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    Purdue Week Pressers

    What am i missing? I heard Scott say it was a winnable game. Did he say more than that? I mean - technically, all games are winnable. If that's what gets Purdue "up", then more power to them?
  2. Dilly Dilly

    The "Mike Riley" curse...

    Wasn't sure where to put this, but here's as good as any -- I urge you to listen to the latest "Husker Doc Talk" - Rob Z has basically been saying since before the season that if we won 5 games, we should be thrilled. (I was like, 'blah blah blah', Scott will turn this thing around fast! Bzz, wrong). He talked me down from the ledge a bit. I wasn't really on the ledge, but was about to climb up. One thing he did keep emphasizing was how Riley just completely destroyed this team and it's going to take awhile to rid ourselves of his "curse". (Not those words, exactly, but same diff). My thought process was that of, "we're going a little overboard with this blaming EVERYTHING on Riley", but after listening to Rob Z, he was adamant that all the blame is well placed on Riley and that it will turn around but will take time. He and other former players know that it's going to turn around based on what they're seeing Scott do, but that culture was just more broken than any of us casual fans even knew. Skip to about 8 minutes in to get to actual football discussion https://huskerdoctalk.podbean.com/
  3. What's worse, Li'l Red, or Philly Flyers new mascot, Gritty



    1. GSG


      Hard to choose. Both are the things of nightmares 

    2. CheeseHusker


      Looks like he's coked to the eyeballs.

    3. chamrocck


      Best thing I saw today.  Stuff it Van Pelt!

  4. Dilly Dilly

    What happened to Washington?

    Not all of it was his fault. However, there comes a time in life that you make the most of what opportunities you ARE given. Now would be a good time for him to learn that life in general is full of bad Olines in front of you (metaphorically speaking), and do what you can to overcome. If not, opportunities to shine are going to be fewer and farther between.
  5. Dilly Dilly

    What happened to Washington?

    Maybe he got hurt? He was gimpy after the one play and they showed him going to the bench.
  6. Dilly Dilly

    Player sideline demeanor was disappointing

    I need to see every player completely tense on the sideline, and devoid of emotion - that will make them play better. </sarcasm>
  7. Compete and fight, and never give up. Scoreboard doesn't matter (to me this year) - just want to see them with fight.
  8. Dilly Dilly

    MGoBlog - Fee Fi Foe Film: Nebraska Offense 2018

    I enjoyed reading some of the comments. We're a practice game to many. I hope that's how the coach and players feel, too.
  9. My first name here was "Got Carl?" In reference to a joke video made when Bo first got here - he had a tshirt that had that (instead of Got Milk?). Then I switched to "FlipPhone" after Corey Clement made the comment that we were like a flip phone and that is definitely my personality anyway (despite not having ANY cell phone). Then I switched to the current "Dilly Dilly" based on a stupid commercial series, and pretty much instantly regretted it, despite the fact I thought about it for a week, and now stuck with due to the rule of only changing once a year.... so in December, when I'm allowed to change,, I will unveil my new name, and hopefully it isnt taken by then.
  10. And this will lead to having an identity again. Can't wait!
  11. There were a lot of positives to take away, even in disappointment. This is the time where the team will come together, and realize they need to lean on one another, and i think we will see that manifest on the field sooner rather than later. The future is bright, despite what it feels like now.
  12. Dilly Dilly

    Other Teams with Coaching Changes

    The clip he showed of Chip getting on his kid, is just so incredibly tame. I don't understand why this guy is so upset. Hey, Dad - it's called, COACHING. See if any other coach would have reacted any differently. Probably most would be 10x worse. I do like the reactions to the tweet.
  13. Dilly Dilly

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    I start every game with the thought they're going to win. I have been quite wrong a lot lately, but yes, unless i see them come out of the tunnel with bad body language there is that thought in my head they're going to ball out every play and take care of business every single game. I will think nothing less at Michigan. One of these damned times, I will be RIGHT for a change.
  14. Dilly Dilly

    Why It's Not as Bad as It Feels

    Oh geez, no - he, nor the team, would be satisfied to make just 2-3 fewer mistakes - they want NO mistakes. I was stating in terms of record wise, and admit it, there'd be a little less negativity if we were sitting at an ugly 2-0, rather than a ugly but promising 0-2.
  15. Dilly Dilly

    Offensive line play

    Interesting. I noticed a difference between the two, tho, the UCF guys immediatly all got back up. Our players just played possum. edit: oh, and they also made contact with the defensive players. So there's that, too. Boy, we really didn't do it right at all.
  16. Dilly Dilly

    Why It's Not as Bad as It Feels

    Yeah, the lack of ability to pick up first downs in short yardage is a little concerning right now. I agree - maybe time to start throwing in a few passing plays to mix it up.
  17. Dilly Dilly

    Why It's Not as Bad as It Feels

    Back to the original topic .... boil it down to this -- erase 2 or 3 mistakes, and we're 2-0.. Takes time to develop better habits.
  18. Dilly Dilly

    Offensive line play

    Looking for any reason for this, and looks like Seattle had a similar 'issue' last fall - https://www.sbnation.com/2017/9/25/16363040/seattle-seahawks-offensive-line-failing-very-badly-whiffed-blocks
  19. Dilly Dilly

    Offensive line play

    Going to rename the "Pipeline" to the "Ashes Line" (as in, ashes ashes we all fall down)
  20. Dilly Dilly

    Offensive line play

    WTF is going on?
  21. Dilly Dilly

    Questions to Ponder

  22. Dilly Dilly

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    When i started the "Top Concerns" thread, i cited that special teams was my very top concern. I wanted Dewit to prove me wrong. He's not. I also focused on Frost's first season at UCF rather than the fantasy 2nd season. Hoped i was wrong about how it would look ugly this year, and wanted to be proven wrong again. They're not.
  23. Regarding Sharp Objects - i remember seeing it mentioned here, so i thought I'd give it a try tonight. Not realizing that that the stupid cable company had the episodes in reverse order, i watched the last one first. Oopsie. ''Twas disappointing because i thought that was the beginning of it and there was a whole really interesting story to come.
  24. Dilly Dilly

    Coach Cook - 700 Wins

    And, he wasn't even the best coach we had on campus last year!