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  1. Best Uniforms in CFB. Vote!

    Wow, they are waaaaaay ahead.
  2. S Su'a Cravens [USC Commit]

  3. First Spring Practice - 2012

  4. I was going through my stuff and found this wooden engraved Fiesta Bowl Champions football. It was made by GridWorks Inc. Wondering if anyone else had one of these and if anyone knows how much its worth. It does have a officially licensed product sticker.
  5. RB Justin Davis [USC Commit]

    I like the number 22. And I also like speed.
  6. Is the Media Turning On Nebraska?

    Hmm, I wonder what he would say if something did happen to a nebraska fan tomorrow.
  7. Week 10 "Expert" Picks: Northwestern @ Nebraska

    I think this game will be a lot closer than most people think.
  8. northwesturn

    He's talking like the "cats". Haven't you ever seen or heard about the "I can haz Cheezburger" pictures? http://icanhascheezburger.com/2007/12/12/yur-glowstix-wi-eated-dem/. Go there. I thought it was quite funny.
  9. blackshirts

    Nebraska finally got their blackshirts per espn big ten blog/.
  10. Diamond Formation

    I agree with the announcers. Where is it?
  11. Hope this is an omen for tomorrow...

    Any team that wears red is the best, well the Huskers that is.And Wisconsin lol. I used to love Wisconsin before Nebraska joined the B1G. Packers are an exception though....
  12. Wow. That is more like an EPIC FAIL.
  13. Kenny Bell's 30H!3

    30H!3 is a band from Boulder. I used to listen to them a couple years ago when they were good. Very funny guys. especially live.
  14. Kenny Bell's 30H!3

    Yeah. Even on 303's twitter, Kenny replies to it. He did it because of the area code. Just Reppin' where he's from. Just like I do down here in Illinois/Stlouis area.