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  1. What did we learn?....Penn State

    sad part...they are lucky to have 4 wins
  2. What did we learn?....Penn State

    I learned that betting sucks!
  3. Who would the "Riley-Hire" be this time?  Terry Bowden who still coaches at Akron?  Butch Jones?  Wow...is there even one out there?

  4. Alex Grinch

    Ha! I like the way you do things! I would need new jeans if we hired Kelly.
  5. Alex Grinch

    It is only normal if the HC has contacted and hired him...or if SE if your AD he would hire the DC first.
  6. Dang...Rocky! Interesting thing...Rocky said he only did Over The Top because they kept offering him more and more money that he finally realized he couldn't turn it down.
  7. Gym Pet Peeves

    That guy is stealing the stuff I say when I make whoopie...or take a dump.
  8. Yep! And he is not even the most connected of the guys out there...there are two/three more (Robert Smith and the Irvins). Chin is basically a brother to the Irvins. It was a great hire by Miles, sucks it didn't work out for him.
  9. Chin is hired for one reason...it isn't coaching...but is does start with a C...it is why he was hired by Underwood with the Illini and it has already paid off with who they just landed.
  10. Yikes...this looks like NBA Jams
  11. Dang...the storm run! I hate Marcus Lovett! He should be in Illini orange.
  12. I am going to look it up! Do you every watch the Angry Nintendo Nerd videos on youtube? I wonder if he did this game
  13. Cowboy Kid? Dang...never even heard of it!
  14. Yeah, dork...I know what he does now...I just didn't know if he still shows up on SNL.