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  1. W but a close game. Lee throws 4 TD's, the difference is 3 are for us and only 1 for them this time and Huskers get the W. Defense continues to grow and puts up a good performance. Defense will have to lead this team through the conference slate.
  2. An inconsistent offense, and an improving defense. Defense will be okay and might end up being pretty darn good. Offense still has me scratching my head sometimes. Our offensive identity is not formed yet. Our offense wants to run a lot of plays well, but there is not any plays we run great.
  3. I think some of the reason we were running play action at the end of the game is Wilbon has no clue in pass protection and it helps him in his assignment. Hence the not typical pass pro. Screens plays you typically punch and release interior DL and release to the 2nd level. If they blitz a LB that is awesome bc you can just give them quick resistance and it removes the 2nd level defenders. Should hit big time if you can get your screen off in the face of a blitz.
  4. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    Leaving for Clemson is much easier to process than him going to Florida.
  5. Where is the confidence coming from?

    Reasons for concern would be - the ability for an inferior offense to Oregon to move the ball at will. - Inconsistent offensive production - youth on the road - new systems both sides. - gave up big plays on special teams. I hope we play better. It it is not hard to see why people are worried this could turn into a 3 score loss. Reasons for optimism - better QB - explosive plays in pass game - multiple offense to exploit weakness in ducks defense. - explosive plays in kickoff game - unknowns on offense and defense. High ceiling for both sides and last week was just a stepping stone. I see us losing a fairly competitive game on Eugene. I hope I am wrong and we play like I think we can but I am skeptical until we prove it. GBR!
  6. ** 2017 Opponent Previews: Oregon (Game 2) **

    Southern Utah and Utah st are 2 different schools.
  7. Hail Varsity: Nebraska's Defense Will be Fine

    You don't pressure this offense. We tried a couple times but you lose a player in the screens game. Gotta beat blocks and make plays which we didn't do. Panic... No. Concerned.... yes
  8. BTN: Who is the dark horse contender in the Big Ten?

    That is Tom Dienhart's take on us. I do agree that we have a shot if we can put it together and stay healthy.
  9. WR Isaah Crocker

    Hip Hip....
  10. Ed Cunningham Abruptly Resigns From ESPN

    I will miss Ed's awful commentary on clock management. That guy had no clue what was going on with situational football. He was the total package when it came to muting football games.
  11. K Barret Pickering [Nebraska Commit]

    I would rather send one to Grayson's Owen Papoe that says Go Grayson, Beat Hoover!
  12. RB T.J. Pledger [Oklahoma Commit]

    I think you could say that Riley has his eye on Cav this year. They are an experienced unit, and have a solid 2 deep. Riley has put some pressure on Cav with his comments that they need to be better upfront. Recruiting is a piece of that evaluation I would believe. Davis has been off the hook a bit this year in recruiting bc with the initial numbers we were not taking a back. Backs production should increase this year with the help of a threat at QB. Also they could see a lot of checkdowns and screen game to increase productivity.
  13. WR Tommy Bush

    I agree. His 100 time was from the beginning of the year and it appears it was the only time he ran it. He focused on the 200, 4x100, and 4x200, finished 7th in the 6A state 200m dash. Here is where he ranks nationally on the Spark Leaderboard and compared to Cameron Brown. Surprising that Tommy has a better shuttle than Brown. I know these measurements aren't an exact science of predicting success, but they do show a good snapshot of athleticism. Brown has a freakish 40.9 Vert Brown, Cameron 62 Chicago 18 WR Christian Brothers (MO) - MO 6-0 171 4.51 4.28 38.0 40.9 115.02 Bush, Tommy 82 Houston 18 WR Samuel Clemens - TX 6-4.5 187 4.47 4.15 36.0 36.4 113.07
  14. WR Tommy Bush

    Those numbers are not exaggerated bc they are verified track times. You do not run a 21.5 without some quick twitch. What tape have you seen before? A guy with these measurables not being very successful? Here are his Spark score from his Hudl account. It had the Spark verified next to them, so they must be fairly legit. 4.47 seems pretty quick too. Height & Weight: 6'5" 187lbs Nike Football Rating: 113.07 40 Yard Dash: 4.47 Shuttle: 4.15 Vertical: 36.4 Powerball: 36
  15. WR Tommy Bush

    Kid is 6'5 and runs a 21.5 electronic 200m and a 11.0 100m. I will take this kid in a heartbeat. Kid has an incredibly high ceiling and runs by defenders with ease.