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  1. What people do in the privacy of their home is their business not mine so im for whatever floats your boat. I just find flaunting ones sexuality just to do it and try to offend people like some do distastful. I try to look at who the person is rather than base everything on their sexuality, religion, political view etc etc. I also believe people should not be raked over the coals simply because they have a differing opinion.
  2. WR Joseph Lewis [USC - Signed LOI]

    2 DV's in a year, that boy will spend the next 4 years in prison rather than on a football field. What a wasted career and he didn't even get the chance to start it.
  3. I'm betting it's the "B", it's the only one in your moniker haha<sarcasm>. Not all LGBTW get offended at every little thing, but a lot of them do, so you're welcome over anytime bud. My wife works in the LGBTQ field and she is not allowed to have any of them over to our house because all they do is tell us that we shouldn't call our kids "him" or "her", we should let them choose their own, so i've banned all of her LGBTQ friends from our house other than the ones who accept our rights. I've learned the LGBTQ try and push their opinions on everyone else and we should either accept it or we are considered bigots, funny how the understanding should only go one way and by god you better accept it or else. As for Coach Brown, welcome back, glad to have you, but in this time and era you can't have your own opinion anymore, it has to adhere to the hive mind or you're an outcast and in my opinion that's complete BS.
  4. He will not be able to recruit. He may meet up with the kids during their visits but recruiting them is not an option.
  5. LB Brandon Smith [Penn State Commit]

    A five star, means we dont have a chance...yet. I think SF in a few years may be getting these kids actually committing rather than just giving us lip service.
  6. RB Darwin Barlow

    Only 2 teams have the double exclamation points, looks like it's us and TCU. That's how I read into it at least haha.
  7. I refuse service all the time, including from my own clientele. I will NOT work on a home PC for anyone, I will not support a home PC for anyone, including my business clients. No matter what you do, something is always missing, can't be found or just "gone" when dealing with home users who have royally f'd up their computer(normally because they are lucky to even be able to turn the damn thing on). Any business owner should be able to deny service to anyone, anytime for any reason, they should also be able to accept the bad press and loss of business if they so choose. I do not believe a business should have any public political views, a business does not have a vote, it's not a person. Businesses should keep their political views to themselves as the company has employees who do vote, and I can promise you, not all of them have the same opinion.
  8. I dont doubt that at all Mav, just responded to the part about Bo's attempt to instill responsibility into his players when many a time he couldnt even control himself. Most people wont respond to hypocrits. No ones listens to the "do as i say, not as i do" types.
  9. If you cant hold yourself accountable first and foremost, you cant try and instill accountability in others. Bo never had a problem pointing fingers at anyone but himself, how could he teach it to the kids?
  10. Three States of California

    Would be interesting to see how they split up the unfunded state pensions too. Theres a boatload of money coming due and they dont have it as a single state, how are they going to do it with 3 seperate?
  11. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    Welcome aboard young man.
  12. I'm sure that is true, but I also think that people see it in the beginning and comment on such things then nothing happens and you become the person shaking the boat. Unfortunately even people who do speak up get ignored by the people who actually could make change. After a while you just give up trying when the people who do have the ability to cause change just do nothing, i see it in companies all the time.
  13. QB Luke McCaffrey [Nebraska Commit]

    Welcome aboard Luke, lets make sure wealways beat your brother during your time here.