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  1. Who should we hire

    So Bo had to take YSU...if Riley gets canned...does he coach again?
  2. Movie Reviews

    And Hollywood burned regular Heigle at the stake
  3. Who should we hire

    Kelly would be a home run I think Venables would be AMAZING but there would be questions of course. He is a lot like Bo in some regards which rubs some the wrong way. But I also think he knows who and what he is and I think he would hire the best staff.
  4. Who should we hire

    Because fans/posters are crazy a lot of the times and can't get things out of their mind
  5. How well has the move Predator held up over the years?  Answer..Very well!

  6. Say Eichorst is fired

    He must be okay at at or I am sure we would have heard.
  7. Agreed...I have thought from the start...great guy...average-above average coach...nothing wrong with that at all.
  8. Tanner Lee

    He has been praised for looking "good" in shorts and a T...that is it
  9. Tanner Lee

    This is awesome and I love that some people are probably fake mad!
  10. Riley might have been drunk during the Purdue game.
  11. Say Eichorst is fired

    Being an AD in my mind is about knowing who/how to hire and how to raise money. Everything else is essentially done by the school lawyers. So the question is would Trev be good at hiring and would he be good at getting cash? That I don't know. I would guess that football coaches would probably like working for a guy that was a former player at the school and played in the NFL for a bit. I think they might feel like there was more "understanding"
  12. How do you remember? You were the drunkest guy on 30th and T
  13. Say Eichorst is fired

    I used to coach wrestling and Denny was great so were so many of those guys that helped out there like Bongo (RIP) but Trev is not getting rid of any sports at NU. And getting rid of UNO football was just fine. Getting rid of wrestling was odd just cause you guys made your own money. Hahah! Yeah, I know what you mean. The process is (should be) easy...if you are smart!
  14. Better Call Saul

    Dang! That is interesting! I think they also ended the amount of shows on a chemical from the Periodic Table that had something to do with the show
  15. Say Eichorst is fired

    They do...they do it that way. It doesn't mean that you get a coach that will be a stud...but it is a better way to do it then what SE did