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  1. Dave Ellis Returning To Nebraska As Head Of Sports Nutrition

    No problem
  2. How will Neb. compare to other major programs who fell off in 2017?

    I agree with everything you said here. Also, love the point about Oregon. It is evidenced by the teams you highlight as having the best improvements...lol
  3. **2018 Nebraska Season Predictions: Call Your Shot**

    09/01 - Akron W 09/08 - Colorado W 09/15 - Troy W 09/22 - @ Michigan L 09/29 - Purdue W 10/06 - @ Wisconsin L 10/13 - @ Northwestern W 10/20 - Minnesota W 11/03 - @ Ohio State L 11/10 - Illinois W 11/17 - Michigan State W 11/23 - @ Iowa L Big Ten West Division 1. Wisconsin 2. Iowa 3. Nebraska 4. Northwestern 5. Purdue 6. Minnesota 7. Illinois
  4. LB Nick Henrich [Nebraska Commit]

    I saw him at least 10 times during the recruiting period this spring. Frost and Chinander made multiple appearances as well.
  5. LB Nick Henrich [Nebraska Commit]

    Watts at Burke as well
  6. Ron Brown Returns to Nebraska as Director of Player Development

    Excellent news that Ron Brown is back and involved with the football program. Things are beginning to take shape around here!
  7. He's about to hurt some feelings in the Big Ten

    No, just the CFP. I don’t consider two teams playing each other playoffs. However the point stands, there are many repeat selections. Has a lot to do with their coaches. I believe we have one of “those” coaches now.
  8. He's about to hurt some feelings in the Big Ten

    68.75% but I understand your point (11/16 by Alabama (4), Clemson (3), Ohio State (2), Oklahoma (2))
  9. Husker Dream Team ... On a Budget

    Tommie Frazier Lawrence Phillips Irving Fryar 1994 OL 1999 Defense With the $1 left I choose Calvin Jones in case LP gets himself suspended Green ahead of Phillips is ridiculous, the 1994 OL may be the best one Nebraska ever produced and they are $2? That Pipeline is the best deal of the entire thing. Also, that 1999 defense was SALTY as hell and very surprised to see them as only $1. 1997 Defense with Wistrom and Jason Peter aren't an option?
  10. Most Dominant Quarter in MNC Game

    Love the confidence, GBR brother!
  11. Dont kill me for this, but....

    Can't do that, but they will rotate indivudual players often if Oregon and UCF history holds true here. You can't have that many guys that are second string on the field together in a close game. We aren't that deep yet. However, you can rotate a few players at a time and not lose the integrity of the defense.
  12. Ex-Husker Quarterbacks Filling the Coaching Ranks

    4 of them don't coach QBs, which makes sense given the offense ran when they played at NU but still an interesting note.
  13. Watching BTN, really looking forward to not seeing the word "Classic" associated with Purdue when it comes to Nebraska Football.  Come on Scott, make it so.

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    2. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      Classic Purdue = Drew Brees...nothing else

    3. ZRod


      Except that time they beat one B1G team in like 2 years, and then we blew a nice lead and became the 2nd B1G to lose to them, and we were their only FBS win of the year. That was classic!

    4. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      At least now they have a real coach who makes them respectable.

  14. Who's Next?

    Ok, dude. You know more than everyone on this I guess. He still might choose Iowa, it is incredibly close right now. P.S. if your criteria for choosing a school is what you go by, you'd better be worried about Wisconsin because that description is basically what they've done to us since we joined the B1G. (- the MNC of course)