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  1. House party at @knapplc's if we reach the $500 donation threshold.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. brophog


      Will there be punch and pie.

    3. knapplc


      I throw a mean party, with damned good food & great wine, followed by a fine fire & some decent cigars.


    4. Enhance


      I just brought some Cubans back from Cabo so we're covered there.

  2. Bo Pelini & Ma'Lik Richmond

    You do realize how this reads, correct? You're absolving a convicted rapist while criticizing a rape victim. You should probably never say this in front of real people.
  3. I've now heard from two unrelated and relatively 'in the know' people that Del Conte is their primary target. Both of these people might be swimming in the same rumor pool FWIW. As for Del Conte's tweet, and if you're being technical, the question posed to him was if there was truth that he was going to be Nebraska's new AD and he said no. The question was not if he was under consideration, if he'd been contacted, if he would want the job, etc. Either way, it's incredibly common for people to flat out lie about that kind of stuff these days.
  4. Anybody got the Stick-um?

    I've been trying to track down overall receiver drops so far this year including game-by-game and overall. No luck yet so if anybody has that information (or knows where to get it) let me know and I'll update the OP. Regardless, it's so difficult to watch what's happening with that unit. I'll give Wisconsin credit for playing tight coverage in the secondary and being in positions to make plays, but there were several passes that hit players right in the hands and fell incomplete. I didn't watch the first drive of the game but the radio call made the pick six sound like it was tipped off DPE's hands. DPE later dropped a touchdown pass in the end zone. Morgan dropped at least one in the first half. You can pretty much go across the entire unit and see these inconsistencies. The high highs and the low lows. I won't pretend to know exactly what to blame. I think it can be a mix of everything including overall offensive rhythm, route running, the opposing defense, the throw, etc. And I think Williams deserves some culpability in this, too. The offense has been inconsistent this year but, despite his reputation, his unit has been underwhelming. How much blame goes on him is debatable.
  5. Will Tanner Lee be a Pro Quarterback?

    I'm still on the fence about him. He certainly has a lot of the intangibles you're looking for but he would have to go to a talented team with all of those things you mentioned in order to be successful. I also don't think the play calling and his receivers dropping balls plays to his strengths, and the latter plays to no QB's strengths. But, he could work himself into being a late round pick who sits for a few seasons.
  6. Still want to keep Diaco?

    The bolded is inaccurate. Just last year, PSU beat Iowa 41-14 and put up 599 total yards of offense. Most teams have bad losses and get their ass handed to them unless your name is fortunate enough to be Alabama.
  7. Thank You Fans

    It looked like the crowd was great. I was particularly impressed when we consider how poorly the first drive ended up being for NU.
  8. chrewy Chips ahoy

    Bumping for the feel goods.
  9. With Wisconsin Performance, New Coach Guaranteed?

    I think this Wisconsin loss is ultimately going to mean the end of Mike Riley's tenure at Nebraska. This was kind of 'the' game to keep everything on track for the season. I think they'd have to win every game from here out and make it to Indy in order to keep him and that's not happening.
  10. Throwing in the Towel

    You're giving up on the team because they're losing but you're planning to come back once they start winning again.
  11. The '97 jerseys are just better.

  12. 'Mansplaining'

    That's enough.
  13. 'Mansplaining'

    My vote would be bitter-man babies. Cam made himself look like an idiot with his choice and now ass clowns feel it's necessary to bring it full circle back on the reporter. It'd be one thing if she sought out Cam to make him look like an idiot but she didn't. She asked him a question. She could be the most racist person in the world. That doesn't change or impact Cam's words in any way, in my opinion.
  14. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Well, he's currently 9-7 as a head coach. His résumé, at least to me, doesn't really scream P5 yet. Maybe lower tier P5. A strong finish to the 2017 season will do wonders for him. He'll be highly sought after if UCF goes undefeated or wins the conference and goes to a major bowl.
  15. Harbaugh on Frost

    I think Frost will have to finish pretty well this year at UCF to be on multiple short lists. Granted, they're expected to do well, but only getting 8-ish wins probably won't put him on a lot of short lists.