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  1. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Fade in at 1:45 or so. Team runs out at 2:50.
  2. 2018 Masters Contest

    I was feeling pretty good after yesterday but my guys all fell back a little bit today.
  3. Watson at 68 wins the par three contest. Nicklaus' grandkid makes an ace. Yep.... it's only Wednesday but Augusta is already bringing it.

    1. NUance


      Wish this was my caddy:  LINK   And it'd be nice if her dad was my father-in-law.  :thumbs

    2. teachercd


      TW's is only 68?

  4. Travis Hill Passes Away

    In my mind, will always be linked to the 52-7 Halloween massacre.... one of the most satisfying Husker wins of all time.
  5. 2018 Masters Contest

    J Thomas J Rahm H Stenson B DeChambeau
  6. Equipment Staff Nomination Thread

    Does the winner get a jersey number? Asking for a friend.
  7. Looks like I missed out on the starting lineup again. Oh well.

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    2. GSG


      I never received your Venmo payment @CheeseHusker

    3. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      Solution is simple, @C N Red, just be more popular!

    4. krc1995


      And while you kids in the in crowd are handing out participation roster spots, can I have one too? 

  8. Kick Returner Nomination Thread

    Nominate @brophog
  9. PGA Tour 2018

    I really though Eldrick would win at Bay Hill based on what I saw at Innisbrook. Unfortunately his driver is still letting him down.... I'm not convinced he'll have it fixed by Augusta.
  10. I'll be so happy when this NCAA nonsense is over and I can watch baseball again.

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    2. HS_Coach_C


      I put the NCAA tournament 2nd behind college football bowl season for non-Husker sporting events that I like to watch.  The Super Bowl is far behind both for me.  That said, I actually really like baseball season and having 5 or 6 games per week.  I don't get to watch that many, but I like following my teams.


      I actually enjoy listening to baseball on the radio while I'm working.  My wife likes when I listen to baseball on the radio while we're driving because that's the only time she can fall asleep in a car. :D

    3. ladyhawke


      I’m a seasonal sports freak. College football is my favorite then March Madness then college and Royals baseball. I could care less about the super bowl (Unless The Chiefs, Rockies or Packers are in it). Love, Love, Love The Tour de France then I’m back to college football again. I agree that this year’s NCAA basketball tournament has been really exciting!  My final team is still in it so we’ll see what happens!

    4. CheeseHusker


      I guess it goes back to Nebraska being irrelevant and really having nothing else to root for. I don't even bother with brackets or anything. Call it weird.

  11. Key to UCF's Success? Coaches Doing Less

    I always got the idea that Callahan and Pelini on their respective sides of the ball had schemes and ideas that were just too complex. It seems to me like a lot of the players were probably made to overthink, especially defense.... that's why our terrible defenses always seemed to be reactive and not proactive. That's just killer. Simplify it. You can still ask guys to play hard, but give them simplified tasks and fewer thoughts. I compare it to golf... having one or two swing thoughts to concentrate on is so much better than trying to think about all those mechanics. Play more on instinct and feel and less on the technical.
  12. Welp.... last chance theater
  13. Hey Miles, was that a slap in the face too? Just wondering.

  14. Punter Nomination Thread

    Nominate @huKSer
  15. Fullback Nomination Thread

    Nominate @The Murphinator