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  1. Oregon Game! who is going?

    You had it taken down, really? True fan
  2. I have tickets if you want to email me at dbridges9@yahoo.com

  3. Oregon Game! who is going?

    I am the guy holding the "I need tickets" sign right now
  4. What Will Huskers Do With All the Money?

    Just like every other athletic director
  5. Let the kool aid flow

    But he played on a crappy team...and all the teams he played against were national champions... Exactly
  6. The proverbial "1,000 yard rusher"

    That guy was a workhorse, never given the credit he deserved
  7. LJS: No Excuses for Cav's Line This Year

    It would be an upgrade from what we have seen the last two years, I am not asking for anyone. I am agreeing with the article, the contrived excuse of "not enough resources", which again is the laziest, worst excuse for a coach not coaching well is over. That also holds true for the head coach.
  8. LJS: No Excuses for Cav's Line This Year

    This feels like a straw man. Who legitimately thinks Nebraska had "bad" lines (overall) under Cotton? I'm sure some people may feel this way, but it would have to be a minority, no? And this 1:1 comparison you're trying to draw between Cav/Cotton is disingenuous. There are just far too many variables in play. Would you find it equally fair to compare Alabama's offensive line "money made" from 2008-2014 to Cotton? Yes, and they also had "great" backs.
  9. LJS: No Excuses for Cav's Line This Year

    Cav coached at Hawaii before going to Oregon State also. He coached there from 99-04 and had 5 players drafted under his watch. He had 4 players drafted while at Oregon State from 05-14. In that same time frame, Nebraska has had 11 players drafted. Those 11 are split between 3 coaches. I like Cav and am willing to give him a chance with his recruits. I think this year will be a decent year for the group. I didn't say drafted, I said money made. You keep using he was at an low tier program that didn't have resources. It's because he was a low tier coach, that excuse is tired, it's inaccurate and plain lazy. The lines our backs ran behind were pretty good, and the backs were also good. We have players that blocked for those guys making big dollars right now drafted or undrafted. It is a fair comparison, Cotton was blamed for"bad" lines, why don't you ask the backs who ran behind them.
  10. LJS: No Excuses for Cav's Line This Year

    Did he need to? I don't understand the bad rap our OL got under the Pelini years. Some of them were certainly worse than others, but by and large, they were pretty dang solid (at least most of the time). Ameer Abdullah led the nation in yards before first contact the majority of his senior year, and in 2010 we were a small handful of yards away from having 3 1,000 yard rushers. Pass pro was sometimes a different story, but overall, I wonder if Husker fan still holds the standard to be the 90's squads or to be FSU/Bama level excellence, when reality is that we just don't have the talent and ability to be THAT good right now. Our blocking got better when they brought another OL coach in but it was never really good. We did have some excellent RBs though.This is exactly the problem with people on here. You don't have good or great running backs without serviceable offensive lines. If we were to do the real analysis let's compare how much money per year Cotton coached offensive lineman are making in the NFL vs Cav coached linemen.
  11. LJS: No Excuses for Cav's Line This Year

    Good, the media needs to put the pressure on instead of feeding into the contrived excuses for this team for the last two years.
  12. Benning on Banker

    Heck, Riley doesn't even have another two years if things go really bad this year. Probably wrong in that assumption as well. Riley has at least two years based on last year's recruiting and this years'. SE we'll give him a couple of years to develop talent... Something he proved he could do at Oregon State but hasn't had the time to do at Nebraska. That is absolutely false
  13. Yep don't have to hear this argument anymore, Adidas is better then Nike anyway.
  14. Benning on Banker

    I find this discussion fascinating in the fact that a few of us saw this in the BYU game and discussed the opinion that he had absolutely no idea how to coach defense. People would argue and argue that this was just an adjustment period and the quarter coverage was going to save the defense. I could find that thread somewhere, to see the defending of this idiot. We were going to look like Seattle or some rhetoric. Then when Mike makes the decision to fire him, everyone here agrees, and they knew it from the get go. THEY WERE SENDING IN CONFLICTING SIGNALS, that is absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever heard at a program of this caliber. They couldn't cover a hail mary. He should have been fired on the spot. If your star player who is clearly the best on the field doesn't understand your ramblings or your defense because you yourself don't, then he should have been fired. Some of this has to fall on the head coach. At the time when posters on here will attack everything you say, and then get proven correct, it is just that, fascinating.