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  1. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Purdue (Game 5) **

    I wanted brohm since he was at wku! Tennessee titans considered him for their head coaching job.
  2. Question for the gamers

    Gamersaloon is legit and reliable. I play madden and have had quick games.
  3. Do any of you play games for money on gamersaloon?
  4. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC .... or not

    Except he's in the CFL at the moment...
  5. Wisconsin has a great program but no matter who they get as a head coach they tend to be successful.
  6. Looking at things objectively isn't something 90% of husker fans can do-especially with all this look aid drinking. Here's my list: 1. Meyer 2. Brohm (he also turned wku around and he was one of the finalist for the Tennessee titans job). 3. Franklin (did well at vandy considering the circumstances). 4. Frost (will be top 3 by 3 more years) 5.Harbaugh (he needs to start proving himself at Michigan). 6. Mark dantoni (pretty good coach, I was considering putting him at 4) 7. Pat Fitzgerald (does a lot with a little) 8. Paul chryst (Wisconsin has been through numerous coaches and they've all been successful. 9. Ferentz (way too inconsistent) 10. Fleck (I'm not sold on him being a good coach) 11. Dj durkin (I think he will get Maryland to .500, which is ultimately their ceiling) 12. Tom Allen 13. Lovie Smith (he wasn't a good NFL coach and now he's not a good college coach). 14. Chris ash.
  7. Crawford vs Horn

    Im going out to watch it. Crawford in 7!
  8. 2018 NBA Playoffs

    I thought the pelicans could compete, guess not.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft

    Disagree with the Seahawks. I've watched penny play (and i had him on my college fantasy league) and he will be the 2nd best RB in the draft. He weighs 220 so he isn't small. He averaged 8 to, returned kicks and catched passes out of the backfield. He also ran a 4.46 40 and is decent in pass protection. I wished he would have been there for my lions in the second round.
  10. 2018 NFL Draft

    I'm just depressed that the Seahawks got Penny and not my lions. Penny will be a stud (I could be biased because him and love carried my college fantasy team).
  11. The Tyronn Lue Thread

    A great coach wouldn't allow a team that has oladipo and Turner as their star players to challenge them in a series...
  12. The Tyronn Lue Thread

    1. Cleveland's talent was far superior to anyone in the east. 2. They won because green got suspended and i believe the warriors had a few injuries. 3. If he was such a great coach then how did Larry Drew go 9-1 with that same team this year? Even die-hard Cleveland fans doesn't think he's a good coach. Just because he's a Nebraska boy doesn't automatically mean he's great. I'll trust Cleveland's fans opinions (who watch night in and night out) over someone that doesn't pay close attention to them.
  13. Navy SEAL Damian Jackson

    Why don't we get every former navy seal out there and develop them? Seems like the majority think he'll be able to play after a year (even though he's never played football in his life).
  14. The Tyronn Lue Thread

    I'm pretty sure the cavs went 9 1 when Lue didn't coach them this year yet they've struggled with him coaching. I think Nebraska fans are either overrating Lue or don't pay much attention to the NBA.