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  1. Yep. From what I’ve heard, he’s pretty shifty.
  2. 2018 NCAA Tournament

    Anyone need me to send them some Clemson gear?!
  3. Clemson will be in the playoff again this year.

    Whomever ends up on the other side of the ball. Bama first, then you guys or OU.
  4. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Fair point. Need to stop by more often. Dilly dilly!
  5. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Venables makes damn near 2 million. Worth every penny. I know every coach says stuff like this, but when questioned about other jobs this week, his quote was something like ‘why would I leave here? I love it here, have a great job, and my son is playing here starting next year.’ Maybe I’m crazy, but if I’m making that much $$$, in a low cost of living area, and didn’t have the pressure on me that a head coach has, I’m staying. It’s also his first chance to coach his son, and I can only imagine how much that means to him since I’m sure coaches on that level miss a lot of time with their kids due to recruiting.
  6. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Clemson became good after he was let go. He was a decent recruiting coach but a horrible OC. Also, worked as a student with the team when I was in school...and he’s a complete douche.
  7. Any Chiefs fans up in here?

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    2. BigRedN


      Good for you.  Get Bookie and you have a great day going!

    3. ladyhawke


      Chiefs fan here! Been one since the 60's! I remember when Hank Stram and the boys won the Super Bowl in 1970. 

    4. CPT Blackshirt
  8. I have two empty spots on the Clemson bandwagon. First come, first served.

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    2. knapplc


      Here's my current level of Clemson fandom:  I want Brent Venables as our next Head Coach.


      Make that happen and Clemson will by my East-of-the-Mississippi team.  Deal?

    3. killer cacti

      killer cacti

      I doubt he's leaving. I could be wrong, but he's got a great gig and paid very well not to have all the pressure on him.

    4. 4skers89


      I've only caught 1 husker games so far this year and don't feel like I've missed out on much.  I appreciate good football and as I suggested last week I watch Clemson games.  Always will be a Husker fan and can't make room for another team.  Congratulations on your team's success though.  It's exciting when your team is in the hunt.  I still remember that feeling from... a long time ago.

  9. Status Updates

    Thank you sir!
  10. Langs Offense

    And? He's doing it now, he wouldn't do it if it didn't work.
  11. Impact of Poor Performance on Recruiting

    Why? Dabo's thing is, he's good enough that he's not going to be here for 5 years, so why waste a year of his time?
  12. Who should we hire

    I've browsed a few of these pages, and I'm not gonna read them all. But if I can throw my 2 cents in... You guys need an up & comer. Don't go after a "proven winner," at least on the main stage. From outside looking in, Nebraska is not a top 20 job right now. Pelini was let go after multiple winning seasons, and the search for a proven winner was on, and you end up with, IMO, not a proven winner. Because of the success that you guys had 20 years ago, many of the fans have unrealistic expectations. Clemson won a national championship in 1981, you guys may remember, and struggled with this exact thing until the program totally reset in 2008 with Dabo. And that made a lot of fans very, very nervous. Even when Dabo had a down year, he went and hired Chad Morris. I'll never forget hearing an old man say to me that it was an awful hire because Tulsa had only won 2 games with Morris as OC. After the Orange Bowl Disaster, Dabo hired Venables, and since has all but locked him up as DC for a long time. Most importantly, Dabo changed the culture. The players want to be around, they love each other, they love helping each other out and they love winning together. Sure, recruiting has helped the winning, but the culture has helped the recruiting. It's best for the fans to stay out of the process, and let a coach come in and do his thing. Don't worry if it doesn't fit the running tradition, wins will solve those peoples concerns. But that's just my take. -AE