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  1. Enhance

    User Ranks

    Yep, but it would only go with the 'max' rank and would just get added on as somebody hits one of the new thresholds after the max rank is achieve. So, Scout through Wizard would stay as is. Then, since I have almost 12,500 posts, my rank might show up as: Enhance Legend But, since you're above 50,000, maybe you have the max rank at this: Mavric Legend
  2. Enhance

    User Ranks

    I think the dots are fine. What I was thinking of was more along the lines of adding something to the name itself. For example, based on the current system: Legend (maybe this is for 12,500 posts) Legend (maybe this is for 15,000 posts) Legend (maybe this is for 20,000 posts) Those are comically large, but you get the picture. The increments don't matter so much to me but just giving a general idea.
  3. Enhance

    User Ranks

    I like some of those @admo, but: - the order is a bit wonky. - personally, I know Rimington has an award named after him, but there's no Husker football as we know it today without Bob Devaney or Tom Osborne. They have to be somewhere near the pinnacle of all this. - Not crazy about 25+ ranks. I could handle the 15-20 range. - I'd be a fan of more ranks but nothing as high as 100,000 (yet, at least)
  4. Enhance

    User Ranks

    A couple of posts here were moved to the tangent thread in the Shed. For those involved, if that's a discussion you would like to continue, please do so in a new thread or I can generate one for you in the Board Feedback forum. Please keep this topic about user ranks.
  5. Enhance

    User Ranks

    For the record, I've never been a big fan of a post limit to start threads. It can be a headache in a few cases but, by and large, most new members don't abuse the privilege. I think we should apply some sort of perspective when evaluating these ranks. Case in point, I really like the current breakdown. It fits approximately 90% of our board because most people are under the 10,001 post mark. Adding additional ranks will largely feel like it's appeasing a small portion of posters, or, that it would be unattainable for the clear majority of people. Not saying I'm against change by any means. Just something to keep in mind. One suggestion - what about adding stars or badges to the max rank based on every 1,000 posts? Sort of like a 2-star general vs. a 5-star general.
  6. Playing through Shadow of the Tomb Raider right now; so far, a nice addition to the series. I've really enjoyed the other two recent installments and what they brought to the Tomb Raider world. They've taken a more investigative approach with this one including less combat, more exploration and more crypts/tombs. And, if you want, you can even change your character model to play as the original Lara Croft using the late 90's graphics.
  7. Enhance

    We have a serious quarterback depth problem

    My view on Bunch has been he's just not the same caliber of player as AM or even TG for that matter. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with saying this. There's a reason he was designated third string within the first 7-10 fall practices. But, that doesn't mean he can't perform well enough to get a win today. In fact, he did look OK during his limited time last week. He didn't get enough help from some of his teammates and you could tell there were a couple of over-excitable throws he had late there.
  8. Enhance

    We have a serious quarterback depth problem

    You may be right. The key is that both quarterbacks would need to be visibly similar on the performance scale. Otherwise, the team would pick up on the BS (much like what some said happened during the '07 battle between Keller and Ganz.)
  9. Enhance

    We have a serious quarterback depth problem

    I think the more interesting part to this conversation is how coaches will manage the situation moving forward. If two players are very close from a performance standpoint, it's possible more and more coaches continue to delay the starting announcement in order to protect depth. That's essentially what Saban has done this year at Alabama. He'd probably never admit it, but there's no denying the convenience of the 'qb battle' they have going on down there. Personally, I don't think Frost would view that as a morally acceptable decision, but I think a lot of fans wouldn't really mind it that much if it meant the team was ultimately better and it gave the team better chances to win.
  10. Enhance

    Northwestern Game Advice

    @Fru I've stayed in Evanston a few times but haven't spent much time in the area, so afraid I'm not much help, unless you want to go drive by the Home Alone house which is only about 10 minutes north . As some general advice, you can take the trains from Evanston to Wrigleyville if you're looking for a good general bar scene that's nearby (from Evanston, you have to take the purple line to Howard, hop on the red line and then take that down to Addison). It's maybe about a 20-25 minute commute. There's also a really good Husker bar called Kirkwood's (it's about a 10 minute walk south of Wrigleyville) where a ton of Husker fans hang out on gamedays. We've been there twice for games and there's usually several dozen Nebraska fans, if not more.
  11. Enhance

    Northwestern Game Advice

    Merged similar threads.
  12. Enhance

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I agree with the bolded. This largely seems like a minor disagreement. Ultimately, I think all of us would be OK with our defense mutilating Montez next year without resorting to cheap tactics like grabbing a leg and twisting it to cause further pain. The defense's job is to punish the opposing QB but yeah... I don't think most people want to see any of our players try to ruin the guy's career. Just his day.
  13. Enhance

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    If Bo Pelini had won at a higher level, the vast majority of people wouldn't have cared about his attitude. Alas, he didn't, so it was an issue. Notice how Alabama fans gloss over Nick Saban's completely childish meltdowns and poor behavior towards the media? As for the bolded - no offense intended, but you must've been operating in a bubble. Bo pissed off plenty of fans and boosters with his behavior. It was all over this message board. It came up often with random Husker fans I met. 'Offended' may not be the right word, however, there were a lot of people who grew tired of his behavior.
  14. Enhance

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I think what he's referencing is a tit for tat situation (I don't mean to put words in your mouth @knapplc so feel free to correct me). For example, 'one of your guys tried to take our quarterback out of the game last year in a cheap and dirty way. We're going to take it out on your QB.'
  15. Enhance

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Some of the recent posts veered a little too far off topic and have been moved to the tangent thread in the Shed. Please keep the conversation here focused around Martinez' injury.