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  1. 2018 Husker Football Schedule

    Michigan had the #4 class in 2016 and 2017.
  2. Bracketology

    So games in the beginning of the year shouldn't matter? We might as well not start the college basketball season til January now. Don't get me wrong, ou is garbage right now but you'd be starting a bad precedent by ignoring the good wins they have.
  3. Our defense was horrible. At least 8 points on backdoor lobs! Also, black has been a decent player the whole year yet our defense lost him plenty of times.
  4. I didn't hear anything wrong. He was pretty pro Nebraska when we played Wisconsin..
  5. Lol our shot selection in the past two minutes have been horrible.
  6. How many backdoor cut lobs are they going to execute on us?
  7. They actually have the soundtrack on spotify. I only played online though so it was nice to have music while chatting in the lobby or voice chatting with the people. Also, you had the highlights in the main menu.
  8. I actually mentioned 5-10 really goodcoaches (Carroll and stoops to name a few)who struggled their first year, not just Saban. I'm just saying we can't EXPECT 8 wins in Frosts first year.
  9. Bracketology

    We would be 100% in if we had that KU win. Missed opportunities.
  10. Bracketology

    Which is why we need to win out. We really needed that ku or osu win.
  11. I have no doubt that frost will continually have us in the top 15/20 with a few top 10 finishes. I just feel like frost has too many variables against him his first year. It takes more than 3 months to "transform" your bodies and who knows how long it will take the players to grasp the new schemes. Look at Milton, he was average in the first year in the system but was a stud the next year!
  12. Bracketology

    Let's go through this scenario: Nebraska had a few really good wins against top 40 opponents but were struggling in their last 10 and were left out of the tournament yet a team who only has one good win was projected to be in the tournament. Husker fans wouldn't like that scenario either AND that's saying the big wins in the beginning of the year shouldn't matter.
  13. Actually, Bob stoops went .500 his first year, Florida went from 4-8 to 7-5 then 10-4. Michigan did go from 5-7 to 10-4 they also had the #5 and #7 recruiting classes prior to that 10-4 year. Notre dame did go 6-6 one year but did go two games better and went 8-5 the next year under Kelly. Most coaches don't have a 4 win turn around, bo was one of the very few exceptions. I hope I'm proved wrong though!
  14. Defensive backs. Diaco had a horrible scheme in place and I felt it hurt the dbs the most. The DB's should also be able to make more plays in this more aggressive style of defense.
  15. Bracketology

    Yes!! I checked the score with 10 seconds left and saw MSU was up by 2, I thought for sure they were going to win. We NEEDED that.