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  1. Democrats.. liars or did they see something else?

    I don't know. Bernie Sanders was an elderly card-carrying Socialist with little name recognition and no electoral base, and his appeal was surprisingly broad. Might well have beaten Trump in the general. I think the lesson wasn't so much about ideology and political wings, it was the appeal of candidates who rejected Business as Usual. In some ways, it's just about new faces, not people who've been paying their dues in the party machine and believe themselves entitled to the job. I think we'll see some smart, honest and inspiring newcomers on the local level in the midterms. Some might call them Progressives, but they'll just be reasonable folks with reasonable agendas. Hopefully some of them are Republicans. I don't see the DNC doing anything fresh or populist for 2020. I think the grassroots will surprise us with someone, and perhaps the DNC will get out of its own way. Guess I'm saying the best person for the job in 2020 is somebody we're not talking about yet.
  2. Democrats.. liars or did they see something else?

    Problem is, the centerline for moderation has moved so far to the right in the last 20 years that we need responsible progressives to nudge it back where it belongs. Hilary Clinton was a habitual centrist and I think she actually suffered from it. The right likes to pillory Nancy Pelosi as a liberal, but she's takes money from the same lobbyists as the Republicans, and was willing to compromise along with the best of them back when this wasn't a binary system. Bernie Sanders is a different animal. He's portrayed as an extremist for advancing ideas like single payer healthcare and free college tuition, but Sanders and others are able to back up genuine policy initiatives with surprisingly plausible cost/benefit numbers. Back in 2009, when Americans were polled on potential healthcare systems, 60+ percent thought Single Payer was the way to go --- because it was clearly explained to them. When opponents screamed Socialized Medicine!, a reasonable law that would benefit as many Americans as possible was suddenly marginalized as extremist. If Democrats serve up a slate of moderates promoting their willingness to compromise, I think they'll lose the moment the midterms are providing. I think a big part of holding Democrats accountable is reminding them how uninspiring the party establishment has been.
  3. You could ask John Madden the same. Some coaches can't stop coaching and will coach until they die (Bear Bryant & Paterno) But a lot of coaches will tell you the job takes a massive toll, and when you feel you've hit the pinnacle (like Madden & Devaney) it's a huge relief to step away, especially if you can keep your hand in the game in a less stressful position, like broadcaster or AD. And in hindsight, Tom Osborne seemed to retire relatively young, though it didn't appear that way at the time, when I was also a lot younger.
  4. Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    Well Zac Lee's father played in the NFL, and I don't think anyone went out of their way for his boy. I don't think the chatter out of the Manning Camp was a favor, either. I think some respected folks reallly liked Tanner's arm. If you're a scout, your reputation is all you have. I don't think you pump up anyone as a favor. Jim Rome could care less about Tanner Lee's dad. So maybe Tanner has an NFL thing that got wasted in the NCAA. I wish him luck, but I'm thinking if he got that rattled on Saturday's, he's going to get killed on Sundays.
  5. Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    Tanner Lee was on Jim Rome this morning. Heard the tease but didn't get to hear the segment. But that's a serious national forum for a QB who went 4-8 with the 54th-best QB Rating. I get the feeling Tanner already has influential people lined up in his corner.
  6. I'm a 49ers fan. A Joe Montana fan. But at some point I have to tip my hat to Tom Brady. We can talk personality and style points all we want, but Nick Saban has surpassed Tom Osborne by the metrics most non-Nebraskans and Alabamans would use for this sort of thing. It happens.
  7. New California?

    No. You can live in a charming small town that dates back to the Gold Rush, find a house cheaper than Lincoln or Omaha, and be in a beautiful setting in the foothills near the mountains. For even less money, there are tons of farm communities in the central valley to choose from. The weather is nice enough, but they can be s#!tholes -- if I may be so blunt. Unless you make a point of escaping in your car and exploring the state, there are plenty of places in California that are no upgrade from Nebraska. Even some of the charming small towns in vacation areas are meth havens. Again, not unlike Nebraska. Somewhere in between is a place like Sacramento. Hour from snow skiing. Hour and a half from the ocean. Bit of urban action and culture. No more expensive than Omaha. Cost of housing in the desirable urban areas is high. Gas prices are higher than the national average. Beyond that, it's not so different. I live in Marin County, where the cost of a modest home never ceases to blow Nebraskans minds.
  8. New California?

    If you want to live in a beautiful small town near the mountains, California can be surprisingly cheap. Your career options may be limited, of course.
  9. New California?

    Yep. This has been going on for years here. And it's exactly like Nebraska and every other state with a literal or figurative panhandle. A rural populace feels disrespected by the urban powers that be and threatens to secede. Never happens. Never gonna happen. Last time this came up a few years ago, the Chronicle went up to a bunch of small towns in Northeast CA, the least-respected quadrant in the state. They had voted overwhelmingly for Bush and were on the anti-Government bandwagon. Of course they were also -- by far -- the biggest recipients of government largesse in the state. This was pointed out to them, and the responses were both funny and sad.
  10. Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    Generally the sex conversations with our kids have been pretty open and healthy. I would never defer it to another parent or adult. We're good here. I'm just not convinced blowjobs represent neo-feminist empowerment. It's the generational arguments that aren't fun, not so much the subject of sex itself. As a father you can share your wisdom as to how boys really think, but perhaps it's better to keep your mouth shut and pour a glass of Jameson. We try to create an atmosphere of trust and preach safety when we can, but the truth is they will figure most of this out on their own, and it may indeed be different from our life experience. By all indications, both our children are engaging in less risky behavior than mom and dad did at their age.
  11. Mike Riley’s salary at Oregon State... $50k.

