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  1. Best Win of the Pelini Era

    It ended on a really promising note, but man that offense was hard to watch. Just went back to check: 25 points a game, 4.0 yards per carry and 6.8 yards per pass attempt. That was a grind. But people were tuning in just to watch Suh. One of the best individual efforts in the history of college defense.
  2. Solich - couple questions

    Osborne had a quadruple bypass in the 80s and had just had some kind of cardiological diagnosis in 1997 that raised flags, so if there was any pressure from wife and family to step down, that would have been a good time to reflect. And given the chance to go out on top, the timing would have made the decision a little easier. And, as some suggest, announcing his retirement right before the NC deciding bowl game may well have tipped the coaches vote that year. Frank Solich loved the young ladies, and I'll bet he's insulted that some posters here didn't think he could close the deal.
  3. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    I guess the question then is whether Nebraska fans are too spoiled or entitled. If we're being really honest, Bo Pelini's 9 and 10 win seasons only felt satisfying when we were convinced the next season would be better. I don't think we were wrong for feeling that way. After 7 years it still didn't feel like we were building to something, it felt like we had settled into the mid-tier of the Big 10 and life just outside the Top 25. The Solich situation was more complicated, (more Carl Pelini than Bo) but had Frank settled into a similar 9 - 4 groove, with a predictable loss to Texas, as his recruits fell off a couple ticks from Osborne levels, I think we would have demanded better. It's not hard to picture a Michigan, Ohio State, Texas, LSU, Florida or other college football legacy firing coaches with similar results.
  4. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Literally everyone is saying that the level of excellence we established from 1962 - 2001 should have continued. The only question is who screwed the whole thing up.
  5. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Kinda seems like everyone is saying that. We've been blaming four coaches and two ADs for not sustaining the run, but that's a wicked expectation level to maintain. Mike Riley's greatest contribution may be providing a palate cleanser for the next run.
  6. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Nebraska had an unprecedented run from 1962 - 2001. It's a bit naive and statistically unjustified to expect it could have gone on forever.
  7. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Also, Nebraska certainly isn't the first and only program to fire a winning coach. The SEC does it all the time. You still gotta win the right games.
  8. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    In his six years, Frank Solich only had one season that wouldn't have been welcome on Tom Osborne's resume. But man....that 7-7 season hit Nebraska fans like a Callahan/Riley sandwich back in the day. Of course we should welcome the man back. Some forget that Frank was also the toughest 160 pound fullback you've ever seen.
  9. Best Win of the Pelini Era

    Ohio State 2011 is an odd choice. It was the greatest comeback in Husker history, but it came against a .500 team that dominated a lifeless Nebraska in the first half, and tanked when they lost their star quarterback in the second half. Ohio State was still a brand name, but the game meant little that year. OSU lost to Purdue a couple weeks later. And if it was the best win of the Bo Pelini era, Bo Pelini sure wasn't feeling it. That was the game that resulted in Tapegate #1, where Bo went off on the fans and said he wanted out of Nebraska. I really don't miss that douchebag.
  10. The Republican Utopia

    There never seems to be a timeframe for the America we want to return to; the "Again" part of Make America Great Again. If you could nail it down, you could review the policies in place and we could replicate them. But I think we all know why that's so awkward. If we're going back to the "Leave it To Beaver" era, we would need to significantly raise taxes on the wealthy, celebrate science, take leadership in global treaties and diplomacy, invest heavily in infrastructure, and return to the economic model where the CEO makes 57 times more than his average worker, rather than 1,000 times more. The Republican Utopia is a Thomas Kinkaide painting. You don't have to spell it out — you just know there are no people of color or off-brand religions in that idyllic town that doesn't exist. MAGA is about nothing more than returning to that simpler time when no one had to apologize for white privilege.
  11. Best Win of the Pelini Era

    Beating a very solid Arizona team on both sides of the ball in the 2009 Holiday Bowl might have been the most complete game of the Pelini Era, demonstrating great scheme, strategy and coaching. It created a very good vibe for Bo's third season. The 2008 win against Colorado might still be the most fun, and that counts for something. The 2011 win at Penn State just days after Paterno was fired was Bo Pelini's most impressive performance as a coach and representative of the University. If you want the game that probably impressed non-Huskers the most, it's still the 2009 loss to Texas.
  12. Trump and the Nobel Prize

    If you look closely at Obama's aggressive use of drone warfare, it's fairly chilling and morally compromised. I guess that's why people don't look at it too closely.
  13. Trump's America

    A guy I know works closely with the Boy Scouts and attended the National Jamboree where Trump gave that remarkably tone-deaf keynote speech last year. He said Rex Tillerson has been a huge Boy Scout advocate for years, and was a keynote speaker himself, and that Tillerson was absolutely incensed by Trump's speech. I don't think there's any question that Tillerson's scathing private assessments of Trump were not made up or exaggerated by the people who leaked them.
  14. An Election Day poll from Sam M.

