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  1. Who's Next?

    I do think that once we get to winning games we will not have trouble beating Iowa for recruits, and in a lot of instances we will not be after the same type of player. Once Frost has his guys in place I think we will win much more ofter than not on Black Friday. I dont think it will effect Iowa too much as a program though bc they have a recruiting formula that they stick too and it has been pretty solid blueprint as of late. They target guys they can develop as football players and in the weightroom.
  2. Cameron Jefferies

    This... and we could tell the kid if you can't come here and start then you could probably kids your dreams of playing in the NFL goodbye. We are paper thin in the secondary and being a starter at this moment in our backend doesn't guarantee a draft spot. If you are as good as u think u are u will play
  3. OT Martin Veinberg

    Kid is huge. Also would be cool to get a kid that plays for the Helsinki Roosters.
  4. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    No problemo. When it comes to the written word it is very easy to misunderstand me. Not the best writeR.
  5. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    Didnt say as a whole. Just meant at the RB position. They signed Devine Ozigbo, Tre Bryant (who could be a solid complete back if healthy), and snagged Bradley late. Not great results in 3 classes of RB recruiting. Held has got M. Jones, Greg Bell, Rahmir Johnson, Ronald Thompkins, and Thomas Grayson since December. Ron Brown did a great job with the RB position under Pelini. Almost too good with AA, Heard, and Green.
  6. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    truth. They needed a 3 down back that can run inside/outside zone, pass pro, and occasionally get hit in the facemask with a screen pass. Leaves you missing out on a ton of talented backs.
  7. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    Nope. Just the last staff's general philosophy. He would not recruit a back if they couldnt pass pro. Which is cool, but at the college level you need to get athletes and you need to get them on the field in a hurry.
  8. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    Coach Reggie Davis: It is tough to get complete backs to commit to DONU. Coach Held: Hold my beer! Dude is doing work. Completely changing that RB room in a hurry. Lots of speed and versatility seen from the guys they have targetted. Looks like Frost and Co. are serious about wanting to be able to run the football.
  9. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    However they do it I really don't care. The main thing is getting the guys to play like blackshirts. You can hand them out the perfect way to make everyone happy, but if we don't play good on defense, who really cares. The blackshirt tradition will be the cherry on top once we establish a dominant defense. Until then keep recruiting and nurturing a competitive culture.
  10. LB Nick Henrich

    I would much rather him go to Madison early than later. With his summer decision set, we will have the last crack and I think frost and co. will be too hard to pass up. Its also Friday and I don't have time to be anything but optimistic. GBR!
  11. Transfers starters- Bell,Honas, Dixon, Williams (4) Transfer Role/starters- Woodyard, Mike WIlliams (3) Freshmen Starters- Martinez? (1) Freshmen Role players- M. Jones, Mcgriff, Cam Jones, Cam Taylor, Cj Smith, Tannor (6) New Players- 14 Other starters- Stoll, (1) Other Role Players- Mcquitty,Bradley, B. Wilson, Dismuke, A. Roberts, A.Allen, Bando, D. Daniels, Newell(9) All- 24
  12. WR Jameson Williams

    Ran a 37.4 300 hurdles and turned around and hit a 48.6 400. A lot of 300 guys don't even bother running the 400. Would have needed to get in the 46's to win the 5A 400 though.
  13. WR Jameson Williams

    Kid is probably Ohio State bound. Absolute beast. Not many kids can win the 300m hurdles and then turn around and win the 400 m dash.
  14. RB Rahmir Johnson [Nebraska Commit]

    His sparq score is a 4.54. Pretty solid time. Has to have a very good top end with his 100 and 200 times.
  15. RB Rahmir Johnson [Nebraska Commit]

    You are right, but it seem silly for RB's. No better way to evaluate a RB than to watch him play catch in his underwear at a camp.