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  1. Defensive lines are a lot better in the NFL. It's sort of a wash. Either he's good under pressure or he's not. Either he's good at reading defenses or he's not.
  2. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    It's possible they're just garbage regardless of that. Like every other Florida fan base.
  3. ***UCF vs Temple Official Game Thread***

    I remember when we used to play backups from small town Nebraska during the 4th quarter.
  4. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Yeah we find ourselves in a rare situation where 6-6 could be considered a positive. Which is why this is the perfect year to make a change.
  5. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Hopefully there's no need for leniency.
  6. Which is why I don't really care about cheating anymore. If systematically supporting child rape for decades is a slap in the wrist, might as well start paying players and make sure they get the best PEDs money can buy.
  7. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Hearing 30 years 150 million.
  8. It's going to supremely satisfying to witness the UCF meltdown when Frost is officially announced.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. mrandyk


      The focus on UCF fans here is embarrassing.

    3. Redux


      We need to start a "Where were you?" thread for everyones experience was when they heard the official announcement 

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      It would be embarrassing to be so easily embarrassed, I guess. 

  9. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    You'll be sorry you posted this.
  10. Every year there's maybe dozens of QBs who are better than Tanner Lee who don't get drafted. It's not impossible he gets drafted, but it would be surprising.
  11. Welp, that's it for Mike & Mike.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Fru


      I never understood the appeal of that show. They're both so vanilla. 

    3. ColoradoHusk


      I'm with you @Fru.  I never got it either.

    4. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      Whew, that was close. Thought it said Mike & Ike at first glance.

  12. He's always been a creepy fu&*#r.