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  1. I've seen some nice stuff at Bass Pro, but Cabela's might be a better fit, being Nebraska based and all.
  2. DC Candidate List

    I think you forgot Pete Carroll, Mike Ditka and Michael Strahan
  3. YSU

    Yell Scream Uncontrollably same ole Bo
  4. Can we retire the term "Black Shirts"?

    Here's my take: Remembering when multiple shutouts per year were expected and delivered. Pride comes from overachieving. The defenses in the heyday were not satisfied with simply a win. From what I've seen lately, is a win is a win attitude. Let up near the end of the fourth quarter, if they score so what, we got the win. Regenerating this prideful mentality would loom large in our recruiting posture. BTW, the reason the slipover jerseys were used was they were on sale. Could have just as well been known as the "yellowshirts"
  5. Music City Bowl vs Tennessee

    Optimism abounds
  6. Adidas stock to date

    Well...who can argue with that logic
  7. Armstrong

    Certainly wish he were, I don't recall Steve Austin ever pulling a hamstring
  8. Mark May

    Is May still employed by ESPN after that pick? I was under the impression that any positive thinking toward NU was strictly forbidden since Trev Albert's departure.
  9. Anyone Remember This?

    I too loved that song. When I was a kid Jimmy Dean performed at the Lincoln County fair, my neighbor was the County agent and arranged for us to meet. I now live in Virginia. Jimmy Dean lived in Chesterfield County (Richmond area) until his death. Always thought it would be funny to egg his house.
  10. Do the Huskers Bounce Back?

  11. Non-Call on Westerkamp

    Short of delay of game all calls are judgement calls and can be argued to death with no result
  12. Wisconsin Game to be on ESPN

    Is anyone else angered by ESPN's arbitrary switching of games from channel to channel?
  13. Could the Purdue game be the one?

    Sorry, did not mean to confuse the mathematically challenged "The mathematically challenged" probably have a hard time deciphering what seems like a Mad Lib. I get your point, but it definitely could have been more concise. Multiple threw me off for a hot second, but what really got my gord was why in the name of Charles Dickens would someone agree to a monetary value before even knowing what they're betting on? How clumsy of me
  14. Could the Purdue game be the one?

    Sorry, did not mean to confuse the mathematically challenged
  15. Back in the days when Jacobson, Glover, Harper and Dutton were household names there was a very popular and profitable bet to be made that centered on the Huskers. This bet needed to be placed with a person whose loyalties lie outside the state of Nebraska. Once the monetary value was established the specifics were as follows: NU bettor would add the scores (week to week), the opponent was allowed yo multiple the scores. The bet was that at seasons end the NU total score would be greater than the opponent's score. Could the Purdue game make that a profitable bet again?