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  1. BTN Bus Tour

    If you think strength and conditioning was why that happened, there is no point in arguing.
  2. BTN Bus Tour

    First I type from my phone it doesn't know every word from swipe so it's easier to just type it out. What are the examples of how it wasn't great? Putting OLine in the NFL, wearing down other teams, leading the conference in rushing? Strength and conditioning would have 57 on a list of things Bo needed to improve. Bos team were actually really tough going into later parts of games.
  3. BTN Bus Tour

    We did not have strength and conditioning issues under Pelini what so ever.
  4. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    Absolutely not
  5. BTN Bus Tour

    We only had up to 150, now we are ordering up to 200.... what was Mike even doing here?
  6. Fall Camp

    I don't pay attention to stars but he literally has been the worst starting corner we have had in 12 years. I would find 21 every game if I was the opposing team and tee off on the guy, which happened a ton last year.
  7. Fall Camp

    Yes never been overrated because he had never been rated. The guy just doesn't have it
  8. The Running Back Room

    Yes I know exactly what it means, and it's incorrectly used continuously on boards. Ya it's right, in the NEWSPAPER
  9. The Running Back Room

    Oooooo I finally get to use it, strawman
  10. The Running Back Room

    I’m not reading between anything. That is what is happening, he is rotating in the main rotation. All of these things came out after I said something. I don’t need to read between any lines. Correct, no where in your information has that been said. In timely fashion we have 2 news sources and Frost mention him without being specifically asked, right after I said he was running with the ones. That’s because that is what was/has been happening, it is an important development. Believe what you will, I was just trying to provide some positive and correct insight. You want to believe off the cuff these are things are coming out about Devine beacuse he’s practicing with Bunchs unit all day?
  11. The Running Back Room

    The first running back that Frost talked about today was Devine...... just because I put some CORRECT information out there before it starts to come out in the cycle doesn't mean I'm just assuming things. Why would even state it in the first place? Seriously..... dudes
  12. The Running Back Room

    Because it’s not in the pudding?
  13. The Running Back Room

    There is no assumption, he is.
  14. The Running Back Room

    I don't know what more proof you would need. He's not going to get significant time, which he will, practicing with the 2s. Held doesn't say anything about the depth chart, except to suggest Bell is the starter. I hadn't "seen" anything as it wasn't in anything yet, but then it came in an article in a timely fashion. Here's the bottom line, it is happening. If you want to convince yourself even after the article that he isn't running with the 1s in the main rotation, and the main play set, that's totally your call. Just saying I'm fairly confident with my timing and knowledge of the situation there. Like 98% of the people here most of the stuff people "know" can't be laid out in links or media coverage, until you know it gets published.
  15. The Running Back Room

    Yep out of my ass, 12 hours before an article confirms he is going to have significant playing time.