    Well this is what happens at the highest levels of society, but that might be for another forum.
  12. Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    Well here's another shift in sexual mores to screw up the messaging: Apparently teenage girls are less likely to consider oral sex as "having sex" and can thus control the sexual relationship while avoiding the pregnancy kind of sex. Young women increasingly consider oral sex to be empowering, and not necessarily reserved for boyfriends. I can assure you that if this is female "empowerment," boys are not about to argue. Also, this is not a fun conversation to have with your 16 year old daughter.
  13. Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    I think the bigger question is how much of this needs to be decided privately by the parties involved, and how much of it needs to be an internet s#!tshow of people in love with their own voices.
  14. To be fair, Tom Osborne wasn't in anyone's discussion until the last five years of his 25 year career.
  15. Democrats.. liars or did they see something else?

    I think that if you are willing to say great things about Donald Trump in public, he doesn't care if you're black or white. And frankly he'd like it better if you were black, so he could point to you and prove he's the least racist person you've ever seen. But if the members of your country club are almost all white, and the only people of color you engage with are servants, it's extremely likely you think your race is superior to other races.
  16. Democrats.. liars or did they see something else?

    Good point. Nebraskans seemed to have no problem voting for Jim Exon while also pulling the lever for Richard Nixon. Bob Kerrey won elections in the Reagan era. Okay. Maybe that was awhile ago. Let's not forget that Republican leadership found Husker legend Tom Osborne's brand of Christian compassion a little too squishy and pushed the state to hard right adherence. I don't think there's been legitimate populism in the state for at least 20 years.
  17. Democrats.. liars or did they see something else?

    Maybe this is what frustrates me the most. The reasons for opposing Trump and the current GOP agenda are so anchored in common sense, verifiable facts, and basic human decency that I can't believe pragmatic good-hearted Nebraskans went for the billionaire New York con man.
  18. Democrats.. liars or did they see something else?

    Fair enough. The border wall might qualify as insane strictly on engineering terms. That's what any contractor not afraid to lose a multi-billion dollar sweetheart deal would tell you.
  19. Democrats.. liars or did they see something else?

    In fairness to Bornhusker, the Democrats are indeed hypocritical and opportunistic on any number of issues. Within the immigrant community, Barack Obama was known as the "deporter-in-chief" for the high number of deportations during his term. Funny part is, both sides refuse to give Obama credit/blame for the centrist nature of his policies. But the way it shakes out -- as already mentioned -- illegal immigration has been on the decline for a decade and is nowhere near the fire-breathing threat Trump makes it, and if you apply the actual cost-benefit analysis of a real businessman, the American economy benefits from these immigrants and would take a huge hit with mass deportations. Building a 2,000 mile border wall adds a layer of wild over-reaction — it's almost literally insane. As for blaming Obama for fostering the racial divide: no. Don't go there. Pick your spots. This one will always lead back to America still being far more racist than anyone wanted to believe, a fact that came to light via cell-phone cameras and a black President.
  20. The Democrat Utopia

    I'd like to see more lively, balanced debate myself. On the other hand.....I'm really impressed at the quality of political discussion here on a Nebraska football fanboard, of all places. Any one who has ventured into the comments section of....well pretty much anywhere on the internet knows it gets much, much, worse. I really expected a more full-throated defense of Trump given how easily he carried the state. The critical voices here are not so much rote liberals as they are libertarians, discerning conservatives and pragmatists. I know it feels like people are piling on Donald Trump and just can't let go of the fact that he won, but in all my years as an American, I can assure you I've never seen anything like this. It's weird and it's dangerous. I know people willing to defend Trump, and I know for a fact they are good, sane people, but they are wrong. And the GOP is wrong. And they know it and they're not sure what to do next. Pragmatic voices are needed and I don't care about the political affiliation. Turns out there ISN'T a war on Christmas, but there actually is a war on science, academia, the media and history itself. So the people who most closely study solvable issues and vet the facts are being undermined wholesale by people who might lose money and influence if people know the truth. I know it sounds smug and elitist to claim to have the facts on your side, but I think one of the reason Trump supporters are slowing down is that we're getting farther away from Hillary Clinton having anything to do with anything. So the remaining evidence is pretty overwhelming: Donald Trump doesn't give a s#!t about anything but himself. He's a mistake who will continue to be an embarrassment - at best; a profound danger at worst.
  21. Weird Time for Christians

  22. The Democrat Utopia

    Yep. Laziness. Laziness and brand names. That's how we got two Bushes and two Clintons. There's a fresh buzz about Joe Kennedy, and while he may be a worthy candidate, I kinda recoil at the extreme shortcut he gets to take.
  23. The Democrat Utopia

    Gregg Popovich is everything Donald Trump thinks he is, but isn't: a smart, bulls#!t-hating winner, Not to mention a military vet. But like any smart guy with no taste for bulls#!t, Popovich would hate the Presidency. Steve Kerr is perhaps the most adept, in-the-moment public speaker I've ever seen. We could do worse.
  24. The Democrat Utopia

    A quick poll of my friends turned up zero people who seriously wanted Oprah to run for President. I'm not sure it's really a thing. Hopefully just viral speculation. But if that's where we're heading, why not Bruce Springsteen?
  25. Donald Trump didn't want to be President

    Well before the election, Michael Moore floated pretty much this same theory with plenty of corroborated evidence, including campaign directors who were hired with the directive of winning at least 20% of the vote in certain primary states before a planned withdrawal from the race. Moore was even more specific about the rationale: Trump was using the Presidential election to gain leverage against NBC in his contract negotiations on The Apprentice.