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  1. Happy Birthday knapplc!

    Awwwww yis. I heard Saunders is stopping by with a very special surprise for you.
  2. To quote your article @BlitzFirst: My point, more or less, is the West will almost always be considered an inferior division and a simpler division to navigate. The path to the conference title game is also easier should you end up with a favorable crossover with the East. And, as your link correctly points out, the B1G East has won all three titles since formation. The article makes some good points about things I didn't know, but I think it tries to trivialize a critical component: the East being top heavy is a pretty big deal. That article is also missing an entire year's worth of data points, the fact that Penn State is no longer a "bottom five" in the East but a conference champ, and that three East teams are ranked pre-season Top 15. Only one West team can make that claim.
  3. No disrespect intended to Wisconsin, but that isn't entirely because of their program or the projections they'll be good. The West simply isn't a very good division. It's the same thing that happened in the Big 12 and the B1G decided to make a similar mistake by placing everybody into a division geographically. Geographical separation has benefits, particularly from a logistics standpoint, but there's no denying which division is better situated to be dominant and which division has the stronger programs. Winning the West comes down to navigating a collection of average to above average teams while hoping for a manageable crossover schedule with the East.
  4. Board Forum Reorginazation

    Oh, THOSE links. OK. I'm on the same page now. That is a weird issue. I haven't experienced it all on desktop, but I never use the mobile site at all. I wonder if internet signal could be having an impact.
  5. Board Forum Reorginazation

    I'm either blind, a dunce or some combination of both. Could somebody screen grab and show me where the button is located on the main page, please?
  6. I think Wisconsin is being given the benefit of the doubt now. It's actually pretty incredible they're even in that position when we consider all the coaching/staff changes they've had to make in recent seasons. I'm genuinely shocked some have them as a top 5 team. I guess I'm not seeing what they're seeing. They lost several pieces to the NFL, their best defender is gone due to a preseason injury, they have a new DC and their quarterback situation isn't exactly solid. Yes, they have a favorable schedule with several of their toughest games at home, but is schedule enough? We'll also have to see how they perform now that they're not really that underdog type program anymore - people expect them to be good which puts a target on their back. Calling them a 'playoff contender' is also a bit of a casual prediction. Technically speaking, 10-15 teams are legitimate contenders, and perhaps ~five other teams could put themselves into that debate midseason if they make an unsuspecting run.
  7. Solar Eclipse 8-21-17

    I'm thinking about it, too, but only because I couldn't make it into an area with totality this time around. It was really enjoyable in Omaha, but I'd like the full experience.
  8. Board Forum Reorginazation

    I'm not sure I even understand the issue: which button are you attempting to click that lets you pick up where you left off and causes the loading problems? Is that a mobile only feature? I must never use it, or if I do, I'm misunderstanding what it is.
  9. Bo Pelini & Ma'Lik Richmond

    Certainly didn't do his son any favors. Most of the headlines I've seen say some rendition of the words 'Stuebenville' and 'rapist' when describing what happened, even though it appears the son's crime and the father's crime are unrelated to one another.
  10. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    My favorite Trump-eclipse related tweet from yesterday.
  11. That was pretty freakin' cool.

  12. Blackshirt time?

    I think it still holds meaning to the players, but I don't think the Blackshirt itself has the same associated meaning it once did. It used to go fairly hand-in-hand with dominant, elite defense. That's what been missing for some time.
  13. Trump-endorsed news sources

    That's what makes people like Bannon so frightening. They're incredibly smart people who use their intelligence in some twisted ways.