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  1. teachercd

    Husker Road Games Attended

    Not totally sure. Colorado might be the pick but I would sort of like to keep it in the Big Ten for right now. But with the way next years schedule sets up it might be the CU game.
  2. teachercd

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Even cheaper!
  3. teachercd

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    If I find out Bunch is starting I won't even bother finding a ticket for the game. I will just hit up the bars.
  4. teachercd

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Save that for the super secret PM! Gosh!
  5. teachercd

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    The HOL guys say that AM is starting...It is just a guess but still.
  6. Tomorrow we head out for Michigan so since I am giving my classes busy work today I thought I would post my recaps of Big Ten Roadies... I will rank them from worst to first. 5. Minnesota: Tailgating was really spread out and the bar scene was lame. One native told us that everyone hits up the Buffalo Wild Wings by the stadium, that was a bad sign. We found a cool place "Stub and Herbs" but other than that it sucked. I would not go back. 4. Northwestern: This is a tough one because people like to consider this a Chicago trip but I don't. Evanston is lame and the bars don't even open up until 11 (maybe noon) what saved this trip was the Blur Tailgate. We all bought the cheap pass for Blue but they gave me the VIP wristband by accident and that meant all food and drinks were free. 3. Wisconsin: Call me crazy but I was not as impressed as I thought I would be...maybe the expectations were too high? I don't know. The tailgating was sort of odd with a lot of small lots. The bars were a blast though. 2. Illinois: The Grange Grove will end up being a really cool thing...and you can bring kegs to your tailgate spot. The bar scene is great and they are basically on campus which was awesome. 1. Purdue: The Breakfast Club thing is outstanding. College kids hit up the bars at like 5am dressed up in costumes and party hard. The stuff is a little spread out but not bad. Had a great freaking time. Where Michigan falls...I am guessing it will be better than Minny and maybe NW.
  7. teachercd

    Locks of the Weak; 2018 edition

    Man, remember when Florida vs Tennessee was such a big early season game every year.
  8. teachercd

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Yeah...they were "fatigued" because they were not seeing results...Had they been gaining 8 yards a rush and were out there for the same amount of time none of them would have been "fatigued"
  9. teachercd

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Shoot...I wish! That would be, dare I say, orgasmic!
  10. teachercd

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    My butt? It is already in there.
  11. Anyone know what Nick Saban's record was his first year at Bama?

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      2-6 overall after the wins got vacated.

    4. HuskerNBigD
  12. Hey...don't take this away from me...It is all I have!
  13. Har har har har! We pull the ladder up the second we enter the fort!
  14. Hmmm, old news if you are part of the super secret PM's. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  15. teachercd

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I get what you are saying but it is really hard to snag to really good QB's in the same class...Frost COULD have snagged AM and then sort of a "athlete" type guy but with Gebbia leaving when he did it still made it really hard to get another QB ready if that potential QB had not been practicing the QB spot because he was a WR/DB or something.