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  1. ATH Devon Williams

    Holy Jumpin' Jack Flash, Batman!
  2. 2017 Alternate Uniforms

    I just realized I posted this in the adidas thread not the alt uniforms thread. I'm quite curious about these. Basically last year's white alts but black instead.
  3. Bo Pelini & Ma'Lik Richmond

    It's also his biological father. Richmond was adopted. So, just a case of happenstance, it seems.
  4. WR Manuel Allen [Louisville Commit]

    Did I say Nebraska is a horrible team? Did I even say Louisville is a better team? I said national perception. Louisville just had their QB win the Heisman trophy. If you don't think that raises their national perception, I don't know what to tell you. Take off the rose-colored glasses, and you'll see Louisville has the better national perception. Im not "distraught" about anything, either. I'm quite the opposite. I love Mike Riley and I have the Huskers pegged to go 11-3 this year. I also said Nebraska UNQUESTIONABLY has the better football program, but I guess that doesn't count for anything? Maybe read the whole post instead of trying to decipher meaning from a couple sentences.
  5. WR Manuel Allen [Louisville Commit]

    Right. Anyone who looks at their team objectionably doesn't deserve them. I forgot that rule.
  6. WR Manuel Allen [Louisville Commit]

    Nebraska: 4 losses in '16 7 losses in '15 4 losses in '14 It's debatable who would win in a head to head, but I don't think there's any question that Louisville as a team has a better perception around the country right now. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if most PAC-12, ACC, or SEC fans couldn't name a single person on our team. Hell, a lot of them probably couldn't name our coach. As far as the program itself, I think it's also just as unquestionable that Nebraska is the better overall program.
  7. Huskers to Hold Walk-On Tryouts

    Yeah, punter would have been my only option. I'm just about quirky enough to be a kicker too, but I don't think a long of 35 yards would make the cut. It'd be cool to see some diamonds in the rough come through tryouts and make the team. I wonder if they're open to spectators; I kinda doubt it.
  8. Bruce Read. Fired

    I wanna know who the target was.
  9. Bruce Read. Fired

    ...even if he didn't know him, that's one helluva situation to go into. He finds out just before fall camp that he's likely the starter. That's not that huge of a deal. Hearing about how great Sam was all season could easily put a lot of pressure on his shoulders. I'm not saying everyone would feel that pressure, but to say that shouldn't be a factor is a bit preposterous.
  10. Bo Pelini & Ma'Lik Richmond

    You don't need science to tell you that diddling someone who's passed out is wrong, violent, and hurtful. I don't care that 16 year old brains aren't fully formed. Brains aren't fully developed until around 25. The part of your brain that says "don't rape" is developed a hell of a lot earlier.
  11. Fall Camp Updates - Quarterbacks

    When Langsdorf prepared the game plan around Fyfe, I think he was a better QB than Tommy. Therefore, I think keeping POB's shirt makes sense. I think Gebbia and POB will be batting throughout the fall for that spot; in spring there's a good chance they're vying for the top spot.
  12. Pick your team

    Mike Riley 1995 Defense Ameer Abdullah Turner Gill (although I'd prefer Berringer) Jordan Westerkamp
  13. College football playoff selection.

    That's why the conference championship games should be the first round. Tell Notre Dame, et al if they want in, they have to put on their big boy pants and join a conference for real. Throw the little guys a bone and let them have the Cotton Bowl or whatever isn't in the CFP. No "extra" games. Eight-team playoff. Everyone wins. (Except Boise)