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  1. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    Thats great but during the time that this was the tradition, Nebraska was at the top of the game. If you started for Nebraska that meant you might have put another guy out of playing that could be the 3rd best in the country at that position. The hate on Bo for trying to make players accountable for a scared tradition of excellent play is ludicrous. If you didn’t like his demeanor, that’s whatever, but thought was correct. The thinking of the current coaches is similar. Coaches wanting accountability for a prestigious position. Call my silly but it is the right thing to do until we see them start to resemble what the coaches want, that may take years to accomplish but I think at some point it will go back to starters every year. It will take a monumental effort to start here after a couple years.
  2. Husker related dog names

    No dog but I have a boat named “Boat Pelini”, and the tailgating trailer is named “Trailer Martinez”.
  3. We're Number 2

    Yes, yes they are
  4. We're Number 2

    Have gone to games for 15 years or whatever. Nebraska on Nebraska fan security calls are way too common. Last year I literally watched a 25 year old, not drunk, not causing any issue have the security called on him because he stood during a play and an #@$hole said he couldn’t see the screen. The bleeping screen and you called security to have him REMOVED FROM THE GAME. They didn’t remove him but it had to be embarrassing, and it was completely uncalled for. For reference he was directly in front of me and I had no issues. I walked down and told him he could stand whenever he wanted, he wasn’t bothering the people directly behind him. I have watched my brother get called on because he was being to loud. To loud.....in a football stadium, this is not yelling curse words, yelling at specific people, just being a fan. The Husker game experience as great as it can be, also can really suck. There are some people who think that buying a seat means they get to watch the game exactly as they would on the couch, or just so they can say they went and probably only stay the first half. I propose they make one section on north stadium standing room only, then you can just walk over there if you want to stand.
  5. Huskers vs. Indiana - May 11-13

    Yep exactly, finally show some emotion. Let's bench him, seriously let them have some fun playing baseball. Guess what happened the next day, completely uninspired effort. Attendance has been dropping for 4 years now and the lack of fun the team is having is a massive part of that. Who wants to go watch the quite Cornhuskers. At least with the bat flip it looked like he cared.
  6. Nebraska actually produces and sells a ton of grass. Along the Mizzu river and the Elkhorn there are huge turf farms. Rich people pay high dollar to not grass their big new houses. UNL also owns a huge research farm north of Ashland which would be perfect.
  7. New Shoes?

    Those shoes are awesome. Get over it, I bet the players think they are MONEY. I would wear them in a football contest.
  8. Path to 5 wins?

    That's false, the rampant pro Riley propaganda was all over this board. If you said anything negative someone will still have tried to spin time, facility, somehow blame Bo.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft

    He is going to be a star, the 2 best players went number 1 and 2
  10. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Gross, if we never heard Ac/DC in the stadium again it would be the most joyful occasion.
  11. GameDay Tailgating

    It's the easiest to get in and out of and you don't have to deal with downtown. We like it because huge and wide open not like a downtown lot. Easy walk to stadium only cross one actual road.
  12. GameDay Tailgating

    Pinnacle Bank arena lot. Alcohol is allowed in any cup. Huge lot, lots of bathrooms with sinks. For $350 you get 1 car spot and 1 tailgating spot.
  13. That list? Tmart would be the starter hands down, the only one close would be Ganz. I don’t even think that would’ve been that close. Would you rather have Taylor touch the ball 6 times or 75 times? I am taking 75 all day, because 5 of those were TDs. That kid when healthy was one of the most dynamic players we have ever seen.
  14. Huskers vs. B1G West

    I was on Bos side when he talked about fans leaving early. I never have left early once, it is not my style. He was too harsh for many fans, I understand that. He wasn’t incorrect in being irritated they left early when we won. Living in 2010? Every single year of Nebraska football has had an impact on next year. That is called tradition, that is why this place is amazing. I definitely do not wear the rose colored glasses about Nebraska football. I was destroyed for Mike Riley opinions from the beginning, I never gave him a chance. I was correct. Yes it does make a difference because Bo had more wins, which the most important metric we go by when having a coach. I mean seriously it does matter, it matters to everyone I have talked too.