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  1. Jeremy

    We Suck "Megathread" All things Nebraska sucks

    Never. Bootle and Barry bringing WOOD late in the 3rd whilst getting blown out gives me hope, not to mention Williams' diving INT. Mazour running through tackles. I don't care that it was against the Michigan 2nd string water boys by then. There are some kids on this squad that won't take it lying down, and it won't be long until we have a whole team of 'em, so get you can wallow in this pit if you want, but not me. I will yearn once again for the ground-shaking boys in red to be once again feared in a land that doesn't think much of this flyover state. "You, Nebraska, can conquer!" - Willa Cather I'm with Willa. I'll be waiting patiently for the Boys in Red to come a runnin'.
  2. Instead of making a new thread, it's probably better to pile on in here. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Callahan (I rejoiced at the news he was canned) , he left some good kids for pelini to work with. Suh, Prince, Lucky, Swift, (Hagg?), etc. Joey Ganz wasn't too bad, even savvy on his good days. Even Cody Glenn, who turned out to be an athletic linebacker. So, in hindsight, thanks, Bill, for not leaving the program in historic disarray like has been done recently.
  3. Jeremy

    Support Frost

    Except AM has made those throws. Michigan had the right defensive call, and the o line failed. This was about the worst I've ever seen a line block, on any team. Put that on Frost if you want, but the playcalls themselves aren't the issue here
  4. Jeremy

    Why It's Not as Bad as It Feels

    Well, Frost and the Nebraska Way mentality are here, and not going anywhere, so if that really just grinds your gears, there are plenty of other teams to pull for.
  5. Jeremy


    I know Honas missed that tackle, but God, who hasn't on this defense? I'm just saying he looked pretty quick at times. The fast play led directly to one of our scores. Three times, as many as 5 Troy defenders weren't lined up or ready. I know things are bad with kicking, but he did make two. Get off my back. I'm just trying to find some good things in a sea of negativity.
  6. Jeremy


    I know this won't be a real popular topic, but what positives, if any, did you all see? Personally: 1.There were several times our defense looked pretty athletic, Troy couldn't do much. Honas stepped in and has some speed to work with, made some nice hits. Good to see Jackson get a pick. 2. While the offense sputtered most of the day, the super fast play really had Troy on their heels. I didn't think we'd see such fast play for a few more games, and we pulled it off with a walk-on 4th stringer. I'm thinking good things will happen when AM is back. 3. Special Teams weren't good. But- Pickering can make chip shots, and I have a feeling it's just a matter of time before JD breaks a kick return.
  7. Jeremy

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    I can't totally disagree with that. Even if he pulled the ball and ran, he didn't have anyone to pitch to.
  8. Jeremy

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    Zone Read isn't much different than the belly option we used to run. Frost led the nation on offense last year using it so I don't think it's complete garbage...
  9. Jeremy

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    Last week was fun to watch. This game was absolute torture.
  10. Jeremy

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    I get where you are coming from there - people in those positions have thankfully been replaced. At the same time, I think it's safe to say that Frost is absolutely a better fit and a better hire in Lincoln, Nebraska than Riley could ever hope to have been.
  11. Jeremy

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    I disagree that Riley didn't get support, at least at first. Along the way to 19-19, he proved to be what he always has and will be; a .500 coach, and no amount of support or whatever is going to change that. Do you honestly think that Riley would've competed for B1G titles given a full recruiting cycle? Did Moos jump the gun in firing a guy that got boat-raced by a HORRIBLE Purdue team, embarrassed by Iowa at home, and beaten by a MAC school on our own field, and was he premature in hiring Frost, who was the first coach in NCAA HISTORY to take a team from 0-12 to undefeated? There was very little leadership, ownership, or culture, not to mention the fact that a Nebraska football team, for the first time in God knows how long, hadn't done much off-season lifting. For Bob Devaney's sake, we INVENTED college football lifting! And they didn't care enough to continue that tradition. Should we support that? We show up, we sell out the stadium, and poor millions into this program. I'd say the fans are okay in support, whoever the coach is.
  12. Respectfully disagree with OP. These kids are playing just as the mantra says: No fear of failure. Right now, that means some costly mistakes, but on the other hand, we have almost '90's level defensive pass rush, hitting, run blocking, etc. (And all due respect, maybe not 90's level recruiting yet?) Hell, we even have kids jumping on the sideline even swagger now. Swagger! I've missed that. After their mistakes, you don't see them come to the sideline to be embarrassingly screamed at when they and the whole world knew what went wrong. You don't see players and coaches screaming at each other. That, to me, is an enormous difference. It reminds me a little of the day that Gordon went for 408 on us. He fumbled twice in the 1st quarter, and we took advantage, striking for a 17-3 lead (incredible considering how the game turned out). There was no screaming at the guy, though, just encouragement, and "hey, you're a stud, and you'll be fine" kind of mentality. That's what we have now. No screaming, cussing, or poking kids in the chest on national tv. We have actual coaching. We don't have a coach looking for a fight with the media after a loss (or even a win). We have a coach ready to jump out of his skin to improve this team and players that are right now counting the days until they step onto the grass in Boulder to return the favor. Kids shaking in the presser because they wanted to win for their coach and state so bad. These kids want to win for each other and everyone else, not to avoid getting chewed out. We're never going to get a secret hot mic of this coach cussing out an entire fan base because he got booed a couple times. I have never been a bigger fan of Husker football in my whole life, and I was a teenager during the 90's. I remember the glory years well, but even then I didn't feel this level of passion for these kids, this staff, and this program. We didn't win, and it hurts, but holy cow can you not feel that we're SO CLOSE to being back? God, this is so fun to watch.
  13. Jeremy

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    Is it unrealistic to expect 6 wins? Am I over-stating the importance of a bowl game? Extra practice, more national exposure, we likely win, momentum going into off season, recruiting, and overall culture. It may have been a crap show, but Frost did inherit and bring some athletes, and should be able to get 6 wins. (let the record show that I am still 100% behind Frost)
  14. Jeremy

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    People saying settle down because we were never going to make the playoff this year. Yeah, we know. We're pissed because if we weren't 3-0 after the Troy game we're REALLY going to struggle to make a bowl game, and that's SUPER important for momentum going in to next year. I believe we NEED to get 6 wins this year to build some positive momentum for this program when there hasn't been much for a long time
  15. Jeremy

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    So many mistakes. Morgan drops a TD, JD drops a game winning 1st down, DB unnecessary roughness that gave them the 1st down, we missed a makeable fg, Martinez is hurt, and this isn't all. To be honest, it's a wonder we were in the ballgame. Loss sucks but I'm not giving up on this team or Frost