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  1. Assistants Announced

    I regards to the second part, definitive answer 1, I believe it is rumored that a current player let that slip, not the AD or Scott. I thought that was tacky of ESPN to announce it before the game even ended, but yes if it's the AD that did it, not very classy. Other than that, I kinda agree with you that this all benefited Scott and though the UCF transfers/recruits are being contacted, that happens, if it wasn't Scott it's other schools thanks to the coaching change. I haven't commented to you previously but i've read a lot of your posts and think you're a good guy and i'd even buy you a beer and shoot the crap with you. It's hard to accept and though I can't say we've been in the situation, I would understand where you're coming from myself. It's part of the game and I feel sorry for UCF but then again if it wasn't us, eventually it would be someone else going after Scott and it was not going to stop even if he stayed for another season, next year it happens again etc etc. I thin you'd have a good time over here even if a little jaded by the overall outcome of the coaching change. You seem like a good dude and are welcome here just like everyone else.
  2. DE Jayson Oweh

    Cant be, he's pointing the wrong way haha.
  3. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles

    Bookie doesn't look all that thrilled there but who knows.
  4. OT Jerome Carvin

    I literally read his last name as Calvin at first so I know what you mean.
  5. TE Justin McGriff [UCF Commit]

    I did not know that.
  6. TE Justin McGriff [UCF Commit]

    Probably not, Fred McGriff was a baseball player, McGruff is the crime dog haha.
  7. Reaction to Frost Hire Thread

    Hell I would pay to see that as well. TA would be excellent with some actual coaching from his coaches.
  8. Watch Frost News Conference Here **Live** @ 12 Noon Cent time

    For reference, I wasn't disagreeing with you, just added to you original post.
  9. Give credit to Moos

    SE would have gone and hired Butch after TN let him go. That guy was 2 titties on a bull useless.
  10. Watch Frost News Conference Here **Live** @ 12 Noon Cent time

    How often did the media interview Osborne's wife and kids during his time here? I don't recall the media chasing down Dee Riley or any other the other coaches families either. I think it's a simple request to leave his family alone, especially with a newborn.
  11. Watch Frost News Conference Here **Live** @ 12 Noon Cent time

    I literally got chills when Moss announced Scott Frost. I got more after Scott spoke.
  12. Hello Scott Frost

    Even Mark Banker is getting in on the Frost Advisory. Classy of him.
  13. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Here you go, just to help you out bud. Mods can we request a name change for Rike Miley to Fcott Srost please....it's time.
  14. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    All class from Scott and he knew the question. Congrats coach, you deserve all of it.
  15. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    He's not running towards the tunnel, he's running towards his players. Good god sports analysts, WTF.