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  1. Last to post wins

    First post of the new HB format. I win.
  2. LOVE IT

    1. admo


      I know, you dig the most! (Pulp Fiction)

  3. Huskers Night at Kauffman Stadium

    I was at the game as well! Hat's were pretty cool but I liked last years better.
  4. Last to post wins

    Today is my day.
  5. Last to post wins

  6. Last to post wins

    Remember when we almost lost to McNeese State? I wemember.
  7. 2017 NBA Finals - Cavs vs. Warriors

    Just set the record! What a long game. Refs are taking over the game.
  8. Space

    100 years ago powered flight was a fantasy. Today air travel is so common EVERYONE does it. It used to take a year to sail around the world. Today you could legit circumnavigate the globe in two days - maybe one with good connection flights. Do you really think we won't have technological breakthroughs that drastically cut travel time from here to other stars in the next century? How will that happen if we don't strive to advance technology? To think of the sustainable water needed, vasts amounts of rich soil, perfect atmosphere in regards to chemical composition, shields of radiation, perfect gravitational pull, plate tectonics, constant weather that is able to be livable by all forms of life there is no chance there is a civilization that is in any way similar to ours. Fermi Paradox Technically we don't need all that to survive on another planet/moon. There are ways to get around weather, tectonics, radiation, and even the atmosphere. Out of curiosity do you believe in global warming?
  9. Last to post wins

    Almost 11 years since this thread began
  10. Last to post wins

  11. Last to post wins

    Yo yo yo
  12. Going to games. Now I would rather just watch them on TV.
  13. Last to post wins

    The grass smells a little greener today.
  14. Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter Good Lord I'm young. Thank you.
  15. Does anyone know what the song in the background is that has been going on all night?