be -- at least in terms of playcalling. Almost every team runs the ball more often when the running game is working and/or you don't have to play from behind. Nebraska's defense has often put us in a hole, and the offensive line is far from the power running OL of old. This exact same offense could run more and pass less with better linemen on both sides of the ball, and that's been an ongoing priority at schools like Wisconsin, MSU and Stanford.
  12. Do you miss the Big 12?

    If we're being totally honest, it was probably a lot easier to notch 9 wins every season in the old Big 8.
  13. Who should we hire

    There are maybe a half-dozen no-brainer choices to be HC. They would be expensive, and a huge offer hardly guarantees they'd give up what they've got to come to Nebraska. The guy we get isn't gonna check off all the boxes. There's always gonna be a calculated risk, and I'll trade some so-called experience for a bit of daring. As Jim Rome said on the radio today: Nebraska is special and Nebraska deserves better, but whoever comes here needs to understand Nebraska. He was talking about Eichorst but it goes to the coach, too.
  14. This was Possibly a Great Day for Nebraska Football

    I believe eichorst initially approach Brett Bielema in 2014, and he wasn't interested. That would call the "nice guy" theory into question.
  15. This was Possibly a Great Day for Nebraska Football

    Finally? Those were pretty much the exact words of Steve Pederson when he was hired. I love me some change, but always wait to see it on the field.
  16. ***Nebraska Athletic Director Search Megathread***

    Just curious: when hiring an athletic director are we obliged to talk about volleyball, basketball, baseball or any of the 24 teams falling under the Athletic Department's watch? Or is it just about the football coach he might hire?
  17. There was once an Athletic Director that Husker Nation considered a no-brainer. A born and raised Nebraskan who became a hot commodity at another Power 5 program, lured back to UNL as the perfect link between the glory days and modern college football. Upon his arrival he vowed "not to let Nebraska gravitate into mediocrity." That dream come true for Nebraska fans was named.....Steve Pederson. The Scott Frost of AD hires. And now you know The Rest of the Story.
  18. Scott Frost would be a safe choice for Nebraska, but I'm not sure Nebraska is a safe choice for Frost. Warm weather, recruiting hotbeds and lower expectations might be hard to leave.
  19. Agree, but the article and a lot of fans seem to be suggesting that Nebraska should get back to that way of thinking. I was fine with Pelini's hiring. I was also fine with his firing.
  20. Callahan, Pelini and Riley were/are unworthy coaches for an institution like Nebraska, except of course, when they were actually hired. Callahan had just coached an NFL team to the Super Bowl (and would go back to a respectable professional coaching career) so suggesting the University of Nebraska was above his station is kinda silly. I don't think Callahan was a good fit, and frankly he needed a place to land after his firing, but only hindsight lets you bemoan his hiring over our preferred candidate, the coveted college football genius Houston Nutt. We didn't "settle" for Bo Pelini. We wanted him. Many already considered him a Husker from his last stint with the team -- and many wanted him hired back in '03 — and when we got our second chance he was the Defensive Coordinator for the National Champion LSU Tigers, part of a resume that included the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers. There wasn't much handwringing at the time: Bo was no doubt about to be hired by a P5 program, and we got to claim him as proven Husker. The year we hired him, Mike Riley was voted the second most underrated coach by his college football peers. His reputation for doing more with less was enough to make him a candidate for HC jobs at USC, UCLA and Alabama. His recruiting reputation was so respected that Rivals called the hiring a huge win for Nebraska. NFL superstars like Kurt Warner, Keyshawn Johnson and Chirs Spielman send their sons and nephews to Nebraska to play for Riley. None of these guys has worked out. Not at the level Nebraska fans demand. But every hiring was defensible at the time, and if we're applying hindsight, the guy you supposedly thought we should hire in 2003, 2007 and 2014 often went on to post records unacceptable by our lofty Nebraska standards. The only thing sadder is fans who think the University could cut a check and get Nick Saban or Urban Meyer to jump at the opportunity. It's not easy hiring a legendary coach.
  21. Tanner Lee

    We don't need a running quarterback, but we do need a mobile quarterback. He doesn't even need to be fast, he just needs to have peripheral vision and footwork. And should his peripheral vision and footwork fail him, he shouldn't panic and throw a ball in the general vicinity of a receiver. He's cool. He's the quarterback. I don't think that's too much to ask. Based on Kool-Aid, desperation and the Spring Game, I think Gebbia may be that guy.
  22. Some Positives

    1) The Huskers won't be looking past Rutgers to the big Illinois game. 2) The sellout streak just got more exciting. 3) I found $10 in an old pants pocket.
  23. Some Positives

    I'm actually not buying into the hate for our running backs and receivers. At all. Plenty of desire and talent there. Let's not shyt on everything.
  24. What did we learn-Game 3 NIU

    I'm gonna be honest: Tanner Lee's Heisman chances have taken a significant hit.
  25. A Punt: One of Riley's Favorite Plays

    Believe it or not, Nebraska once had a coach named Bill Jennings who frequently punted on third down, just to be safe. He was replaced by Bob Devaney.