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  1. S Ralen Goforth

    Go forth young man and commit now.
  2. UNL White Nationalist

  3. UNL White Nationalist

    He's proud of what he stands for and he knows if someone attacks him in the union etc, then there will be a new soapbox for him to stand on while the person or persons who attacked him go to jail(and he possibly sues the school for not keeping him safe). It's the attention he is grabbing that keeps him going, basically he'd be a martyr for his cause if someone "proves" him right. Just my opinion of why he's doing what you stated
  4. UNL White Nationalist

    Why wouldn't they? He used a public arena to spout his BS and made at the very least a unsubstantiated threat, he's opened himself up to scrutiny and also opened himself up to being checked out by those agencies. At this point, it's not behind closed doors and they have every right to check into this.
  5. UNL White Nationalist

    That's a different subject at this point in time. It's the same answer as who can we trust in the government in general?
  6. UNL White Nationalist

    I'm sure that he's being watched very closely since the reports came out and probably even prior to it becoming known to others. I'm guessing a couple 3 letter "agencies" are doing a pretty good check into his background and then will move forward with whatever them deem to be the right choice. I'd be amazed if he's not being tailed in some form or fashion.
  7. I missed 1 actually, there are 10 active NFL players from the Grizzlys, as for the draft UCONN does have the numbers in the 5 year range. But overall they are pretty even in players active on rosters even if they were signed after the draft. On another site, I see 11, so it ranges from 9-11 depending on which Montana site you're using.
  8. Where are you getting this? I count 9 Grizzly players for the 2017 season playing in the NFL alone. Colt Anderson - #33 - Buffalo Bills Brock Coyle - #50 - San Francisco 49ers Tyrone Holmes - #91 - Cleveland Browns Trumaine Johnson - #22 - LA Rams Jamaal Jones - #1 - LA Chargers Caleb Kidder - #64 - New England Patriots JR Nelson - #30 - Kansas City Chiefs William Poehls - #78 - Chicago Bears Jordan Tripp - #58 - Green Bay Packers I also see only 12 UCONN player actively on rosters.
  9. Thats cute, did you get top or bottom after butting in? Maybe you could mind your own business as that was clearly a joke in regards to his own joking about it in the referenced thread.
  10. I did get the Grizzleys mixed up with Montana St ,but rather than be a giant douche like @seaofred92, i chose to bow out gracefully. Go ahead and gloat though, the sun shines on the dogs arse every once in a while.
  11. Facts are fun, in terms of play, UCONN would get curb stomped by Montana St. Apparently I was wrong in terms of exposure, but the fact remains, better football is played at Montana St than at UCONN. Montana St also hasn't been tearing up FBS teams since 2000, why not make the range since like say "recent" and 17 years isn't really all that recent, try something like 5 years.. Now get back to posting incorrect people's LOI's.
  12. What you said is true in regards to academics but if the kid had any thought of going on to the NFL, Montana St > UCONN.
  13. DT Masry Mapieu [Iowa Western - Signed LOI]

    Just saw on FB he wont be coming but nothing here. Am I missing something? If not, move on to the next man up. Nvm, missed a page.
  14. Very good article with a Q&A with Zack Darlington in the football topic, I recommend you guys read it.


  15. Zack Darlington Leaves Program "To Pursue Other Life Goals"

    A very good article with him from the Orlando Sentinel can be found HERE I liked this answer: OS: It’s been a crazy time at Nebraska, but I'm sure it has also been very well received, the new hire. ZD: Oh yeah. I mean I think that it's something that not only does the team deserve a guy like Coach Frost, but I think the state does. Someone with the morals and character that he showed in that coaching transition, I don't think I've ever seen a coach show that kind of a character and in a very uncomfortable time. I mean it could have been very uncomfortable. Just for him, for the team, for the university, for the state and I think it's almost like just shocking how well he handled it. And so it makes me very excited for what's to come for Nebraska, honestly.