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  1. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    Signed the funding bill. As usual, his bluster is just all talk, no action. Trump is very good at posturing like a tough guy, but never follows through on his threats. Also, this: He's just SO ignorant about just everything in general. This man has no idea about any given topic he talks about and he runs the United States government.
  2. Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump Superfight Thread

    Also I'd point out Sasse is one of the conservatives who voted eagerly to add $1.5T to the deficit with their tax cuts, but now he complains about less than due to spending. What a complete and utter phony. Silent throughout but magically pops his head out of his hole when he sees the opportunity to fluff his conservative bonafides and "both sides" us. What a joke. We deserve better than we're getting as a state.
  3. Trump's cabinet

    Bolton is a mistake. This will not end will for anyone.
  4. Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump Superfight Thread

    Sasse can take his sanctimoniousness elsewhere as far as I'm concerned. He's had nothing to say during the utterly dysfunctional year and a half since Trump has been elected because he got Gorsuch and most of their policy goals have been strongly conservative. Now he finds his voice when we pass a spending bill he doesn't like and decides to hit us with a big dose of "both sides, look how above it I am?" The complete and total lack of moral courage on the part of these so-called conservatives is extremely damning.
  5. China

    It begins... Edit: AP corrected tweet saying China MAY raise those tariffs. Freakin' fake AP news!
  6. Trump's cabinet

    McMaster out. John Bolton it is for DNA. Do some reading on Bolton here. Then go peruse fallout bunker prices. This guy was a chief architect of the war in Iraq (more proof Trump only cared about that war as a talking point to get votes) and one of the most hawkish neocons in the U.S. No doubt Trump picked him because he liked his bits on Fox News. I'd wager we're going to be going to war (or at the very least launching a lot more strikes) very shortly. But hey, if you like W Bush foreign policy, this is the guy for you!
  7. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Trump's top lawyer resigned. So there's that.
  8. Where to get your news

    Officer Edith is my hero of the day. I also followed her account because it's awesome.
  9. China

    This administration is obviously composed of a bunch of ham-fisted boneheads with approximately zero diplomatic savvy. But they understand they like protectionism. I'm actually pretty sure you could make a national security case for tariffs against China, because intellectual property theft on their part is actually a very real problem. That would likely make the tariffs legitimate in the eyes of the World Trade Organization (my understanding is they would block tariffs if done specifically for economic advantage rather than NatSec). However, this does nothing to protect us from reciprocal tariffs from the Chinese. That trade war is starting to look more real.
  10. The Democrat Utopia

    Yep, the bar was substantially lower the last election. I really think Trump benefitted tremendously from playing the "something new vs. the same old politicians" card. But your point is a good one. I'm completely convinced charisma in the eyes of the voting pubic is the most important factor in electing presidents.
  11. Trump's cabinet

    By now we really know that Trump and his ilk are a bunch of hollow husks who never really cared about protecting sensitive info in the first place. And we've clearly seen there are no consequences when the rich and powerful do things wrong. But I have to wonder if it was a bit of pre-emptive political strategery on the part of the crown prince. What he did in purging others and assuming the role of crown prince under the guise of fighting corruption is conspicuously good for his own interests as well. I wonder if you're seeing a lot of those progressive reforms in Saudi to try to engender goodwill and get public opinion on his side. And obviously if he can try to schmooze Kushner and equate it with U.S. support for himself as ruler, that carries a ton of weight internationally. I too am suspicious when someone claims altruistic motives and fighting for some greater good when doing something that also tremendously benefits themselves personally.
  12. Cambridge Analytica/Social Media

    This is... interesting. It doesn't really appear the Mercers and their dark money are dissuaded but rather emboldened by the fallout from all of this.
  13. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    I wonder if Trump citing Dershowitz as an actual legal defense on Twitter had anything to do with Toobin finally doing this. About time someone said something to Dershowitz, IMO. I thought he was supposed to be a Democrat, but all I've seen since Trump was elected was going on TV news to rail against the Russia investigation. I agree with Toobin that he's been carrying water for Trump, because every single time I've heard him on TV it's been the investigations into Trump. He calls himself a civil libertarian, which he claims gives him the credentials to criticize the law. But then I don't know what his prescription for this situation is. Basically don't investigate Trump or allow some half-assed, ham-fisted sham of a Congressional investigation suffice. Because that's all we're getting from this Congress. Waiting out 8 years of a Trump presidency may be fine for Dersh as a wealthy white male, but the rest of us can't afford that type of damage to the U.S.
  14. Trump's cabinet

    Did Jared Kushner directly lead to the Saudi royal crackdown & power grab? If this reporting is accurate, Kushner ratted on other Saudis to the guy who did the power grab during which at least one guy was tortured to death. This is embarrassingly bad reporting for Kushner.
  15. Where to get your news

    And yet humanity isn't crashing down around you... Tucker is speaking to a very specific audience to try and keep eyes glued to the screen and generate outrage. The fact these same people decry identity/race-based politics is nothing short of ridiculous doublespeak. He's doing the same thing, he's just doing it with white people.