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  1. Ugh.... Nebrasketball is still so decidedly unclutch. Hope they didn't just bomb out of the tourney.

    1. commando


      well...they were a long shot to make it anyways.  it's just a longer shot now.

  2. Tight End Voting Thread

    Can't split 'em, lol.
  3. Wide Receiver Nomination Thread

    Since he didn't make RB, I'll nominate @In the Deed the Glory
  4. Moos and Black Friday

    I say go for it with Oklahoma. Even if there's no conference implications. USC and Stanford still play Notre Dame every year.
  5. Have to admit.... I basically gave up on them when they were down 10. Heck of a win.

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    2. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      Me, too.  Stayed with it, like i did with every FB game in my lifetime.

    3. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      Yep, it didn't look good there for most of the game. Miles coached a hell of a game tonight. Happ was eating them alive and had all our bigs in foul trouble but they saw it through. Great road win. Fun to watch them come back and take control.

    4. commando


      down by 10 and in serious foul trouble.   i kept the game on but thought at that point it was hopeless.  so glad that i was wrong and the team didn't think that way.

  6. 2018 Starting Lineup Campaigning Thread

    Redux likes referring to himself in the third person
  7. Huskers in the Super Bowl

    I'd make some snarky comment about him being thrown out for targeting, but the NFL doesn't seem to throw anyone out for anything.
  8. I'd suggest changing it to Iowa.
  9. 2018 Starting Lineup Campaigning Thread

    10 years on the forum and I still haven't made it on one of these. I just want the small cheap thrill of getting to pick a jersey number.
  10. Alabama getting gifted another NC is pretty much par for 2017.

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    2. CheeseHusker


      Nope. They get nothing from me. Screw them.


    3. commando


      in the year of "fake news" we deserve a fake champion.

    4. NUance


      This wasn't one of Saban's best Bama teams.  In fact, no team in the top ten or so was head and shoulders above the rest.  Parity reigns!  

  11. I wish they'd gone back further.... I'd love to see the 1981-84 period especially. 1981: The Nebraska-Clemson Orange Bowl would have been a semi-final; the other game would have been.... wait for it.... Georgia vs Alabama 1982: #1 Georgia vs #4 SMU and #2 Penn State vs. #3 Nebraska. Oh baby, if only. 1983: #1 Nebraska vs. #4 Georgia, #2 Texas vs #3 Auburn. Miami doesn't even sniff this conversation and history could be a lot different... 1984: This is an interesting one, because #3 Florida didn't play in a bowl game, presumably due to some kind of probation. Nebraska's pre-bowl ranking was #5, so I wonder if we somehow get in as the fourth spot. In this case, we would have played BYU, and Oklahoma would have played Washington (which they did in the actual Orange Bowl that year)
  12. Dick Enberg.... damn

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    2. suh_fan93


      He was the announcer for 3 of Nebraska's Orange Bowls.  Definitely belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of announcers.  Such sad news.

    3. The Scarlet Pimpernel

      The Scarlet Pimpernel

      One of my all-time favorite commentators. RIP, Dick.

    4. Mavric
  13. Melbourne, again. I love that city but it sure seems to be a vulnerable place these days. :( 

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    2. Coach Power'T

      Coach Power'T

      No offense Xmas. That is a terrible trend that is happening when it comes to people and how they get information. They read headlines and assume they know what's going on without reading the article. Kids are awful with it in school. They read a headline and freak out over something they know nothing about. It's sad.

    3. CheeseHusker


      Well this status escalated quickly

    4. ZRod


      @Coach Power'T I find myself doing that from yime to time. It's a bad habit, but I like to get tons of info so I try to train myself to read all the articles.