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  1. Conversation At A Dinner Table

    Here's what I got out out of the two stories in this thread.Morgan Freeman is directly responsible for the down fall of Nebraska football and probably a Kansas fan.look at pictures of the man in 1997 and then from this year.the man's the anti husker.Since Tom left every bad loss,bad coach hired,all the drama with the administration and any bad press Nebraska has received over the years is caused by you guessed it Morgan f'ing Freeman and every time he does one of his dastardly deeds Satan or Kansas rewards him with another freckle.proofs in the pictures.
  2. Conversation At A Dinner Table

    I think you should just to make sure.
  3. All this excitement and I'm out of ice cream.this is the kind of deep disappointment SE was dealing with today.

  4. Conversation At A Dinner Table

    Take a lap
  5. ***Nebraska Athletic Director Search Megathread***

    I'm a huge b horror and sci fi fan.you good Mo
  6. ***Nebraska Athletic Director Search Megathread***

    Sounds like some b movie vampire.
  7. Eichorst Fired!

    Bo was a great hire,he just stayed to long.
  8. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    I'm at the point that I think Riley has no idea how to fix a flailing team because he has had many many many opportunities to do so before he ever set foot in Lincoln and didn't do it.great person though.

    I haven't met any perfect people in my life but apparently this place has plenty of them.
  10. Fire Cavanaugh

    Riley hasn't won s#!t and everyone knew it ,it was all turd polish with this clown.
  11. Fire Cavanaugh

    Brett's won Alot in the big 10 ,he owned the west .now if you have friends who would rather have Riley they may need to seek professional help.
  12. Fire Cavanaugh

    There's a guy like that in Arkansas right now who imo would be perfect here.
  13. Sun came up this morning.so there's that.

    1. NM11046


      Dammit you beat me to this.  Really.  

    2. huKSer


      Not here in Kansas

  14. Congrats NIU!

    They played a hell of a game!!
  15. ***Official Northern Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    My mountain dew is cold and refreshing.