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  1. Funny vids & GIFs

    Meanwhile, these people are waiting for their Bud Light bottles.....
  2. New material for the 71 vs 95 Huskers debate...



    1. knapplc


      Rich Glover would have been a monster in the 2009 defense, I can tell you that. Would he have been Ndamukong Suh? Hard to say. Also hard to say if Suh would have been Rich Glover in 1971.

    2. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      I think Suh would've done just fine in the early 70's. Clubbing, stomping and rag dolling people wasn't illegal then, it was just considered football. ;)

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      Can you imagine Suh going up against 240lb offensive linemen?  Oh lawd.

  3. Trump Foreign Policy

  4. The Republican Utopia

    Yep. Me either.
  5. The Republican Utopia

    Weren't the people he pardoned in already in jail when the standoff happened? I don't agree with the pardon, these men were convicted by a jury of peers. But I don't remember them being part of the standoff, I think they even told the Bundy's to not drag their names into it. Edit: Yeah, Jennifer Jacobs needs to dial it back a bit....I guess, technically, they did "clash with federal officials", but she makes it seem like they were part of the armed stand off.
  6. Trump's America

    Was talking to my wife about this tonight. She is a NICU nurse and has attended many several feeding conferences herself and routinely works with lactation consultants. She says this is an "old" conversation that has finally had a spotlight put onto it. Apparently, the consensus among the "breast feeding professionals" isn't about greed from the formula companies like Similac, but higher up. The thought is that the U.S. would rather have women feel comfortable returning to work and not breast feeding if they feel formula is an equal (if not better) alternative. If women were told that breast feeding is healthier, they might want something like 12 month maternity leave. WIC checks paying for formula is an investment in not expanding paid maternity leave.
  7. CB Javin Wright

    Man, I forgot all about him getting hired there....
  8. Eradicating Diseases

    Laws are generally for irresponsible people. Most people know that driving 100mph down I-80 is dumb, but we have speed limits because of "some people". Most people know taking something that doesn't belong to them is wrong, but there are laws about theft because of "some people". If "some people" don't want to see laws requiring vaccination, I have an idea: do the smart and responsible thing.
  9. Dems Rebuild

    My oversimplified solution: require kids to go through 10th grade. Then They can the either be done, go to trade school for free, or enter into a 2 year university prep school for free. This would allow a lot of kids the chance to enter workforce earlier. And also make 11th and 12th grade much more rigorous allowing the universities to teach more. My sister is a stats professor in MN. She is continually amazed at simple concepts she had to teach college students.
  10. Maurice Washington

    How so? Just answer each question as "culturally biased" and guilt them into passing?
  11. The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    I agree Give me someone late 50's early 60's to vote for. They are old enough to know how the world works, and young enough to live and witness some of the consequences of their administration.
  12. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    ^^^There were a lot of things "said" in that article. "I'm not a villain of this story.." : What story? Who is the villain? "I stand behind our intelligence services and their findings..." : so there is a story ? As far as Stormy Daniels: sounds like a lot there, for there being no "there" there.... And even about Trumps border policy: sounds like Mr Cohen even admits Trump handled it differently than past Presidents (who knew......)
  13. I think if the people nominated are involved in something they can also be impeached and removed from office. But under our system, our Senate "should" be doing background checks and interviews to make sure the person is qualified for the position. If they are approving people just because the President "says so", then they aren't doing their jobs. And no, I don't think the Senate is doing their jobs with these nominations. That's on them, not the President. I'm sure it has always been this way, but it seems to be really obvious now with some of the nominations....
  14. To the follow up: I'd say "no". That is why the Senate confirmations are so important and should be done with due diligence.
  15. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    +1 And if HD suffers, then you were right. Even if we disagree on whether tariffs are good or bad for America. Which brings us back to the point, many pundits that warned of this were right