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  1. I don't know if it's fair to say Alvarez micromanages and meddles (I have no frame of reference). However, the national perception of Wisconsin is that Alvarez is the biggest reason they've maintained their relatively high level of success through multiple coaching changes. What exactly that means... I can't say. But, I do believe there's a lot of truth to it. He sets the tone, expectations and core values around that place. I think @brophog worded it pretty well: "I'm not one to assume he meddles, but there are pretty substantial coincidences as to both the record of these coaches outside Wisconsin and a commonality in how they run their programs. It's therefore natural for people to look for a common link."
  2. Buy In

    That makes more sense and especially agree with the bolded.
  3. Buy In

    I don't think we need to operate in such absolutes, though. I don't mean to pick on you Chimi but I've seen this before and it gets under my skin a bit. The fans are financial stakeholders in a public university and that relationship demands a measure of access. I also don't know if there's a better way to do it over the other i.e. more access vs. less access. I think less is ultimately best for a variety of reasons but that's just my personal belief.
  4. Buy In

    I completely agree but there is a small paradox with what you're saying in the bolded - there is no alternative or 'other' way to replace the access they lost. That's the crux of the concern for some of them. I've been saying the following since the spring, too: anecdotally, I feel like some people are overblowing the media's stake in this. I've only seen a small portion of media members discuss the access changes in a negative light in the last several months. Again, that's just my experience so it's very possible I've missed some things. Most of them seem to have taken an 'it is what it is' stance. I haven't seen Sam negatively reference it since the spring and he got roasted for it.
  5. Buy In

    I don't begrudge Sam his opinion and he's certainly not the only media member who complained about closed practices. In reality, it's like any other profession - anything that changes and makes it more difficult to do your job is naturally going to be met with frustration. That said, it is irritating to hear them make not-so-subtle complaints about it again and again. It's just one of those things that needs to be let go and (for the most part) I think it will be.
  6. Buy In

    I think we can safely say it's more than a feeling at this point. The media was allotted approximately 30 minutes to view the team all spring, a far cry from last season (and Riley's mentality) which allowed for heavy media coverage and let reporters watch full practices with regularity. I think there are pros and cons to both but I personally prefer the more reserved method that Frost (and even Pelini) implemented. I think the fan base sometimes needs to be protected from itself. We don't need to know everything all the time and practices should be a place for kids to fail and learn rather than worry about some reporter tweeting out all their dropped passes.
  7. The 'kids are at their peak physical performance in the morning' philosophy is something I've been meaning to look more into for some time because I've often heard different claims about what time of day is best for exercise. Some experts will say between the hours of 3-6 p.m. In fact, I remember watching a documentary (maybe five or six years ago) about a premiere UFC fighter who was manipulating his body clock so that he would wake up late morning or early afternoon and workout in the evenings (exactly at the same time his upcoming fight was going to be). He claimed his body was its best this amount of hours after waking up but also that it would give him an advantage during the fight because his body would be used to exerting itself at the same time. A lot of it probably comes down to the sport, workout plans and then just preference. Sounds like one of their biggest reasons for doing this is to give the kids' bodies more hours to recover before Saturday games. Given that we're moving towards a more physical mentality, this should all help during the grind of the season.
  8. Wow - we just returned from our honeymoon yesterday and had wonderful support from our family and friends throughout the whole wedding process, ceremony, reception... you name it! Couldn't be happier and Barbados was terrific. Highly recommend renting a car if you ever visit there - driving on the opposite side of the road is laughably dangerous to get used to the first time. :lol:

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      Best part - no anniversary will ever be in conflict with a Husker game.  

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      Wonderful! We were in Barbados in February. Gorgeous island. So happy for you two!

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      Comfortably Numb

      Congrats on your getting hitched :thumbs

  9. Chinander on Sharp & Benning

    I really enjoy listening to Chinander's perspective and candor.
  10. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Here it is - basically this segment until 3:50 -> So, he does anecdotally claim that Oregon never comes up. I think we can agree that's probably not 100% true in all cases but there it is.
  11. ***2019 Recruiting***

    You'd probably have to hear the question that was posed to him as I'm not relaying it with 100% accuracy. Ultimately, I believe the point he was making is along the lines of your second sentence there. A small percentage of players mention or bring up Oregon specifically but it's otherwise not a huge discussion point. If I can find the link I'll share it.
  12. ***2019 Recruiting***

    I think there's a lot of truth to this. For example, I remember Mike Schaefer was asked this week if Frost's Oregon days are ever mentioned by recruits during interviews/discussions. Schaefer said no. He suggested the more often talked about things are UCF's success last year and/or just the kind of offense Frost operates in general. Schaefer also said recruits tend to believe they're the guy who can fix or fill a problem on a team, so they're not always concerned about how a program did the previous year. He cited Tennessee as an example of how a program can be a relative dumpster fire but still recruit fairly well.
  13. Frost’s QB Room

    If a poll was put out today predicting who would start, I think you would see some measure of advantage toward Martinez. Whoever actually has a lead is still largely unknown. Verduzco said he's essentially looking at four categories when judging the players. It sounds like his pre-fall evaluation is still in full swing and, in the next few weeks, he'll sit down with each player and lay out exactly where they are, what they need to work on and how they need to position themselves to succeed. I guess he's also making them sign the evaluation and forwarding it on to their parents which is kind of cool.