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  1. Buy In

    I'm kind of on Sam's side. It's a lot more fun for us when the media guys get to watch practice.
  2. Huskers Finalize Morning Practices for Fall

    Football literally comes first. I like it.
  3. Chinander on His Defense

    I mean, if we end up with the 102nd defense this year, none of that really matters.
  4. Chinander on His Defense

    Diaco took over a defense that was ranked 30th. Chinander is taking over a defense that was ranked 101st. Chin's short-term task is much, much easier. Plus he gets to ride the coattails of the best offensive coordinator in the nation. Dude has it made.
  5. Chinander on His Defense

    The problem with this reasoning is far too often people use it to justify poor defense even in the modern context. We're not ranked 30th/90th/whatever because the game has changed. We're ranked that because there's 30-90 better defenses. The only thing stopping Nebraska from being elite on defense over the last 7 seasons has been Nebraska.
  6. Chinander on His Defense

    Improving on what Diaco did will satisfy most fans in the short term. Chinander has one of the easiest jobs in America. However, now that I realize he vaguely resembles Ben Aflac, he's on a short leash.
  7. When do 2018 Profiles get moved to Recruiting Archives?  I'm not smart enough to tap the correct link.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Mavric


      My plan was to move it when all the recruits got to campus.  But that's been a little delayed.


      Or what @knapplc said

    3. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Move them now so him can start getting more smarter. Don't you people realize a cry for help? You can't expect us common folk to be sorting through all kinds of links with various names. It's a madhouse.

    4. The Dude
  8. Madden 19

    2007 was the last great version of Madden.
  9. Uncharted 4 is my favorite PS4 game. The Last of Us 2 will probably be my favorite PS4 game. The first one was my favorite PS3 game. Basically, Naughty Dog can do no wrong.
  10. I'm glad all those kids were rescued from that cave.  The coach was also rescued.

  11. Tom definitely has that small town Nebraska sense of humor.
  12. Tiger vs. Phil

    I love golf, but ain't nobody got time to watch an entire tournament. This could be interesting.
  13. Well this isn’t going to end well...

    I was thinking Tom Arnold.
  14. First music you ever bought

    First Cassettes: Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction Metallica - Master of Puppets First CDs: Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle Cypress Hill - Black Sunday I was given some compilation of cheesy 80s hair metal when I got my first CD player.
  15. Boxing