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  1. Husker related dog names

    Had a dog named Tagge, and now we have a dog named Lucky (I know it's obvious, but for those that don't know, it's after Marlon Lucky, running back from '05 - '08).
  2. LB Sav'ell Smalls

    I can't post pictures (over the limit, I guess?), but if I could, it would be that kid from The Sandlot saying, 'You're Killin' me, Smalls!' Only if he doesn't choose us.
  3. I don't know about that, at least recruiting-wise. The Nebraska coaching staff, whoever they may be, has to recruit all over the country, and most other blue-bloods don't have to do that. Heck, Schnellenburger made Miami a force simply by recruiting inner-city Miami, we can't do anything remotely close to that, considering we had guys from Cali, Florida, and New Jersey on the champion 94 squad.
  4. 2018 Season Predictions

    I would say so. We beat Purdue who I believe beat Iowa and we had Northwestern on the ropes before langsdork and diaco brainfarted their way to an L. We actually looked pretty competitive against the badgers for a half, so yeah, the level of athlete Nebraska recruits and has on the field is definitely a cut above schools like Troy and Akron. The difference, as has been discussed, has been our predictable and largely ineffective scheme, poor preparation, repetition of poor habits, not to mention a lot of asinine play-calls, personnel decisions, and clock-management. Now, do we have the athletes to truly compete with the likes of osu and Penn state? Not yet.
  5. 2018 Season Predictions

    True. The defensive line, I believe, will come around in short order with Freedom, Stoltenberg, etc, not to mention chinander likes to be aggressive with blitzing and stunts. The o line is a tough deal, but I love watching Oregon film when Frost was oc and UCF’s 17 campaign. Once they get rolling, the defenses, even from the athletic SEC, are literally on their heels trying to guess what's coming next. Problem is that we need a Thomas, Mariota or Milton-type guy to be taking snaps. Could Martinez be that guy?
  6. Best Win of the Callahan Era

    Michigan. Thrilling 4th quarter comeback, and for the 1st time in a while, we looked like a team that could compete, even against another blue blood with an enormous fan base. The year before, we had to sit home and watch Vince Young lead a thrilling Rose Bowl win over the wolvies, and in the process, texas took the all-time win lead over us. It was just nice to say hey, we can do it, too; we're on the way back!" As an aside, the TV commentators were complaining about the extra huskers on the field during the last play, but there were extra Michigan players out there, too, so...good no-call.
  7. 2018 Season Predictions

    Agreed. All credit to Frost and Co., but after last season, I don't think we can mark down any wins as automatic or gimmes. Except maybe Akron. I'm confident we'll do well, but God help us if we can't beat the Zips at home.
  8. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    I get what you're saying, but the game turned into nate gerry dragging down Gordon 30+ yards down field, over and over. Everyone watching the game knew who was getting the ball. Football can be a pretty complicated game sometimes, but in this case it wasn't. In fact, it was maddeningly simple: stop Melvin Gordon. And don't tell me Pelini didn't have defensive adjustments that don't include 2 safeties standing 15 yards from the LOS. A 5-2 eagle is not that hard to put together, heck, even the 4-3 over or under with the strong safety threatening to blitz every play is where Mcbride made his money. You can't go 2-gap, hat for hat with Wisconsin and their tree stump line, and it doesn't take a defensive wizard to know that. Randy Gregory was not built to go toe to toe with many tackles, much less one from Wisconsin. Why not plug and shoot the gaps, send blitzes from all angles, and single cover? Make them beat you with a mediocre qb and wr Corps? Bring corners and damn the torpedoes? Watching the game is tough, but when I did, it just felt like pelini just expected the kids to figure it out, and then yelled at guys like Daniel Davie when they couldn't bring down Gordon by themselves from a bad angle in the open field.
  9. My Frost-Friend's Back Frost-dacious Frost-fence Frost-liever
  10. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    '14 wisky. I get what everyone is saying about the conf title game in 12, but we did limp into that one, and Wisconsin had healed up. Baker Steinkuhler was out, the last guy you want on the sideline then. I'm not making excuses for that embarrassment, but... 14 wisky was worse. 408 yards. To one guy. Bo's lucky he has such a good friend in Stoops that he would have Perine break the record set on us not long after against hapless Kansas. We were up 17-3, and Gordon goes off for 3 scores. You'd think pelini would change things up, look at a 5, maybe 6 man front. At the very least, get out of that weak 2-high shell, but no. He stubbornly stays in the defense and personnel that would give up the most rushing yards ever to one guy. It was the biggest failure schematically in the history of husker football, and turned the blackshirt moniker into a joke.
  11. Worst Loss of the Riley Era

    NIU. There is no reason a mid-major squad (respectable though they may be) like that should come in to OUR sold-out field and punk our storied program with NINETY-FOUR YEARS of stadium history. A field that the men in red didn't lose a game for SEVEN YEARS on at one point. A field that saw incredible wins over top-rated teams, games played that had national significance. It was a death knell of a program that had built itself through decades prior on passion, tradition, and consistency. Callahan almost had his NIU, but pulled out the win vs Ball St. in '07. This game was completely different - from pick sixes to lifeless offense, it absolutely exposed what a weak shell the once mighty Nebraska program had become, how lackluster coaching and scheme decimates a blue-blood. From the A.D. down the GA's, this was a failure of epic proportions.
  12. Worst Loss of the Riley Era

    Let it go, my friend. Frost is back, so we don't need to kick that kind of dirt on the past. Also, spelling.
  13. What is your favorite Husker Video

    Great video. Good God, though, wasn't Ameer a beast? I can say without reservation that he has to be in the top 5 all time Husker backs, and Lord knows we've had some good ones. Miss that guy.
  14. 2018 Season Predictions

    6-6 probable, 7-5 maybe. I want success as bad as anyone, but objectively and realistically, they just aren't there yet, not even that close. Very little depth in the secondary, and I'll be surprised if many of these linemen are agile enough for the pull and reach blocking schemes against a legit 4 front. Frost has already said as much pertaining to technique, speed, and decision making. Getting to a bowl game will be a big accomplishment, and we need to be patient as these guys rebuild this thing. The good news is that we don't have a coaching staff that is going to put up with lackluster, going through the motions play like we've seen for too long. I think we have guys that will do whatever it takes to turn this thing around, but we aren't there. Yet.