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  1. The fast food thread on chicken got me thinking... I think I remember a cheeseburger being 69 cents when I was "a kid". Anyone else remember?
  2. Fast Food Chicken

    Amen! It is good and stuff but it is nothing special. Broncos (here in Omaha) has some good chicken
  3. Who remembers being on campus on Thursdays and seeing the parking meters start to get bagged before the Husker game on Saturday.  I used to love seeing that, knowing that it was just a short time before the entire campus was flooded with red.

  4. Mandel's Mailbag: The State Of Nebraska

    I wonder what Stew will write after this season if Riley is gone...he was on his jock pretty hard. A lot of the national guys might have some interesting things to say but I think in the end it will come down to a few key talking points.
  5. Elk Creek is great! You feel like you are totally fine...then you stand up...and BAM
  6. I love the expert picks! It always makes me feel better/worse about what I think for the game. I think we see a high scoring first quarter...like 14-14...then it gets settled down.
  7. It is weird that Riley could go down as one programs best coach ever...and another programs worst coach ever.
  8. For Riley that NIU loss probably ranks as like his 14th best game ever.
  9. It is Purdue...NIU has more Big Ten wins than Purdue does... I think I was at a DJ's Dugout for that game...man it got sad
  10. First Nebraska football game

    Barry's sports bar...hit that up for sure!
  11. That is true...I was at that game...the weather sucked and the betting line was super weird...kept dropping and dropping all morning.
  12. Nice! Anyway...it is Purdue. It also might be Illinois
  13. Fast Food Chicken

    Oh yeah, I remember! I used to LOVE their honey BBQ wings
  14. Fast Food Chicken

    Not often for me but every now and then some KFC and those mashed potatoes and gravy...wow