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  1. Think back to when Riley was hired...

    I have a FB post somewhere to prove it, but essentially: "Eichorst and Nebraska can't afford to screw this up (after firing Pelini). Eichorst better cross his fingers that Riley gets better"
  2. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    I heard Urban was using last night as an "interview".
  3. Trump's Tax Plan

    I don't get how this isn't straight forward. Yes, it is essentially saying 2.7million deaths that passed on "something", that is what an "estate" is. Whether it is a record collection or a 10000 acre ranch, it is an estate. Whether it is worth $5 or $50,000,000, it is an estate. Most estates, as shown in the graphic, are "minimal". Especially after medical expenses, funerals, and other debts are paid off. But I do really like your idea of creating exceptions for people who continue to operate the farms or businesses. That is straight thinking and common sense.
  4. Trump's cabinet

    Somehow I believe this is the IQ test Trump took as it rolled through his Twitter feed. Just imagine his reaction when he was able to read it.....
  5. Trump's America

    The only bowing I'll ever do in front of this man if given the chance is to turn away, bow down, and proceed to slide my pants down just past my crack.
  6. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the concern the fact that Trump Jr and members of the campaign held that meeting at all with the understanding they would get dirt on Clinton? I mean, Trump Jr said from the beginning that no information was gained. And he was disappointed. As far as I know, no one has accused them of using info gained in this meeting. The problem was they were willing to meet with foreign officials to discuss U.S. elections. Trump Sr. and Trump Jr. both said, on the record, they were hoping for dirt. I don't care what the point of the meeting was, our President for whatever reason thought they had dirt on Clinton. Maybe he should have waited for all the facts to come out before he opened that butthole below his nose. As with everything else, people will say "oh, not as bad as it seemed" and move on to something else. Completely missing the point that the "best case scenario" for this circus is what we as a society used to call "screwing up" with other Presidents.... This is all just f'ing embarrassing.
  7. Where do we go from here?

    I guess I was just speaking of the team's record in general. Let me amend it to say I don't think he'd get fired after going 7-5 as much as it sucks.
  8. Where do we go from here?

    I think this is the case, too. Especially if the Huskers were to finish 7-5 and then win the bowl game (a real possibility assuming the they won't face a world beater). 8-5 sucks, but it would be hard to justify canning him after year 3 with that. My guess is we would repeat this whole process for at least another year. Minnesota, Northwestern, Iowa, and Purdue just got a lot more interesting......
  9. Gerrymandering

    Any idea when a ruling will be made?
  10. Get lit

    I kind of like "Hocus Focus".... I could handle that name Mods?
  11. Get lit

    Ok, you're right. I'll keep bitching.... or maybe not...
  12. 8 games left....How many of them do we win?

    Huskers lose to Wisconsin, Ohio State, Penn State, and Iowa.... Why: because they are tougher.... Huskers should beat Illinois and Northwester, but Purdue and Minnesota may be tougher outs than people expect.
  13. Get lit

    Before this turns into a long discussion; I have zero problems with players having fun. I really don't have a problem with coaches celebrating. I've followed runs down the sideline with fist in the air before and have been a huge cheerleader. My problem with this is that it is 2 plays after the go ahead touchdown. Let the fans and teammates be happy and pump up the defense. I just don't see why a staff member needs to be acting like he's at a party in that situation. In my mind: he should be reminding those guys that there is still 17 minutes left and to be ready to finish it off. Again, just my "unfun"husker opinion.
  14. Get lit

    Personal preference I guess. I want focus when a game is still in doubt. Instead of a coach "having a party", I would appreciate him making sure my offensive players are ready to get on the field to seal the deal. I just think there is a huge difference between "loose" and "not focused". I know.