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  1. Racism - It's a real thing.

    I know, by enabling an unfair narrative about people you don't know and a situation you know nothing about. That's a disingenuous and disappointing tactic, regardless of the discussion you're trying to have. Of course people don't have to be killed by cops, especially based on the color of their skin and the actions. People of all races and backgrounds assault cops every single day and most of them don't die. A discussion about whether law enforcement kills people of color at a disproportionately higher rate or racial biases in law enforcement are incredibly valuable topics. Having this general discussion is valuable. But presenting that tweet in that fashion is unjust and can be easily interpreted as trying to draw a negative response from others.
  2. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    This was ultimately my takeaway, too. Martinez provided a level of fluidity we didn't see from the other players. I believe he also had the best touchdown efficiency compared to the other QB's.
  3. QB matchups announced for Spring Game

    If the season started next weekend and Vedral was eligible, he very well may be the starter. But, we've got a long way to go until September including all of the summer workouts, 7 on 7 and then fall camp. I think there's a very good chance the 'best' player coming out of spring practice may not be the starter week one. My current inkling is that Vedral will still be ineligible once the season rolls around so, at some point, the coaches will have to start prioritizing reps and preparation to the guys who can play.
  4. Racism - It's a real thing.

    But it's clear the video isn't just 'interesting' to you, Fru. You're using it as evidence to drive a narrative. I mean, you literally posted three paragraphs to defend yourself and ended it by saying what we know your honest intent is here (in bold). You've also been more explicit in posts since this one. Why beat around the bush? I'm not saying your discussion is wrong to have. What's wrong is the artful misrepresentation. Second of all, the specific tweet you shared here came from a man who's saying 'if that had been me who attacked the cop (aka a black man), I would've been shot and become another martyr for cop vs. black violence.' I know you know this. Which leads me back to the points I again raise - why is this video sufficient enough evidence to buoy that conversation? What is it proving? What are the details of that arrest? What do we know about those police officers - are they racist, are they not? Have they been accused of racial profiling in previous arrests? Without knowledge of the answers, the 'interest' in that video smells like a lot of misleading garbage just to stir the pot.
  5. Racism - It's a real thing.

    The discussion about law enforcement and how they interact with the citizenry is a worthy topic, particularly as it relates racial profiling. I believe BRI would agree with that, as well. But, let me ask why this video serves as sufficient enough evidence to buoy that conversation? What is it proving? What are the details of that arrest? What do we know about those police officers - are they racist, are they not? Have they been accused of racial profiling in previous arrests? Perhaps there are answers to those questions to explain the video, but presenting that video in that fashion seems wildly disingenuous, no?
  6. Racism - It's a real thing.

    I think we always need to be careful about correlating events in different parts of the country involving different groups of people. Case in point, I think it's pretty disheartening and inappropriate to post a video of officers fighting a white male and indirectly submit it as evidence of racial bias among law enforcement. I'm specifically referencing the Twitter user, but I disagree with Fru's appropriation of it as well. We don't know a thing about those officers or that man. We don't know anything about why that situation unfolded as it did. Perhaps they are racist officers and a minority man would've caused the situation to unfold differently. Or, perhaps they're really damn good at doing their job and protecting everyone in the community. Context over martyrdom.
  7. Spring Game Rosters

    (Over-analysis incoming) I'm genuinely wondering if Will Honas being on white is about more than just depth. Nick Bahe interviewed Ruud yesterday on Game Time and asked Ruud who he thought had been standing out, who Ruud was going to the other coaches to say good things about after practice, etc. Ruud mentioned 3-4 players and Honas wasn't one of them. Bahe then followed up by asking 'what do you think about Will Honas?' Ruud (paraphrasing here) said something along the lines of he needs to be more sure of his decisions but that he's been working hard and going after it every day. Then this morning, DB (in his usual, mystical wizardry) said what Ruud said yesterday aligned with DB's personal evaluation after having seen practice recently, and now that Ruud said something, DB felt it was OK to start diving into Honas a bit more and the 'assumed starter' tag people have been giving him. My vibe is that Honas may not be where people think he is right now i.e. he's not a sure starter. (Over-analysis ending)
  8. I think the bolded is largely because TM did not portray intellectual confidence in really any setting, particularly when he had to speak publicly. There are some other anecdotal examples I heard from people who shared classes with him but I'm hesitant to just completely throw him under the bus. I guess what I would say, as politely as I can, is I never felt comfortable with his decision making and this was especially true after that injury.
  9. Spring Game Rosters

    Since the Red team appears to have a lot of expected starters, I think it's hard to take Verduzco's comments about the quarterbacks completely serious. They've put both Gebbia and Martinez on the offense with the best set of playmakers, generally speaking.
  10. Poll- Curved bill cap vs Flat bill cap

    100% agree with that.
  11. Poll- Curved bill cap vs Flat bill cap

    I think the presentation is the important bit because (in reality) most MLB hats are technically 'flat bill' these days. KB's is a flat bill. That's also why it was tough for me to vote in the poll. All of my newer baseball hats are all technically flat bill and I wear them regularly. Most of the hats I wear to mow, workout, etc., are all curved.
  12. Poll- Curved bill cap vs Flat bill cap

    The poll question does.
  13. Poll- Curved bill cap vs Flat bill cap

    So are we calling most MLB players young, clueless dbags now? Or does this not count as a flat bill?
  14. Huskers vs. B1G West

    In that sense, I can agree. Perlman did a lot of great things for the university from an education standpoint but he's one of the biggest reasons (if not the biggest) Nebraska football has been underwhelming for almost two decades. I believe he did the right thing bringing TO in and I think TO made a solid hire in 2008, but Perlman lost a lot of that goodwill with everything that went down surrounding TO's retirement and SE's hiring.