    Uhm.... 1982 NU Offense 41 pppg NU Defense 12 ppg 1983 NU Offense 52 ppg NU Defense 15 ppg 1993 NU Offense 38 ppg NU Defense 16 ppg That 1983 team scored more than 60 points five time, more than 70 points once, more than 80 points once. When you're up by six or seven touchdowns and playing second and third stringers most of the second half the average might dip a bit. And that 15 ppg defense in 83 was still in the mix, and better than '93.
  15. An Election Day poll from Sam M.

    I think the 1983 Nebraska team might be considered the best team in ALL college football not to win a national championship. Up until their last play of the season, they were making their case for the best college football team of all time. An unprecedented juggernaut that was making news throughout the sporting world and even broke into the cover of Time magazine when that still meant something. Sometimes that 1999 team gets overlooked, but compared to 83 it's not even close.
  16. Worst Loss of the Riley Era

    2015 Purdue was such a dumpster fire of a game in a clusterf*ck of a season that it should have it's own category. On the plus side, when you hit bottom -- and that really was the bottom -- you have nowhere to go but up, and the Huskers did rally from there, beating #6 Michigan State, playing #3 Iowa pretty close (but sloppy), and executing a solid enough gameplan in the gift bowl against UCLA to warrant some optimism. And then they start 2016 by going 7 - 0. And then losing in overtime to #11 Wisconsin at Camp Randall. So maybe the OSU blowout the next week is a hangover. It happens. By they time they come into the Iowa game, Nebraska is still #17 at 9 - 2 with a lot to prove. Long way of saying I'd like to nominate Iowa's 40 - 10 beatdown of the lifeless Huskers in 2016. That's when I got the sinking feeling nothing was going to change.
  17. Harrison Beck

    The crack detective in me detected crack.
  18. Will There be War wt N Korea next 4 years

    I think the quickly accelerating thaw between North and South Korea since the Olympics can only be a good thing, and if Donald Trump has to get credit for it, I'll go along for the sake of world peace. But if it was Barack Obama playing into North Korea's hand, Fox News would be chewing him to pieces. Kim Jung Un craves legitimacy in a way we can't understand, and it doesn't really require much of the U.S. Maybe the only thing that comes out of it is the photo op the Kim's have always wanted. If it lowers the temperature a few degrees for a few years, it's probably worth it. Did I just say "lower the temperature" in a scenario involving Donald Trump? Yeah. That's the part that worries me. But I think they've already scripted this as his Gorbechev/Reagan moment, so they will choreograph a triumph devoid of any actual negotiation. His approval rating will spike and the GOP will get a big lift in the midterms. It's gonna be a win/win for both dictators.
  19. Nebraska vs Michigan

    Five games into his freshman season, the national press had already elevated Taylor Martinez into the Heisman discussion. Two seasons before, the ESPN pundits created a Suh for Heisman bandwagon to counter the Tebow, McCoy and Ingram hype. When Nebraska does things well, we get all the respect we deserve. If you ask a Michigan fan, they're sick and tired of playing second fiddle to Ohio State, and the bloom has definitely worn off Jim Harbaugh..
  20. Weird Time for Christians

  21. Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, has been pen tapped

    Don't care that Donald Trump screwed a porn star while his wife was home with their new baby. He's Donald Trump. Don't consider it a fraudulent campaign contribution, either. With everything Citizens's United legalized, this barely registers as outrage. But Donald Trump paid a woman $130,000 to keep her mouth shut, forgot to sign the contract, and now she's blabbing to the world. Then he recklessly threw his lawyer under the bus and opened himself up to a whole new world of legal trouble. He's a bad negotiator and a lousy businessman, and that's what I want his die-hard supporters to finally realize.
  22. How right are you by Leviticus?

    I was doing pretty well until "sleeping with another man's slave." Lighten up, Bible!
  23. The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    I think the Kasich team was thinking like I was in 2016: by simply hanging in there and looking reasonable, he could pick up the vast majority of votes from the primary opponents who'd dropped out, and orchestrate the groundswell of Republicans who were genuinely concerned about Trump being the face of the party. Well that didn't happen at all. Not even close. Kasich couldn't even leapfrog Ted Cruz. That's why I don't really blame Trump for getting elected. He did everything he could to warn us. Republican voters had a choice -- several times -- and they went with the biggest a-hole in the room.
  24. The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    You think Trump was a drunken mistake that Republicans might regret the next morning, but the same party elevated Ted Cruz and Ben Carson above a slew of less horrible candidates. It's really hard to believe at this point, but Cruz and Carson could conceivably have been worse Presidents than Donald J. Trump.
  25. Path to 5 wins?

    In hindsight, Diaco seems both wrong and a little nuts. But yes, given a third season, Riley went out there and proved the doubters correct.