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  1. Mayfield had to say sorry for planting the flag after being OSU?  Ugggg...how sad are some people

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    2. jaws


      I didn't say you were upset. I was only telling you what happened and what will happen in the future. I am not upset by what he did nor do I think he should apologize for it. I guess I am not one of "those OSU" fans. 


      To sum everything up, we both are not upset. Ohio State sang their Alma mater after the game last year and that made Mayfield upset. Mayfield tried to plant a flag in the middle of Ohio stadium this year which made Ohio State upset. 

    3. BigRedN


      Jaws, ya, I don't believe I said you were upset.  I said "some of these OSU fans".  We are all good bro.  I enjoy you very much on our board and I don't have any problems with you, OSU fans or your favorite team.



    4. BigRedN


      Teachercd is probably upset with us both probably getting all these notifications on his status update.  :-)