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  1. I started this nearly a year ago and just got around to finishing it. Used everything I could find on YouTube. It's ridiculous to think that there are more highlights out there despite the fact that the vid is almost 13 minutes. Just shows how dominant big Suh really was. Enjoy...
  2. 2013 Nebraska Heisman Winner

    Won the Heisman with Ankrah in 2013, too. Weird. Won with his replacement the next year as well. Strangely enough, I haven't gotten any love from 4+ star DEs in recruiting either. I keep having to move LBs and DTs.
  3. Check it out, just finished it up tonight. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think it's my best yet. Comment if you'd like and enjoy. 2007 Season Video
  4. Check it out and feel free to comment. I have a couple more in the works that I'll hopefully get to soon. Enjoy.
  5. Project Husker

    He occasionally posts on here I believe so maybe he'll see the thread. Last year's video came out in May so hopefully he's got something in the works. I agree, his videos are the best Husker vids on YouTube. I'm itching for Part 5 as well. Definitely a lot of material for him to work with this past season. He did a great job with the last coaching change.
  6. oviedol55|oviedol55 That's an L, not a 1.
  7. Mike Brown Highlight Video

    Just finished it up. Check it out, enjoy and feel free to comment. I'm planning a Dan Alexander/Correll Buckhalter one next and then might do a We-Backs one, or start doing national championship years. Haven't decided yet.
  8. 08 Class Desktop Background Feel free to use and comment. Enjoy.
  9. I made a new art

    Dang that's nice dude. You do that in Photoshop?
  10. Just finished it up. Shortened it a little bit, took out some clips but overall I think it turned out fairly well. Hopefully he returns, should be a top 5 senior back in the country if he does.
  11. you're my boy!

    Nice, sir Flyness himself.
  12. Just finished it. Marlon Lucky one coming soon. Check it out. Maurice Purify 2007 Season Highlights
  13. Need some suggestions...

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Right now I'm probably going to go with "Re-Arranged" by Limp Bizkit, or just put two shorter songs together.
  14. Need some suggestions...

    Hey I just finished my Marlon Lucky highlight vid, it's running about 5:40 seconds. I just need to find music for it now and I'm having trouble in that department. Any suggestions of songs that are 5:40-5:50 long that would go good with his vid?