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  1. ***Predict the UCLA Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    UCLA 45 NU 31 Rush 220 Pass 300
  2. ***Predict the BYU Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    NU 24 BYU 38 Rush 170 Pass 220
  3. 8 team playoff in the future?

    Did you hear Steven A. Smith this morning bragging about how he backed Ohio St. leapfrogging TCU? That type of thinking is part and parcel to the problem of the old system. The fact is we'll never know if Ohio St. could beat TCU. The new format is far better than yesteryear's, but it's still not optimal; and, quite frankly, never will be regardless of the number of teams invited. I'm not a TCU fan, but it sickens me to think we have a system which allowed for a team to be moved up 2 spots to 3rd then win by 50 and get dropped back to 5th because OSU walloped Wisconsin. That's just wrong. I understand what the ramifications are, but based off of what took place Ohio St. should have been odd man out or, better yet, if you leapfrog Florida St. then you should have stayed atop them. The committee didn't think through the 'What ifs" prior to that last week. I also believe there was a racial component considered. It bothers me when people complain about TCU dropping to #5 the final week even after beating a team by 50 points. TCU was #4 the week before the championship games because they had (what the committee considered to be) the 4th best resume at that point. They had already played their best opponents and thus benefited from those quality wins and losses. When Ohio State drubbed a top 15/20 team 59-0 and TCU beat ISU handily, both teams updated their resumes, but clearly OSU's win counted for a lot more than TCU's. It just happened, mostly as a result of the Big 12's lack of conference championship, that OSU played one of their best opponents the last week and TCU played one of their worst. Maybe TCU was the 4th best team before that last week, but it makes perfect sense after re-evaluating each team's complete resume, to make OSU #4 in the final rankings, even ignoring their success in the playoffs. Also, there was a racial component considered?? You cannot be serious.
  4. *** The Official Wisconsin Badgers Game Discussion Thread ***

    wait, that's legal???
  5. *** The Official Wisconsin Badgers Game Discussion Thread ***

    what a relief. thought i was watching some other team
  6. that last int was absolutely not on tommy
  7. ***Predict the Michigan St. Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    MSU 38 NU 17 Rush 100 Pass 150
  8. ***Predict the Illinois Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Nebraska 34 Illinois 28 Rush 250 Pass 210
  9. ***Predict the Florida Atlantic Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    NU 35 FAU 24 Rushing 210 Passing 90
  10. On the bright side

    There are 120 or so FBS level head coaching positions. Maybe 15 to 20 of them will be open this year. Maybe 5 to 10 will be at power conferences. Who will want to coach at Nebraska? Pretty much any coach looking to take the next step in his career. Sorry Junior been there done that, Alot of options with selection of coaches. but or the AD needs a plan, don't just hire some guy that name is getting thrown around and then we do a knee jerk reaction and hire the guy and we end up with another Bill Calalhan incident which would set us another five years to recover. Unless they are quitely looking for someone and letting Bo stay I am ok with that, even with all drama going on right now. sure we are not where we want to be but with a head coach in place the program can still function, if Bo was to go now and we have no one to plug in his place, it would hurt the program, NFL coaches names being mentioned are not practical John Gruden, Bill Cowear. great NFL coaches but there is no guarantee that they would take the job and even if they did there is way to predict their success. just because they coached in the NFL does not mean automatic success in College. Some have proven that, Steve spurrier Washigton Redskins, Nck Sabian Miami Dolphins, I would prefer a coach that goes the other direction, one comes to mind Jim Harbaugh he went from coaching UC San Diego and developed quite a nice Little football program,, then was hired by Stanford, and most of us in San Diego thought party's over but no he turned around Stanford, and now with the 49er's and they are not doing to bad, Sorry for the rambling post but with everybody upset at Bo me included I just do not want us to do some knee jerk reaction to get rid of him and in the process pick up somebody like Bill Calalhan, Harbaugh wasn't at UCSD, he was at U. of San Diego. Toreros baby! Just felt the need to point that out since no one ever talks about my alma mater
  11. ***Official Michigan St. Game Discussion***

    yeah, beck, quit fumbling so much!
  12. ***Official Michigan St. Game Discussion***

    i can't believe how many people are upset with Beck...in no way was that interception his fault. just a bad read and throw by the quarterback. i know everyone wants to run all the time but you have to sprinkle in a few passes so they don't line up their entire team in the box. that was supposed to be a short, simple throw.
  13. ***Predict the Michigan St. Score, Passing and Rushing Yards***

    MSU 27 NU 10 Rush 90 Pass 110