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    I am in the military and enjoy being able to call myself a soldier. I also love anything that has to do with College football but more importantly the Huskers!!!! I yearn for the days that we were a nathional powerhouse and look forward to seeing it happen again. I love to talk about anysport. So if anyone wants to talk about it just hit me up!!!!
  1. SIGNED - CB Elijah Blades

    If he plays big time ball I would say 100% since they placed him at his JUCO
  2. SIGNED - CB Elijah Blades

    Double post....
  3. SIGNED - CB Elijah Blades

    Sounds like a mature kid. I'm betting Nebraska told him he will qualify IF he gets his butt to work in the classroom. Spoiler: he didn't. Mattyice that's right, he said that his mom wanted him to go to Nebraska because of Williams, and that his dad did not like Williams. He did not like idea of him going to Nebraska or Williams at all and wanted him to go to Florida. The coach also said that Nebraska set a plan for him to get eligible and that he just never committed to following it. He thought about going JUCO route here in so cal but, that it wouldn't be good for him to be close to home.
  4. SIGNED - CB Elijah Blades

    I talked to his seven on seven coach last night at my kids practice here in So cal, and he said he was placed at Western Arizona and will be going to Florida after he is done. Also said Blades told him he he never wanted to go to Nebraska and that he only committed because of going against his father.
  5. Remembering Foltz

    Just saw him hit a 48 yarder to put Wisconsin ahead and he is jumping up and down pointing to his number and then up to Foltz!! Class act and I will be rooting for him for the rest of his career Gaglianone said Sam carried the ball over the upright and also talked about honoring Foltz. http://host.madison.com/wsj/sports/college/football/badgers-football-notes-rafael-gaglianone-rebounds-from-sophomore-slump-with/article_f4767daf-5566-5fa1-969e-e346df0bf9be.html Good win for you guys today. Thanks for the post Badger!! Yea we had a good win, but we def have some things we have to clean up! Your defense played lights out today and Clement ran the ball well s well!!
  6. Looked at Oregon's stats tonight from their game this week and they gave up a lot of yards in the air. UC Davis had over 300 yards passing and had the ball for 15 minutes more than the Ducks. Oregon's offense had a good game they had almost 600 yards of total offense and were very balanced with throwing and running. I really think we may have to throw a bit more to have a chance beating them.
  7. +2 in the turnover department tonight!!!
  8. Anyone know who committed tonight?
  9. I am fine with 43 points the first game of the year. I am sure that they will look at the play calling and will make some adjustments for later on.
  10. Fife may get more throws than Armstrong lol
  11. Bro you crack me up!!! You know there are anti Nebraska websites u can go to?
  12. We are complaining about a lot, but lets realize we have only gave up 192 yards on offense
  13. uh.......yeah...a little bit... it will be better when we get Gerry back Doesn't matter he'll get ejected for a textbook tackle before we even get the ball on offense. Damn there are a lot of cry babies on this board tonight
  14. uh.......yeah...a little bit... it will be better when we get Gerry back
  15. Snooze fest for our big name recruits