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  1. Movie Reviews

    Meh, it builds character. At least The Hills Have Eyes and Saw were somewhat interesting movies beyond the graphic violence. Hostel just seemed like torture porn for the sake of torture porn. Beyond that it's just a nonsense movie with rubbish characters. Saw had some decent crime/mystery elements and some clever ideas, and that ending was great, but the hokey acting held it back. And not the good kind of hokey acting like in the Evil Dead trilogy. I can't really talk about The Hills Have Eyes without mentioning the original. One of the all-time great cult classics. The remake was alright I thought. One of the best and most f'd up extreme horror movies I've seen is Martyrs (2008). Don't watch it if you have a tough time with that stuff. So f'd up.
  2. Movie Reviews

    The first half of Insidious was fantastic, I was so disappointed with the second half. Kind of the same deal with Sinister. It was really great and creepy until I didn't really get into The Babadook. I've heard tons of great things about it though, so it's still on my list.
  3. Movie Reviews

    I would recommend The Conjuring if you haven't seen it. I'm not really a big fan of haunted house type movies, but it's an undeniably well-made movie.
  4. Movie Reviews

    That's the one.
  5. Movie Reviews

    The Witch I don't believe I'm being too bold in saying this is a bona fide horror masterpiece. The only complaint I've seen is it's slow paced, but the pacing is absolutely perfect in my opinion. We might only get a few brief glimpses of the witch, but her presence permeates throughout the movie.
  6. "Balls out!"


    -Joe Buck

  7. Shatel: Danger zone

  8. Offense

  9. It was a great fight.  Lived up to the hype.  Disappointing draw.  I thought GGG won the fight.

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      You're a stupid Redux.

    3. 1995 Redux

      1995 Redux

      Well.....I guess you have a point there 

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      Thank you! You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

  10. If we lose a CLOSE game to Northern Illinois

    Shame on you for thinking it was unlikely, I guess. Heh.
  11. Horror: Train to Busan The Wailing It Follows Clown (all Netflix)
  12. If your're gonna fire Riley.....

    Can he bring Dak Prescott with him?
  13. Tanner Lee

    Those don't count anymore, even though Lee throws a lot more than Armstrong did. Lee's actual interceptions are everyone's fault but his too.