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  1. Riley is still our coach

    Pelini was, statistically, a better coach than Riley at Nebraska. Guess how much matters? Nothing at all.
  2. Riley "Never Considered" Making A Change At QB

    What a dumpster fire that's been, yeah? For being so 'talented' and for having one of the best natural recruiting grounds in the country...
  3. 2017 Season Prediction Thread

    Ugh, stop. My expectations feel shameful now.
  4. Riley "Never Considered" Making A Change At QB

    From what I remember, the bolded is inaccurate. Lee also considered LSU but Nebraska had the advantage on him for awhile. As for the film study, that's difficult to say. Like knapplc said, the Lee we saw in the spring game versus the Lee we see today is pretty incredible and in a bad way. Say what you will about the pressure of a live game scenario, but I would've bet a substantial amount of money following the spring game Lee would at least be an above average quarterback.
  5. FWIW: Shatel was on The Bottom Line today and said he thinks Nebraska already has an AD in mind and a coach. But, he said he wasn't going to write about it and didn't have any hard evidence to support the claim, so it's basically just a fun rumor nugget for everyone.
  6. I think they want to make a statement with the interim position and, possibly, set the culture tone early for what they're trying to do. Otherwise, I don't know why you hold off this long.
  7. Riley "Never Considered" Making A Change At QB

    Perhaps the answer to this is just finding ways to take responsibility out of Lee's hands. Easier said than done but it's clear his decision making isn't there and he's especially struggling with man under coverage. For example, limit Lee's options. Give him one or two reads with a safety dump off to a running back. Or, what about a play action rollout with a dump off to a TE or FB out of the backfield? If his read isn't there then get him to dump the ball or throw it away. Unfortunately, we've seen Lee stare down wide receivers and still loft gimme balls. If they dumb this down for him and he's still making those errors, he has to be held accountable. He can't just continue to misread man under coverage, throw picks and trot back out onto the field. It's unacceptable. I think Riley made a good point in Saturday's pre-game interview, too: one of the best ways to help a struggling quarterback and iffy pass protection is to run the ball effectively. The line isn't doing Lee or the team a lot of favors in this area. Every yard is still a fight... even on that 97-yard scoring drive from last weekend. They're just not built to handle a QB struggling this much even if all the struggles aren't entirely his fault.
  8. Riley "Never Considered" Making A Change At QB

    Yep - I remember hearing that this morning, too. It's a legitimate thing to worry and wonder about as a coach. I can see arguments either way. I remember thinking it was time to bring in POB this past Saturday after the pick six, but I'm also not privvy to what they see during the week's preparation. Regardless, I think there are two problems: it's disappointing Lee is playing like this and that he can't seem to get better, and it's disappointing there's nobody else who has proven to the coaches they can do better on this roster. If Lee really is the best we've got... that's a tough situation.
  9. Why I like Scott Frost

    I'm not entirely sure why, but that article from Lee rubs me the wrong way. I know a lot of people are talking about the Nebraska position and who could be the next head coach, but it seems a bit premature to be having this discussion in that medium. Maybe I just feel guilty for Riley even though his team is struggling. Seems like it's one thing to talk about it in private or a message board, but to then have a prominent writer basically say 'Frost is ready to lead Nebraska.' I don't know, maybe I'm being too soft. I'm still largely unconvinced Frost would be interested in coaching here, but I have nothing to back up that claim.
  10. I feel like they would've named Boehm the interim from the get go if that's who they wanted. Since they haven't, I imagine they wanted to try a few other people first.
  11. Riley is still our coach

    I just moved several posts to the Woodshed. Attack the post not the poster, please. Carry on.
  12. What did we learn-Game 4 Rutgers

    He was voted a team captain before the season started so there must have been some reason(s) this happened.
  13. The end of the NFL. CTE will kill it if the

    I see why this was posted in the Husker football forum, but this is more related to a larger issue in sports. Moving the thread to a more appropriate forum.
  14. Blinders for hometown candidates?

    Truth is, would Scott Frost be talked about here near as much if he 1) hadn't played here and 2) wasn't part of the good ol' glory days? The answer is no, he wouldn't be. The single biggest reason he's being talked about so much is because he's the low hanging fruit most Nebraska fans know about. He is improving his résumé and seems to blossoming into a good coach, but otherwise, he does not have significant separation from several other candidates who have been mentioned on the board in recent weeks.
  15. Who should we hire

    @Hayseed, only mods/admins should have the power to see who +1's a post, at least that's my understanding. I can see all three people who liked your post in question and they're active members.