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  1. Well I have been busy with a bunch of shows down here in Texas and I hadn't realized they had finally announced the time. I had to book this months in advanced, I was banking on a morning game since it was Akron. But, I guess the Scott Frost Hype is in full effect. Paw is going to go on last right before midnight, so if it is a blow out there will still be plenty of time to leave to get to the show. You win some you lose some. The Waiting Room will have the game on TV all night regardless. Thanks for the info, I will update the event page. Does anyone know when they made the game time announcement? It had to have been within the last month.
  2. I am a Texas and regional promoter born and raised in Nebraska. I am throwing a badass show the night of the first Husker game Labor Day Weekend to celebrate Scott Frost coming home. Regardless of this site or even politics, if you want to see some badass bands and have a beer and meet me this is your chance! Hurry, Presale tickets are going FAST!!!!! Ticket link is through The Waiting room Lounge website below! FocusStar Media and The Waiting Room Lounge Presents: The First Annual Corn King Music & Arts Festival at Waiting Room! Tickets: $12 ADV / $15 DOS On sale now: http://bit.ly/CornKingFestival All ages / Doors at 4:30pm. On the 25 year Anniversary of the groundbreaking album Dragline being released by Lawrence, KS band Paw will be playing Dragline in Its entirety! Also on the bill are the legendary Omaha, Nebraska band MurderHouse with fellow Omaha musical brothers The Impulsive and Devil In The Details! The relentless touring band Scarlet Canary from Denver, Colorado will also be performing, Hailing all the way from Abilene, Texas and recently on Dave Ellefson's, from Megadeth, new Combat Records compilation COMBAT BULLETS VOL 1.0, is Rear Naked Choke. Their debut album released this year was produced by CJ Pierce Official from Drowning Pool and the recently signed with European record label Sliptrick Records. Also on Combat Records compilation COMBAT BULLETS VOL 1.0, whose track features a guest appearance by Dave Ellefson is EMP Label Group recording artist Green Death from Des Moines, Iowa!!! Nebraska Cornhusker Nation who attends the Nebraska Football season opener in Lincoln, Nebraska that day, will recieve $5 off the door price with proof of purchase. Veterans will also receive $5 off the cost of door admission only with active duty military receiving free admission with valid military ID at the door! ***ALL DOOR DISCOUNTS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY DAY OF SHOW ONLY*** Tickets at: https://www.etix.com/ticket/p/8283593?partner_id=226&cobrand=1percent
  3. Pretty cool article, and we are on the front of ESPN! http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/21860609/how-scott-frost-managed-crazy-month-coaching-nebraska-cornhuskers-ucf-knights
  4. Hello Scott Frost

    Dammit, that made me tear up brah!!!!
  5. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Key word...ALMOST!!!
  6. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I want Frost to be coach, that being said, I am surprised no one brings up the fact if he would still be undefeated at UCF had they played Georgia Tech. Especially, if Tech beats Georgia today. Not to mention if they had played and lost, would we be seeing nearly the "coaching buzz" concerning Frost? Me personally, I just think the stars aligned for a reason and it is destiny for Scott Frost to be the Head Coach of The Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Program!
  7. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/21401964/nebraska-athletic-director-bill-moos-says-sticking-cornhuskers-coach-mike-riley-season
  8. http://www.tmz.com/2016/10/06/larry-the-cable-guy-arm-wrestling-broken-bone/ Anyone see this? Pretty dope. Surprised it hasn't been talked about here.
  9. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/17644850/nebraska-cornhuskers-lb-michael-rose-ivey-receives-racial-backlash-anthem-protest Just when I thought I could watch college football in peace. The Nebraska Cornhuskers do not need to get publicity like this. IMHO.
  10. The headline is a misnomer. Which is to be expected of liberal non-objective wire service's such as Reuters. The fact is they affirmed the count the way it has always been in Texas for over 200 years! It is partisan journalism like this that further divides our country. Get the FACTS HERE! Objective reporting in the supplied link notes both sides being PLEASED! #GetFactsNotPropaganda!!! http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/texas/article/In-twist-Supreme-Court-siding-with-Texas-excites-7227373.php
  11. The Repub Debate

    I think cornographic is Ben Sasse!!! LMAO!!!
  12. Black Sabbath in Omaha

  13. Black Sabbath in Omaha

    Roll call!!! Who all is going? What are tickets going for?
  14. Schools easing athlete penalties for marijuana, report says

    I find it hilarious in this article that Coach Riley seems to have pot smokers pegged out after being with them awhile. Being that he was from Oregon, I would have thought he would have had a head start on this kinda stuff; but it is ludicrous to blame players showing up late to practice as alleged pot users. Furthermore, I think it ain't cool that Gregory was having loose lips at whatever occurred. He has held UNL in enough negative light IMHO. But you would think liberal public Universities could get on the same page on this. Especially the "Power 5" conferences. It could be used as a recruiting tool too, in some conferences rather than others you know? If there is less of a penalty at some schools for a positive test it might encourage players to go there. I think some universal decision by the NCAA needs to be made to make it fair for all NCAA athletes!!!
  15. "Through my years in coaching, I can almost pick out the guys who have a marijuana problem," Riley said. "You give me three weeks with a team and, if you've got five guys, I could get three or four of them." http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/14449159/many-power-five-schools-step-pot-easement-trend