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  1. This was my first thought as well.
  2. New Tunnel Walk Music?

    Shot Kleen....is that his real name? Holy cow!
  3. New Tunnel Walk Music?

    Even Back in Black for the defense? Blasphemy.
  4. Learning Frost's Offense

    One of the "catchphrases" used with the WR is "No block, no rock" and they take it very seriously. Frost brought this straight from Osborne and is a major difference between this offense and similar ones.
  5. Tommie Frazier or Scott Frost

    In truth, Lawrence Phillips had the trophy locked up in 1995 before everything went down with that. I have always felt that hurt Tommie's voting as he wasn't considered by many nationally to be the best player on his own team.
  6. SI: Scott Frost's Plan to Lead Nebraska out of the Darkness

    That was fun to read. I am so excited to see Frost lead this program back to prominence.
  7. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    Ha. Holy hell do we need some football games to talk about! In response to your comment, while I do believe that to be true in large discussion or arguments centering around societal issues or political proposals I don't know if that is necessary when speaking about college football players. In the end, the goal is to win the game. When two players are both winners of equal merit, then you go to statistics. I don't try to look at all nuances in sport because it is not supposed to be anything other than entertainment.
  8. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    I think it is a fair assessment to make that Ohio State has better players than Nebraska. It is also a fair assumption to believe that Ohio State has more talented players at the QB position for an offense that is very similar to what we will be running now at Nebraska. If the competition is close between two players to be the starting QB at Ohio State, and the player that winds up in second place is eligible immediately with two years to play, then they are probably better suited compared to the current QBs here already to be a starter at Nebraska who has no players with experience in an offense of this type eligible right now. However, I could also complete be on board if the coaching staff decides they like what they have for the future and do not bring him on board as I am sure that Burrow would be looking for a 2 year starter opportunity. I don't see Frost making a deal like that before he even sees the kid practice.
  9. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    I don't think it is fair to judge the player because you like the offense better when the argument is BEST QB. It isn't favorite style of QB, it is best QB. You admit it is Zac Taylor. If you put other parameters around the argument or change subtle nuances in the argument, you are moving the goal posts.
  10. Eric Crouch vs Ryker Fyfe

    Had to go with Lil' Red Carl. That would put the fear of God in any cocaine induced hooker's eyes.
  11. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    That's a hard one. If you go buy statistics, yes. However Tommie had one stat you can't argue with that is the most important stat for a QB. He won, and won a lot. That is the most important so Frazier is better. The difference between Armstrong and Taylor is that Zac won an offensive player of the year award and went to a conference championship game. Armstrong did neither of those.
  12. Tommie Frazier or Scott Frost

    Tommie Frazier, without question.
  13. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    If we are doing that I think I would take Marcus Mariotta for this offense! Could you imagine Aaron Rodgers in this offense? Holy smokes.
  14. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    Fair enough, but that isn't what I quoted. He said Armstrong was a better QB. He is wrong.
  15. Huskers vs. B1G West