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  1. Some valid points, but it feels like we have to run through a lot of mental gymnastics to justify that 44th ranking and what it could mean. If their goal is to compete and win in the CFP (which I think it is) then their recruiting is - without question - a disappointment.
  2. The problem with generic "he needs to produce" statements (like the one King made) is they can mean so many different things. And, it's the biggest reason this thread has rambled on for seven pages.
  3. Wisconsin is still one of the larger surprises to me. They typically coach better than they recruit but I'd be shocked if many Badgers fans are pleased with a 44th ranked finish after a 13-win season. I assume it's rare for a Power 5 school to only lose one game and finish without a Top 25 or even Top 35 class, but I could be mistaken. If the goal is to win the B1G West every year and rely on development then they've nailed it, but, I would think Badger fans and the university have slightly higher aspirations than that.
  4. Exactly, and we're not the only ones who thought this team was in trouble at its core. It would behoove some posters here to stop throwing lofty expectations at the wall and hoping they stick. Plenty of coaches have had successful one year turnarounds. Plenty of others (like none other than Nick Saban) barely scraped above .500 in year one. Now, many consider him the greatest coach in college football history.
  5. I think that's two different conversations, though. Maybe I'm looking at this too deeply and my apologies if I am. I should be clear, I think Nebraska's biggest problem last year was coaching and culture. No question in my mind. Could a different coach have done a better job? Quite possibly. But, I don't think that allows us the ability to say they were better than their record showed because I don't think they were. They were a bad team and it was evident in week one. I'm just always cautious about trying to make broad statements like that. If anything, I'd say their record looked better than they were. I think what I'm ultimately trying to say is some of the problems that plagued them last year very well could plague them into 2018, especially if some of the bad apples aren't completely weeded out by September (which is a real possibility). Throw in a new QB, a new system, new coaches, new culture, etc., and there's just a lot of 'new.' Could it go very well in year one? Absolutely. Could it not? I think the answer to that is absolutely, as well.
  6. No offense, but I don't understand this mindset or the justification behind it. Nebraska played like a below average B1G team pretty much right out of the gates. Those are problems that came out of the off season, the culture, the coaching and preparation. Nebraska was not good last year and their record proved it. That doesn't mean they don't have talent or the potential to do better, but last year's team was not better than a four win team. They were a four win team.
  7. I disagree that Riley was allowed zero transition time. Many people (myself included) were willing to take some steps backward if it meant reaching for a higher ceiling. The ultimate problem is Riley went 4-8 and captained the worst Nebraska team in more than 40 years. I keep seeing a lot of people say 'they don't think the team was as bad as the record showed last year.' They were. They struggled in week one. They were blown out by an average Oregon squad in week two. They lost at home to a non-Power 5. These are problems that stemmed from offseason conditioning, culture, preparation and coaching. They didn't just manifest in October or November as some people seem to think they did. Now, all that said, I fully believe Frost will succeed here and I expect he will, but undoing almost 20 years of football mediocrity may not happen in one season and for a variety of reasons. I know it sucks, but the man deserves time to rebuild a ship he had no involvement sinking.
  8. The bolded is why it's problematic to put a number on expectations for 2017. Nebraska could win six games while still showing improvements in key areas like toughness, athleticism and the team culture.
  9. The last few pages have a few posts that cross the line a bit into being personal. If you can't argue without making it personal then you have two options: leave the thread or take it to the Woodshed.
  10. It's just one way of interpreting it. You're operating under the impression that hiring the best coach available coaching candidate in the country last year should immediately help Nebraska overcome several years of disappointing football and cultural issues. I think that viewpoint is somewhat impractical. Furthermore, my expectations for Nebraska remain unchanged. They should be competing for (and occasionally winning) conference titles. That does not mean I can't evaluate all of the variables in a given season and believe that a .500 record and bowl bid may be a worthy accomplishment in this first year. I mean, Hell man, we just went 4-8 and have spent years with a not-so-good football team. I'm willing to sit back and just let this ride play out. It might happen right away and it may not.
  11. It's far too early (and silly) to suggest apathy has set in. This fan base hasn't been this excited or pumped for the future since 2008 and, right now, the excitement level already dwarfs 2008. Most fans are expecting the program to be the west division winner in the next 2-3 years, but, Frost and Co. have a lot of cultural, S&C and personnel issues to work through. Making a bowl game and being a competitive team again should be considered a big win.
  12. Sort of an oddly phrased question but Staples answers it decently well. This is stuff we've been saying around here for a long time. My opinion: Frost's most important immediate goal is a return to competitiveness. You can lose 4, 5, 6, etc., games next season and it'll be acceptable if the team is playing with toughness and maximum effort. It was pretty clear that toughness and effort were questionable in the 2017 season.