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  1. I think if you really look at the teams listed below us, it is hard to justify them being better. Penn State is a blue blood without question. I might agree on FSU only because of their recent success. Nebraska has maintained a level for so long it is hard to drop them from that category. I really don't think Coach Frost has any bearing on it. But certainly hope he will in the future. This is one time I think the history of the program is weighed.
  2. Sounds like possibly Randy has seen the light, or gotten the help he needed. Would love to see him play to his full ability on every play. Truly believe he is making the right efforts to get back to football. Needs to be watched closely. Good luck Randy.
  3. Not up on population in Nebraska, but from my youth, towns the size of Dunbar or Humbolt were big towns compared to where I live now. As far away from the city as possible, I have two neighbors and they are a mile away, surrounded by Soboba Indian reservation and BLM land. Having what appears to be hard core gang bangers taking over your rural community is alarming. It started approximately two years ago. It does bring in an element that none of you would want near you.
  4. The police force is learning to deal with it. Do not have the man power to deal with it. It has become a cash business for most of them. They are the victums of crime from the people they sell it to. The percieved revenue is not going to the school districts. Many things are stated there Moraine. Homelessnes has risen, which I believe it has everywhere. But the comments made, were, they were there to work in the marijuana business. Again I don't care what anyone does. But I do care when it affects where I live and it definetely is. We have had several murders in the Hemet/San Jacinto/Banning/Beaumont areas over the last few months. The reports are that they are gang related. I would suggest you look at Brentwood, New York and see what MS 13 is all about. For me, in honesty I find it hard to believe they are in charge of the area near me. But we are researching it. Mexican Maffia gang in San Jacinto seems more likely. But my IT manager, is hispanic, born in Brawley. He says that the Mexican cartel could/would do things this way.
  5. I would ask what is ridiculous? What was written in USAToday? Or possibly you misread or I gave a bad discription of what is happening in my community. What I stated is exactly what is happening here. The growers are destroying our water district. Designed for a community of less than 200 many, many years ago. In the last two years they have developed over 6 large grow areas. Supposedly over 6000 plants, requiring a minimun of 5 gallons a day per plant. (No idea if that is the amount, but have been told that several times. These are indoor and outdoor sites, which are illegal in the county, the state and the United States. The water district has been battling them for over 2 years. In our little community and its water district, votes are counted by size of property. I have 20 acres, but most have 1or 2 acres. I get 20 votes on water.. 1 vote per acre. The growers came in and bought mountain top property valued at pennies, but in the hundreds of acres size. As I understand it they look for ravines to grow the plants under camoflauge covers. But some actually grow right in town now. They control the district. We tried to raise their cost as being commercial property, which it is, they aren't giving it away. But their group voted it down. One good thing is that the Sheriffs department did shut one site down near Pine Cove, about 12 miles away. Personally I don't care what people do. You want to smoke it have it, but the affects of it are far reaching.
  6. https://www.nccpsafety.org/assets/files/library/Legalized_Marijuana_Practical_Guide_for_Law_Enforcement.pdf Your local police force does not agree with you. Nor does the city of Golden. I would guess there are more.
  7. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/08/07/marijuana-devastated-colorado-dont-legalize-nationally-jeff-hunt-column/536010001/ This is exactly what I hear from friends that live in Colorado. From Denver to Durango. I mentioned my remote mountain village was seeing the results of growers awhile back. It is illegal in Riverside County to grow more than 6 plants per person in a household. Yet we have farms with over 1000 plants less than two miles from my home. With no grow permits. The Riverside County Sheriff will not do anything about it. We have been told recently that MS13 controls the area. Which seeing some of the people drive thru, sounds possible. I live in the mountains, 100 miles from LA, but daily on dirt roads I see hispanic gentlemen with their heads fully tattooed, glaring at me for driving down a road that I have maintained for 30 years. My wife and I no longer feel safe in our home. They did not move here or work here before the grow fields came. Be careful of what you endorse, it may just bite you in the end. I have been told by a medical person, that Colorado is now leading the Nation in birth defects, mentally disabled births. I do not have a link for this, but may be able to obtain it in a few days. I really think most of you live in a very sheltered world. Yea Nebraska has some bad areas, East Omaha, Carter Lake and North Omaha, I know I grew up in that area. I knew what bad guys were, but what is headed our way is going to dwarf the past. Trust me every part of weed is not groovey.
  8. My question is if he was going to Iowa or Kansas State would everyone be saying the same thing? Nebraska fans want to win, maybe enough to overlook things. I hate a thief, lost a business and a show car because of them. Got my self in trouble for laying in wait, when I caught one in my shop at 3am. Kids make mistakes, we all did. If he was a swimmer would Nebraska fan sort of look the other way? If you can honestly answer yes, good for you This isn't about a second chance. This is about Nebraska needing a good player and taking a chance. If he was a 1* player would he be offered the second chance? But if Coach Frost thinks he can save him, give him a future I am willing to listen. He knows far more about the situation than any of us.
  9. Moos @ Omaha Press Club

    Actions speak louder than words. We have accomplished nothing at this point. No one else has either. Keep your mouth shut and do the job, complete the task and then maybe you can talk about it. Running scared will be locker room talk. We talked and felt this way when we entered the Big 10. How has that worked for us. I am happy with this group, but have always believed in walk softly and carry a big stick. What they don't know or expect is always to our advantage. On that note, I never heard what the Big Ten Network had to say about our spring game, and their thoughts. Not that I really care.
  10. Navy SEAL Damian Jackson

    His physical attribute, his training in hand to hand combat, his ability to survive. It willbe very hard to be matched by any on this team or any team. He has played for his life, a lot different than most of these guys.. I know some come from inner cities and are tough kids. But his training and life seem to be about honor and loyalty. He truly is a warrior if all the stories are true. Facing death, while learning your team's strong and weak points is a different deal than playing football. Teaching them to trust each other will be on of his strong points I think. He obviously has talent or Coach Riley and Coach Frost would not have kept him. I believe he is there to lead and hopefully gets to play. Being around people like that is not the norm. I am so glad he was allowed to carry the flag the first game. He certainly has earned that. I hope he becomes a legendary player for Nebraska.
  11. Close friend who is a big Cowboy fan has told me that he is doing everything right, and working hard to get back into the good graces of the NFL. Jones really likes him and is helping as much as possible. I hope he gets his stuff together as his potential playing days are not very long.
  12. Navy SEAL Damian Jackson

    I think I made this comment before, this kid is a leader, by example. He will play at some point, but his attitude, drive, desire and loyalty will help this staff and team. His attitude is exactly what I would expect of him. I think we are very fortunate he is here, and we will reap the rewards very soon. He is exactly what Coach Frost needs to get his message accross to those that might not see it clearly.
  13. My dislike for the man, was for his actions prior to him coming back. His departure the first time, and all the problems he caused the Callahan staff (Nebraska, the team I support). Snake then to me. They knew exactly what was coming when they fired him, that is why he was not allowed to speak to the team on campus.
  14. Some people can't do the job for different reasons. The first three were in it for themselves I agree, and I agree they failed on the football side. Eichorst supposedly did a good job with the other sports, but for me that is hearsay. Pelini was never about Nebraska. He was 100% about Pelini. If he truly was this great defensive coach, then why hasn't he been hired by a major program? He hasn't, and I don't even think he has had a sniff at one. Doubt he ever will, he really should not be representing anyone as far as I am concerned.
  15. And Pelini wasn't? seriously Sker.