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  1. Lincoln suggestions for a Wisconsin fan

    No kidding.... I think I need to take a cold shower
  2. Option

    Honestly, it doesn't matter what we run if we don't have the linemen to block for it.
  3. I'd love to play out an alternate reality where Buckhalter didn't fumble at the goal line in Austin.






  4. Shawn Eichorst speaks to the Media

    2000, so 12 years after Switzer. Bryant retired in 1982, so that was.... 10 years? You could argue Alabama wasn't special after 1992, but still, 10 years. I'm not bothered by that as much as the fact that there's plenty of first and second year coaches in recent years running circles around our program.
  5. Shawn Eichorst speaks to the Media

    They won a national championship in 1992.
  6. The $$ cost of losing

    My two sons have absolutely zero interest in football, especially Nebraska football. They watch their father and their grandfather go irrational, batsh*t crazy in front of the TV and just shake their heads. I used to dream of making the trip to Lincoln and taking each one of them to their first games... perhaps it still might happen one day, but right now I don't really feel the magic. They don't care at all. They have no concept of Nebraska being special. They've been to Lincoln but didn't wanna see a football game. I ended up going to one by myself. That was the last time I've gone and it was a few years ago now. To them Nebraska's just a big flat expanse of nothing that smells like cow poop. When I was 8 years old it would have been absolutely unthinkable for Nebraska football to be a non-event to me. The fandom is gonna have a very hard time transitioning to the next generation if things don't change.
  7. What did we learn-Game 3 NIU

    Program is no closer to glory than it was ten years ago, which I thought was the absolute lowest it could be. This might be worse.
  8. So, where do we buy the torches and pitchforks?

    1. commando


      wait....a husker fan that doesn't have a stash of torches and pitchforks already?   where did you come from?

    2. CheeseHusker


      I'm fresh out from 2014, and 2007, and 2004, and 2002....

    3. VectorVictor


      C'mon, you're not a real Nebraska fan unless you can make your own torches.


      Pitchforks will be on sale at all of the local hardware stores starting tomorrow. 

  9. We just lost to N. Illinois at home guys.
  10. I could see us getting inside the 20 and then throwing four incomplete passes.
  11. Pretty sure that wasn't in the script.
  12. Jeebus. I leave the room for 30 seconds and they're in our effing red zone.