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  1. RB Breece Hall

    Missouri has pretty good 4A programs, too.
  2. Tight End Voting Thread

    I'm not sure why we're voting on this.
  3. Tight End Voting Thread

    And yet somebody failed to vote for two.
  4. Poll: Scientific consensus

    Number 1 and 2 I chose more than half. Number 3 I chose half or fewer. It seems fairly obvious that GMO's should be thought of as bad for you. Most foreign Governments have banned GMO's for that particular reason. For what it's worth, I think both sides share a pretty big burden of blame for this stuff. Too many Politicians have sold themselves to whomever is paying the most.
  5. Talent Vs. Developement

    Great talent can make an average coach look very good. Nick Saban is an excellent example. He didn't do well at MSU, but he is killing it at Alabama. I think the same could be said for average talent as well. Great coaches can do great things with average talent