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  1. Do you think they'd cut spring break short if I asked nicely?  I am in need of a practice news fix.

    1. VectorVictor


      You really want to be the guy that peels the co-eds off of the football players in Florida/Arizona/Mexico to tell them to practice sooner?


      Damn, Double-D, you must have one Dilly Dilly of a deathwish. 

    2. NUance


      That's just silly silly. 

  2. Big 12 Quiz

    I'm tempted to LIKE it, and freak the person out about getting a notification on a post from 2003.
  3. Most Rewatchable Movies

    the weird part about that movie is that the first time around it's like, "Man, this is so stupid, why are people so enamored with it???!!" And then it happens to come on again some time down the road and it just starts to grow on you. It's got a lot of subtle humor.
  4. OK - i just ran across one that looked intriguing- Tabula Rasa .. till I saw the stinkin' subtitles. I wonder though ... since i usually "watch" with my glasses off as i'm falling asleep - maybe i should keep it on and through osmosis learn a foreign language.
  5. Most Rewatchable Movies

    Shawshank Redemption is a popular choice here, and I guess i could add it to my list as well. I forgot one - Airplane (I might sneak in Napoleon Dynamite, too, if no one is looking)
  6. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    Man, so many wounds and so much salt. I think i gave out my quota of +1's in this thread alone because each and everything mentioned stings like a ... <insert favorite profanity here>
  7. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    I feel like i'm taking crazy pills after reading your quoted part (didn't flow to this post)... like, didnt the team just go undefeated, and the previous S&C head guy got some national recognition, and nutrition was a big part of what the previous staff did? "Their bodies are changing" ... from undefeated form, to what, exactly?
  8. 'Last Tunnel Walk' Makes Way to Memorial Stadium

    What a coincidence- mine instantly kicked in, too.
  9. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    Seems like A LOT of things should have been obvious, but instead of obvious, they turned oblivious instead.
  10. Key to UCF's Success? Coaches Doing Less

    I think the refs just got tired because of the pace and needed a breather every now and then.
  11. Changes to Spring Practice and the Spring Game

    The frustrating part about them cutting it short - it wasn't even on tv live- they just pulled the plug while the game was still going on while only on BTN2Go (or whatever they call it)
  12. I'll go through and see what i thought was intriguing until they started speaking and let ya know.
  13. Most Rewatchable Movies

    Office Space Monte Python and the Holy Grail (tho I haven't seen it in years) Young Frankenstein
  14. Huskers Look to Revive Running Game

    I usually had the UCF game going on my iPad while the Huskers were on the gigantic 4KHD tv. I wont lie - my eyes were mostly on the apple device during the roughest stretches.
  15. Huskers Look to Revive Running Game

    Well, not sure i agree about lack of horses, considering that over 60 guys were on both the winless and the undefeated teams.
  16. anyone else annoyed at the number of new intriguing looking shows on Netflix, that turn out to be foreign, with subtitles? It's a gripe for me for sure, because i don't actually WATCH much tv - I mostly listen. Hard to do with foreign productions w/subtitles.
  17. One of my all time fav's! Thanks for the reminder.
  18. Broken Chair Remade

    And is a snappy dresser
  19. Pre-Spring Presser - March 14

    Herbie knows Frost is at NEBRASKA, right? (He didnt go to another Florida school)
  20. Broken Chair Remade

    One was created organically, the other by Diaco, a known cray-cray.
  21. Only 113 pages of Huskerboard ago we hired a coach no one ever heard of.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. krc1995


      Were 85 pages of that the Scott Frost thread 

    3. Danimal


       I still remember that drive to work when I tuned to Sports Nightly and heard we made that hire, the folks in the care next to probably thought I was nuts.  

    4. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      Even back then, there were a fair number of people wishing for Frost.  I didnt personally want him then, but wanted a coach who was a proven winner rather than a .500 guy.  Kind of knew we'd be headed down this path.  (As did many)

  22. JUCO RB Dedrick Mills

    Hmmm. First - where are we getting another scholarship to give when we need at least 4 to leave already? Second, do we want to get a guy who has a history of issues - whatever those issues are?
  23. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC

    Hip Hip!
  24. Husker Pro Day Today

    Would love to revisit this a year from now and see what the next "crop" does.
  25. Tyjon Lindsey

    Promotes comradery.