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  1. Poll: Scientific consensus

    So scientists are wrong about human contributions to climate change, because there might be evidence that volcanoes also contribute? (being intentionally facetious here ) Of course there are multiple angles to each of these topics, and hopefully they are approached using sound science. This thread was to discuss how people deny science even when there is consensus. There is consensus GMO's are safe to eat, there is definitely NOT a consensus if GMO's make our world better.
  2. Poll: Scientific consensus

    To bring the GMO topic back to the discussion: the question was "Are GMO's safe to eat". Scientists have found no evidence over the last 20 years that found GMO's could be dangerous for humans to consume. https://ag.purdue.edu/GMOs/Pages/GMOsandHealth.aspx
  3. Seriously???? Some people just need to grow up

    Glad they are okay. But a small home may be a better investment for them this time, at least until they actually learn how to sail....
  4. Parrella

    I can appreciate the humor in the irony . But there is a huge difference between the two staffs. One was routinely finding themselves in the bottom 50% of the PAC12, the other just came off of an undefeated season and major Bowl win.
  5. UNL White Nationalist

    Great movie!
  6. Trump's America

    Apparently "Big Brother" is still a show and Omorosa is a contestant. On tonight's episode she is whispering how fearful she is of the direction Trump is taking the country as she tries to build an "alliance". .....and I'm not joking
  7. Damn you Maryland!!!

    We start football for the school in 7th grade. I would much rather have a 7th grader that has played only flag football than a lot of the "club kids" we get. Our first tackling drills are interesting, the kids with no experience are usually better at it. I think they are better at it because they take the teaching and pay attention to the form. Our "club kids" go out there and try to put on a highlight reel of big hits; it's sad (and kind of funny at the same time) to watch them completely whiff on the kid that has played tackle football for all of 3 days...
  8. Trump's America

    I think Kiyoat was doing his Trump impersonation...
  9. I have never watch "Lord of the Rings". It is on Netflix now so I gave it a chance this morning. I made it about 35 minutes in and tapped out. There was no way I was going to make it another 2-1/2 hours.
  10. The Nunes Memo has been released

    Honest question: has the dossier been "debunked"? I know there are a lot of interesting things in there that have not been corroborated, like the Russian prostitute stories. But what about the boring financial stuff? The stuff that actually matters.
  11. SOTUS - Trump's first - will it be his last

    That's not odd at all. The average between your poll and knapp's poll show that 60% to be very believable. My informal poll: I'm FB friends with 3 vets, and they all think he's a dope, one of them is a Republican. It doesn't matter, just adding to the sample size.
  12. S&P reached a record high in January

    But then wouldn't the "tech bubble growing" get credit for the market growth before it popped? Or banks and housing markets causing growth in 2009? How much credit should Clinton or Bush get for the growth if we we're not going to give them credit for the decline?
  13. S&P reached a record high in January

    A person can't deny the current success of the market. People can discuss who deserves credit. But the conversation that doesn't seem to happen, assuming it's the Republican ideology driving this, is that it could have also occurred under Kasich, Rubio, Bush, or a list of about 15 other candidates that would have been happy to sign the tax bill. The problem people have with Trump isn't necessarily that he is a Republican. The problem is that he is a bull in china shop, really bad at assigning people to positions, and just really bad at being a manager; something he was elected to do. Not to mention all the stupid tweets and making the rest of the world lose a ton of respect for our nation. If your proud of the republican success, I disagree with a lot of it, but I can understand that thought process. If you're proud of "Trump", well, I don't know what to say....people are gonna be people.
  14. SOTUS - Trump's first - will it be his last

    I think he thought your comment was referring to Trump. As did I